Why I Am Promoting One Brand of High Quality CBD

high quality CBDIntroduction: For a lot of people, the word Cannabis is synonymous with Marijuana. While Marijuana is one plant in the Cannabis family, thee is another close relative called Hemp. Marijuana has been bred to have a very high percentage of a chemical called THC. THC will make you high. There are doctors using Marijuana to combat nausea and pain and States are slowly legalizing Marijuana, but it is best known for its recreational use. You cannot obtain high quality CBD products from Marijuana.

Hemp on the other hand has been bred to be low in THC and to have a relatively high percentage of a chemical called CBD. CBD will not make you high, For many people CBD has a wide range of benefits. The two most common uses are to reduce stress and relieve symptoms associated with joint and muscle issues. FDA regulations forbid us from saying or implying anything related to diseases. That being said many people experience relief from taking CBD.

If you are just interested i buying high quality CBD, here is the link to the CBD Oil{ http://halepringle.com/mdc-oil If you would like to know more about why I believe in this product, read on.

Why I Believe Hempworx Produces High Quality CBD

There are over 20 thousand companies selling CBD these days as entrepreneurs recognize how the ground swell and work to tap into the rapidly growing market. In large part this growth is a result of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized Hemp and CBD at the Federal level. Unfortunately for the buyers this trend has lead to a “Buyer Beware” situation. Several studies have found that over 70 percent of the products being sold do not have the potency or purity that is claimed on the packaging. One glaring example is products being sold on Amazon. Amazon does not currently allow CBD to be sold on their platform. They do allow hemp seed oil (Oil pressed from the seeds that does not contain CBD or THC). There are several products that appear to be CBD, but if you read the ingredients carefully, you can see that they are not. While Hemp seed oil does contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and omega6 fatty acids can be good for your heart, they do not contain CBD Unfortunately, many buyers are not familiar enough with the CBD industry to see this. Over the count CBD often has no way to contact the company that produces the product and no way to verify the potency or purity of the products.

Hempworx Product Sourcing

I’m not going to tell you that the company I work with is the only company selling high quality CBD, but I will tell you why I believe in the quality of the products and the company.

  • All of the farms, extraction and other materials involves are sourced from the United State.
  • The company takes pride in negotiating the best supply contracts, farming relationships, and vendor relationships to bring the most effective Hemp-Derived CBD products to market, at an affordable price.
  • Not only are the highest quality raw materials used,the company is one of the few companies in the industry that posts their third party test data on the company website readily visible for their customers to see. Every product has a link to the test date for the hemp batch that was used to make the product.
  • The company uses the CO2 extraction process. This more expensive than some other processes, but is universally recognized as the extraction method that produces the highest quality CBD product. Other process usually leave undesirable chemicals in the product.
  • Customers are always given a 60-day money back guarantee so that they always have products they can count on. This guarantee is honored, even if the bottle is empty.

Hemp Authority Certification

At the time this was written the company is one of only 33 out of over 20,000 companies selling CBD products that has been awarded this certification.

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certification Program is the CBD industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices and self-regulation, giving confidence to consumers and law enforcement that hemp products are safe, and legal. In an effort funded by the US Hemp Roundtable, and joined by organizations such as the Hemp Industries Association, industry leading firms, top-tier testing laboratories, and quality assessors developed comprehensive guidance for growers and processors of hemp.

Product Ingredients Other that CBD

All of the companies CBD products are certified as:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Organic
  • No GMOs
  • The hemp is raised in Kentucky and Colorado – USA
  • The carrier medium is Hemp Seed Oil.

Example of Third Party Test Results

The Company Publishes a Third Party Certificate For each natch of processed Hemp used to manufacture their products.

Here is an example product pages.

