Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging- C #3- Congruent Blogging

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 Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging- C #3- Congruent Blogging

Today we are going to talk about C#3 – Congruent Blogging.

This is a continuation of a series that started with “Sail the 7 Cs to Better Blogging”.  (This post was also featured in Ann Sieg’s

Congruent Blogging - C #3 from Sail the 7 C's to Better Blogging

To Build the Wall, The Pieces Gotta be Congruent 🙂

Some of the seven topics have been covered.  C#1 was  Find Your Core , C#2 in Consistent Blogging and C#7 – “Connect with your Audience” was covered in a series of seven posts (it started as four and kinda grew :))

Creating blog traffic has four distinct phases –

  1. Things you do before you start posting in your blog – covered in a post about Phase 1,
  2. Things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic
  3. Things you do after you write a post and press Publish  Blog Traffic After Publish 1 and, Blog Traffic – What the Experts Do
  4. Checking the results on your efforts.  There have been several posts on this and more to come.

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C #3 – Congruent Blogging

In the original article, I called Congruent Blogging a BIG C.  You need to stay on topic or at least loosely relate you topic to your CORE.   For example, if you are blogging about Building Kites, you need to talk about the various aspects of building kites.  You may stray into the kinds of people who build kites or something about you AND why you like building kites.  Talking about something totally unrelated – like politics or planting flowers will actually drive your followers away.  The bottom line is that if you can’t tie a post back to your core and aim it at YOUR crowd, don’t put it on your blog.

One of the few articles I found on this topic was written by Josh Patrick.  His focus was on how important it is for you hold to the principle of congruent blogging in order to build trust with your consumers.   This fits right in line with my thoughts.

You Need to Be What You Told People You Would Be

Part of finding your particular niche, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and target audience (your Avatar) involves developing your particular voice.  Are you a trusted advisor?  Are you a Scam Exposer?  Are you a friend (who happens to like a particular topic)?   Are you an Educator?  These are all particular “Voices’ you can choose from.  Now it is okay to vary your voice from time to time, but mainly you want people to find what they expected to find when they read your blog.  Think of the top leaders that you regularly follow.  Regardless of how catchy today’s subject line is, you kind of know the general area the person is going to be talking about when you get there.  If Ray Higdon sends me an email that say “I Quit!”, I know he isn’t really quitting, he is going to talk about why people quit network Marketing or Why he is giving up a particular teaching strategy.  He is NOT going to talk about how the local fitness club ticked him off and he is quitting.

Why is Congruent Blogging Important?

Let’s go back to some basic premises I’ve talked about in earlier posts.

Your purpose in writing a blog is to make money!

  1. In order to make money “The fortune is in the list.”  In other words you need a list of loyal follows that you can email to on a regular basis.
  2. Building a list is NOT enough, you need to build a loyal following.
  3. C#1 was about finding your CORE.  This is your “starving crowd”, your niche and your Unique Selling Proposition.  Basically you must find a group of people who are STARVING for something that YOU can PROVIDE.
  4. You will need to know how to drive traffic to your blog to increase the size of your loyal following in a reasonable time period.

It is very difficult to build a cadre of loyal followers if you bounce all over the map.  Even if you do manage to have a unique, quirky style that some people resonate with, monetizing that type of endeavor would be a tough proposition.  One person or even a small group of people trying to become an online Wal-Mart (thousands of products at low prices) is almost impossible.   It will take you years to cover a thousand different topics and even then 99% of your visitors will be looking for something you haven’t covered yet.

When you pick a very specific niche and stick to your niche, people will come (assuming you haven’t picked an ultra small niche.)  “Sticking to your niche” is a synonym for “being congruent.”

Congruent Blogging is not enough.

Building a list requires Consistent Blogging, Congruent Blogging AND Taking Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Posts  It isn’t enough to press the Publish Button every day!

There you have some ideas on congruent blogging and why it is important.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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