Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging- C #2- Consistent Blogging

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 Sail the 7 C’s to Better blogging- C #2- Consistent Blogging

Today we are going to talk about C#2 – Consistent Blogging.

In an earlier post, “Sail the 7 Cs of Blogging”, I gave an overview of seven different aspects of blogging. This post was also featured in Ann Sieg’s

Better Blogging Requires Consistent Blogging

Better Blogging Requires Consistent Blogging

Some of the seven topics have been covered.  C#1 was  Find Your Core and C#7 – “Connect with your Audience” was covered in a series of seven posts (it started as four and kinda grew :))

Creating blog traffic has four distinct phases –

  1. Things you do before you start posting in your blog – covered in a post about Phase 1,
  2. Things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic
  3. Things you do after you write a post and press Publish  Blog Traffic After Publish 1 and, Blog Traffic – What the Experts Do
  4. Checking the results on your efforts.  There have been several posts on this and more to come.

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Consistent Blogging

Today I joined a Consistent Blogging Challenge.  The Ultimate Blog Challenge consists of posting 31 times during the month of January 2013.  My reason for doing this was simple – more emphasis on consistency.    The creators of the Challenge (Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer) feel that consistency will create a large increase in your traffic.  I couldn’t agree more.  They hold the challenges once a quarter just to promote consistent blogging.  (That may not be the only reason, we’ll see about that.)

The Importance of Consistent Blogging

I don’t know of any hard core research on the topic, so we have to rely on “experts.”   Obviously to the Michele and Michelle believe this.  Ann Sieg and her Blogging Maestro Eric Walker certainly believe this.   Ray Higdon in his course put on with Magnetic Sponsoring – Pro Blog Academy hammered about consistent blogging.  Further, if you Google for the words “Consistent Blogging”, you will see the top articles by Geoff Livingstron, Garret Moon, Andrew Rondeau and others all agree that the most important aspect of a good blog is “consistency.”

Why is Consistent Blogging Important?

Whenever I hear the proclamation that consistency is “the” thing, I want to argue.   Then I reconsider.   My logic goes like this. (Stop reading if these don’t apply to you personally).

  1. Your purpose in writing a blog is to make money!
  2. In order to make money “The fortune is in the list.”  In other words you need a list of loyal follows that you can email to on a regular basis.
  3. Building a list is NOT enough, you need to build a loyal following.
  4. C#1 was about finding your CORE.  This is your “starving crowd”, your niche and your Unique Selling Proposition.  Basically you must find a group of people who are STARVING for something that YOU can PROVIDE.
  5. You will need to know how to drive traffic to your blog to increase the size of your loyal following in a reasonable time period.

Now assuming that you have done all this (and a couple of other things – there were 7 C’s after all) consistency is absolutely the most important thing at this point.   The “assumption” part is where I could argue, but that doesn’t make any sense.   If we understand that we all need to build a solid foundation and we go about doing that, the next question is “What do we do on a day-to-day basis to brand ourselves and create the loyal following?”    Consistent Blogging is the answer to that question.

The experts all agree that  blog traffic takes a significant jump when they blog consistently.  Your blogging posts doen’t have to be done daily, but it does have to follow a pattern that your users can come to expect and then begin to look for and then demand.   Now you have rabid, loyal followers.

Consistent Blogging is not enough.

I am going to take one small detour from some experts here.   The phrase bloggers use is “You MUST blog consistently” in order to build your list.

I would amend that and if you read between the lines Michele and Michelle and Ray Higdon and Ann Sieg definitely believe what I am about to say:

Building a list requires Consistent Blogging AND Taking Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Posts  It isn’t enough to press the Publish Button every day!

There you have some ideas on consistent blogging and why it is important.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. Excellent article Hale! One of my coaches talked about consistency being his biggest key towards building a successful business. I will be joining you these next 31 days.

    • I look forward to seeing more of you Stephen. I know Ann Sieg talks about consistency and Ray Higdon calls it the NUMBER ONE THING.
      That was certainly why I put it as high in the list as I could (Finding your CORE – niche and USP) had to come first, but then consistency was certainly next!



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