“We use a CO2 extraction process with Industrial Hemp grown on American Farms. Every batch we produce has a certificate of analysis so you can be confident that what’s on our label is in our bottle! ” The C02 method is the best method for extracting pure CBD.
In addition to making sure that each batch contains the level of CBD advertised on the products, it also test that the batch does not have excessive THC and does not contain pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants.

high quality CBD

Commonly Asked Questions About the Company and the Products (mostly from their FAQ Page)

  1. How long hss the company long in business? – My Daily Choice – the parent company for Hempworx has been in business since September of 2014. The Hempworx Brand was added in May of 2017. They have sold over $100 million worth of high quality CBD in 2019 and will sell more than that in 2020.
  2. How Transparent is the company about the source of their materials? – All of Hempworx materials come from inside the US. The hemp is purchased from some of the highest rated farms in Kentucky and Colorado. There are reports that the quality of the CDB derived from their Hemp is among the highest in the country.
  3. How Transparent 9s the company is about the how their CBD is Extracted from Hemp. Hempworx is very transparent? They use the expensive CO2 extraction method that is known to be the best process for extracting relatively pure CDB from Hemp. All high quality CBD products are made with CBD extracted using this process.
  4. Where is the product manufactured? In the US – All of the processing is done in the US and that the packing shipping is done from their facility in Las Vegas Nevada.
  5. How Transparent the company is about their procedures for testing purity and quality? Very – They publish on their website a third party certificate of Purity for each batch of CBD they sell. Testing includes:
    • Gas Chromatography Tests
    • Certificates of Analysis
    • Potency Tests
    • Antimicrobial Tests
  6. Do the products rate a organic, vegan, cruelty free, Gluten Free, No GMO? – YES
  7. What is the carrier material used to dilute the CBD oil? – Hemp seed oil carrier – not MCT
  8. Return Policy? – There is a 30 day return policy – even an empty bottle.
  9. Speed of delivery? – I have read several reviews that commented positively on has fast the speed of delivery compared wither CBD Companies.
  10. Where Do They Ship? – All 50 states and over 140 countries worldwide. Some of these companies require that the product be marked for personal consumption only. Other countries do not allow the CBD products to be shipped, but they do allow other products manufactured by My Daily Choice.
  11. Do they have wholesales pricing? Yes
  12. Are any of their products 100% THC free? – Yes. All of the products meet the less that 0.3 percent limit required by Federal standards, and some are certified 100% THC free.
  13. Are they Hemp Authority Certified? – Yes
  14. Are their manufacturing plants FDA Compliant?. – Yes
  15. Are there a variety of products? – Yes = Over 50.
  16. Ae there products for pets? – Yes Oil and baked snacks
  17. Is everything about the product sourced from the US? – YesI also checked the Better Business Bureau. There were some complaints, but the number seemed quite reasonable for a company with thousands of affiliates.
  18. Can I contact the company.? Yes

My Conclusion and Product Links

My conclusion was that the company and products exceeded my expectations!

Here is a link to the CBD Oil{ http://halepringle.com/mdc-oil

If you would like to learn more about CBD you can join this Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CBD.Benefits.101/

If you have questions you can use this link to send me a Facebook Message: http://Fb.me/msg/HalePringle

Track Prospects with TRELLO (Network Marketing & 333)

If you are a Network Marketer, one of the tasks you need to master is prospecting for team members and customers.     There are a number of people who teach how to do this.  What they often gloss over if How to Organize and track the people you are prospecting. Here I am going to show you how to Track Prospects with TRELLO.

Before I get into showing you TRELLO, I should not that here we are tracking people and where they are in your prospecting process. You should also be tracking your daily activity and sharing this with your upline (or who ever is your accountability partner. You can read a post about a Google Sheet that I share with tou that let your track how many people you worked with on a given day. You should be tracking thing like “How many new friends you added”, How many people you started through the 333 process”, “How many people you exposed to the program:, amd more’ Here is the link to that post: https://halepringle.com/network-marketing-activity-tracking/

Now we can look at tracking your individual prospects.

Let;’s start with your question about why we are suggesting you use TRELLO.


