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All of the Features and Tips show the June 5th 2013 AWeber System Updates.

These features will

  • save you time,
  • increase your conversions and
  • help you grow your list faster!

General Tips and Features

  • Feature #1: Copy One Follow-up or Broadcast Email to another List. AWeber shows you how to share a campaign of emails, but not one at a time.
  • Feature #2: Automatically Create An Active Web Page that Archives Evergreen Broadcast Emails.    Create a valuable asset with virtually NO EFFORT.
  • Feature #3: Publishing Broadcast Emails – When NOT to use the EXCLUDE LIST checkboxes and when to use them.   You may not be sending broadcasts to some of your best prospects – the ones who are on several of your lists.
  • Feature #4: Use the Automation Feature to Automatically Subscribe and Unsubscribe People to Your Lists.   Seamlessly work with multiple Ethical Brides and many places that your Leads can sign up for one of your lists.
  • Feature #5:  Dramatically Increase Open Rates for Broadcasts about Events that are Coming Soon.  Almost Double your opt-in rate with 5 minutes worth of work.
  • Feature #6: Easily Delete a large number of People who have Unsubscribed from Your List  Stop paying for undeliverable email addresses and people who have unsubscribed to your list.
  • Feature #7: Put Reports You Use into the New Dashboard. Go to one place and quickly look at important statistics.
  • Feature #8: Rapportive –  Link this Firefox/Gmail Tool to AWeber.  Rapportive is a free extension to Firefox.  While you are in Gmail, it will show you the links an email address has to Social Media Sites.  It will also show you if the email address belongs to someone on one of your AWeber lists – right in Gmail.
  • Feature #9: How to Insert a Sequence of Email Messages Into an Existing Sequence Without Subscribers Seeing the Some Emails Again  Inserting emails into the middle of a follow up sequence doesn’t have to be hard. It can to tickly however.
  • Feature #10: Place an Opt-In Form on a Facebook Tab on your Fan Page. You don’t have to pay for a fancy Fan Page Tab generator to have a Facebook tab that contains an opt-in to one of your lists.
  • Feature #11: Adding a “Follow Me on Google Plus” Button to your Follow Up and Broadcast Emails.   AWeber gives us “Follow Me” buttons for Facebook and Twitter.  We have to create our own for Google Plus.
  • Feature #12: Create Your Own Cool Button for Your Sign Up Forms. AWeber supplies square and dry buttons for their sign up forms.  You can create your own buttons that say anything you want for free.
  • Feature #13: Send an Email to AWeber and Automatically Opt-in to a List.  You don’t need a Sign Up form to add people to one of your lists.
  • Feature #14:  Integrate GoToWebinar and AWeber. Use a single sign up form to have a Lead subscribe to your list AND sign up for a GoToWebinar webinar.
  •  Feature #15: Run Split Tests on your Sign Up Forms. Improve your sign up form’s  conversion rate by Split Testing different versions.
  •  Feature #16: Run Split Tests on your Broadcast Emails. See which headline works best or which offer converts best in your Broadcast emails using AWeber’s Split Testing.
  • Bonus Feature #1– Share an entire email sequence with your business partners or move it from one list to another.
  • Bonus Feature #2 – Global Snippets – create a keyword that will be replaced with a short text phrase in every email where you use the keyword.

WordPress and AWeber Tips and Plugins

  •  Feature #17:  Opt-ins on Your Blog Page – High, Middle, Low,  Pop-over and Check Box. Your Blog page is one of best places to ask Leads to sign up for your lists.
  •  Feature #18:  Opt-in using Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is a widely used Blog Form generator.  You can also use it to sign Leads up to one of your lists.
  •  Feature #19: Squeeze Page Tips – Like Getting Rid of Extra Blank Lines in Sign Up Forms.This is a How-To remove annoying white space in AWeber forms.
  •  Feature #20: Advanced Analytics – AWeber Integration Plugin.  AWeber has advanced email analytics.  It is easy to activate this feature using a free plugin.
  •  Feature #21: AWeber Subscribers Count Plugin. Once you have the numbers, you can encourage people to subscribe to your Blog’s email delivery by showing a count of how many people are already subscribed.
  • Bonus Feature #3 – Automatically send your blog posts to your list. There are several issues and considerations, but AWeber does let you automatically turn each new blog post into an email – automatically.
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