I’m going to cover some details here and perhaps the system will look complex. The reality ois that in day to day operation the system is made up of two simple steps.

  1. You click on a template link and a screen pops up that helps you add a new prospect. You might add a few details about the new prospects. When you create the new prospect, they will appear as a rectangle with the person’s name in it. The recatange is called a card and it will be located in a column that represents a step in your prospecting process. Everyone in that column is at the same step in the process. This column is called a LIST. You will have a List for each sep in your prospecting process,
  2. As you move the prospect through the prospecting process, you use your mouse to drag the person’s card from one column to the next. You can always tell where the person is in the process by looking at the name of the column they are in.

BTW> Trello works almost the same way on Smartphones’

Overview of the 333 Prospecting System

One of the common systems is called the 333 system. The TRELLO Board I am offering to give you is designed to follow the 333 process. It is fairly easy to change the columns to represent another method if you aren’t using the the 333 method. (I found that this system puys your name in front of your prospects in a positive way for several days. When you ask if they are open to your prodoct or opportunity, they are along the way to Knowing, Liking and Trusting you.)In a nutshell here is the 333 system.

  1.   You identify  leads,   Often the best leads are people who have express an interest in your product or in Network Marketing.  There are entire trainings on this topic and I’m not going to go into that in detail here,
  2. You navigate to their profile page.  I usually right click and choose to “Open this link in another tab.”  I click on the new tab and check out the person’s profile in Facebook.  You are looking for people who are active on social media, that you would like to work with, who are not already in your company and who live in a country where your Network Marketing company operates.  People who are too political, too religious, never post, post lots of hostile things or just give you a negative vibe should be rejected.
  3. You send the ones who pass the initial test a friend request along with a message    Here is one example message: “Hi {name} 😊 I saw you on the list of people fb suggested for me to become friends with.  I sent you a request Hope that’s cool 😎 How are things?”
  4. You document the person’s name and how to find them on Facebook.
  5. Day 1 -You place a complement/comment on three of their posts and three of their Facebook Stories, if they have any.  (On a desktop, you neeed to click on the person’s profile image beside one of their posts in order to see their Stories.  If you end up back on the same Profile page, they don’t have any active stories.)  Make these comment/complements fairly long.  You want enough that they may remember your name when they see your next complement.  “Coo!”  or “Great Pic!” isn’t enough.  Say something more along the lines of “I love this picture.  The camera definitely loves your smile since your happiness jumps out of the page.”  (Update your tracking to indicate you have completed Day 1 of the 333.)
  6. Day 2 – You do three more complement/comments. (Update your tracking to indicate you have completed Day 2.)
  7. Day 3 – You do three more complements/comments. (Update your tracking to indicate you have completed Day 3.)
  8. Day 4 – You ask them if they are interested in your product or your company.  Here is an example script: “Hey XXX (2 PLACES), What’s up?  Listen, I’ve been watching you and following you 👀 for a while  and I just love your vibe and personality.   And I thought to myself ..  XXX would love  😍 the community we’ve created. I’m inviting you to take a look 👀 at how my friends and I are making money 💲  from our phones  📱  with life changing and guaranteed high quality CBD products    Are you open to checking it out ❓  If not, no big deal.“  (Update your tracking to indicate you have asked them the question.)
  9. If they respond positively you send them to a video, or invite them to join an ATM group (that is a whole different training) or a web page provided by your company. (Our company has a “pre-enrollment ” program that describes the company and the products and then follows up with a series of emails. This creates a system that is very easy for new affiliates to work with. If you would like to see it, my affiliate link is http://HalePringle.com/tour Not that they have over a dozen different pages that all lead to the same set of videos, You can choose a link that most closely matches the prospect you are talking to.)

There is more to the system, but that gives enough for my purpose here. (Update your tracking to indicate you have sent them to your website or choice.)

Often your process will involve creating a three way Facebook CHAT with the person and your upline.

Eventually you are going to put the person into one of four different categories:

  1. They are a customer
  2. They are a new Team member
  3. They said NO, but you will follow up with them later
  4. They said no and you really don’t want to follow up  (They were hostile, they are a high ranking member of another Network Marketing Company , they are already in your company or perhaps they unfriended or blocked you.)

As you can see there is a lot of tracking as you carry this process out.  You can do this with a paper and pencil, 3 x 5 cards, spreadsheets,, a Customer Relationship Manager or something else,  In this case I’m going to show you how to use a popular system called TRELLO to track the progress of your prospects.  (I have an article on using an almost fee ToDo system called Remember the Milk to do this tracking, but Trello is almost as powerful and is is much simpler.).


Trello is available online in your brower or as an App on your Smartphone.  One of the powerful features is that these systems are synced together so that information you enter on you phone is available on your desktop and vice versa.

BOARDS  – The main level of Trello are called Boards.  Boards are shown as a set of columns that are called LISTS

LISTS – Each list has a title and an optional Cover Image.  Each list is made up of a set of CARDS.

CARDS – Cards are the base unit of TRELLO.  For our purposes, each card is a Prospect.   Inside cards you have many options like notes, checklists, attachments,etc.   TRELLO automatically logs a comment when you make a change to a Card.

Here is a smaple

#1 – This is the Name for this BOARD.   The Boards has a number of  LISTS.  The arrows describe different parts of the first LIST
#2 – The name for the LIST
#3 – The optional cover Image for the LIST
#4 – A Card – in this case the card is simply used to hold the Cover Image
#5 – A couple of the Cards.  There are more as you scroll down.
#6 – At the bottom there is always a card named “Add another card."  That is one way you add another CARD to the list.  (We won't use this option')ss

Trello Works the Same on Smartphones

One of the few differences shows up when you click on a card marked as a TEMPLE to create a new card for a new prospect. Instead of the big green butoon at the top of the screen, we use a small icon beside the — at the top of the screen.


You migh notice that the cards in this list are marked with the word “Template”  Templates have a Button when you open them that says CREATE A CARD FROM THIS TEMPLATE.   We will use a template a lot in this system.  The scripts are marked as Templates for another reason.  When you make a copy of a BOARD, you can have it copy the Cards that are TEMPLATES and not copy the rest of the cards. 

SHARED BOARD TO Track Prospects with TRELLO

I have made a cooy of the Board I use and marked it as PUBLIC so that you can make your own copy into your own TRELLO Account.   I wanted the scripts to be copied and I did not want the people I am prospecting to be copies.  I marked all of the script Cards as Templates so that they would copy.    Here is the link to that board    http://HalePringle.com/shared-trello

How To Copy This Board To Track Prospects in TRELLO

Track Prospects with TRELLO

#1 – When you click on this link you will either see this screen, or a screen with just cards and “… Show Menu”  where The #1 arrow is pointing. Click that link to see this page.
#2 – Click on the  “… More” option

Track Prospects with TRELLO

CLICK on the “Copy Board” option and a copy of this board will be moved to your account.

How to Track Prospects with TRELLO

STEP 1 – CREAE A NEW CARD (Add a Prospect)

The first step is to create a new CARD with information about a new prospect.   While we could click on the “Add another card” link, there is a better way.   I have created a template that contains a couple of checklists.  Click on that Template Card. When you use this template to add a new Prospect, the checklists (and anything you add later) are automatically included in the new prospect’s card.

Track Prospects with TRELLO

#1 – C.ick on this card

Track Prospects with TRELLO
How to use a template card

#1 – This is one of the checklists that are already in the template.  You can cross of the steps.  You don’t really need to since we will be showing the progress in another way, but they are here if you want them
#2 – The second checklist is not shown.  I usually mark this one, it contains a list of how I connected with the prospect.  Options like “They asked to friend me”, “Happy Birthday Message”, “They commented on my story” and more.
#3 – There are more options that you can add to your template.
#4 – All you do here (unlessass you are modifying the template itself) is click on the green button.

Click a link to start adding a new prospect

#1 – You clicked here
#2 – Replace this with the prospect’s name, exactly as it is in Facebook. That way to can sopy and paste it into the search bar in Facebook and go to the correct person;s profile page. Some people put the URL to get to the person’s profile here.  That saves a few clicks later, but doesn’t show the person’s name.

#3 – Click the CREATE CARD button

Track Prospects with TRELLO
Adding a new prospect

#1 – This is the person’s name
#2 – Here you can add more notes about the person.
#3 – You can click the checklist option if you want to
#4 – Further down is a checklist that gives options about how you connected with the person
#5 – IF you want to add a Due Date you can enter it here.  One trick is to make the date a day before you really want the due date to be.  The card will move to the top of the List and show up with a red tag showing that it is OVER DUE.  It is easy to go through your board and handle the red tagged cards.
#6 – Sometimes you don’t start a new person at the beginning of the process.  For example, someone may ask you about your business and you answered.  That person would be moved to the “Asked he Question” Card.  You can put them in that card directly by clicking on the MOVE option and choosing the List you want the card moved to.
#7 – You close the card with the X at the top.  Changes are saved as soon as you make them  There is no SAVE button. (except when you edit the description field).

STEP 2 – Moving a Prospect through the process to Track Prospects with TRELLO

Heere is where the TRELLO shires.   You simply click on a CARD and drag it to a new LIST.

The LISTS in the Board to Track Prospects in Trello

Here are the LISTS I have included in this Board

  • SCRIPTS – This is the odd list.  You never put prospects in this list.  It is just a place to hold scripts that you often use.  You can drag the cards up and down in the List to change the order and add or delete scripts, but that is all.
  • PROSPECTS – This is where you add NEW LEADS using the template shown in STEP 1.
  • DAY 1  – Once you have complemented three of a Prospect’s posts and/or stores, you drag their card to here.
  • DAY 2 – Once you have done this a second time, you drag the card to this list
  • DAY 3 – One more tim, drage the card.
  • EXPOSED – After you have exposed the person to the business or to your products (Also called “Asked the Question = Are you open to…), you drag the person’s card to here,
    Note: There is a note in the top card in this Kist. It tells you it helps to add a due date here. If the person hasn’t responded by that date. There is a script called “Day 4 After Expose If they don’t respond…” When the date arrives you can send them this script, change the due date a week or so later. It they haven’t responded by then move them to the long term follow up list and set the due date several months in the future, You can start the 333 again when that date come. If you don’t clear this list, it will get huge.
  • Third Party Tool Sent – If the person indicated that they were interested and you sent them to a video, an ATM group or your company’s website, you drag the person’s card to here.
  • 3 Way Chat – If the person continues to indicate an interest it is often suggested that you set up ma 3 way chat with your upline and answer questions.
  • FOLLOWUP – This might be when you will hold a ZOOM call or when a new customer should have received their product.  When you drag a card here, I suggest you open the card and enter a DUE DATE. It is also where you put people you have sent the “Day 4 After Expose If they don’t respond…” script. Prospects will get flagged with a red box if they are overdue. Then you change the date and move them to the long term Follow Up List
  • NEW CUSTOMER – If they become a customer pu them here.  Again you might want to set a due date
  • NEW TEAM MEMBER – just like the Customer, except these people joined your team
  • FOLLOW UP LATER – These people said NO.  Set a due date and ask them again.  Marina Sime uses 30 days and does the 333 with them again.  She does ask a different question of day 4.
  • NEVER FOLLOW UP – put people here that you want to have in the system, but don’t want to follow up with  (For example, they may be hostile or they may be crossline).

Here is what the LISTS Look Like

Track Prospects with TRELLO
Track Prospects with TRELLO
Track Prospects with TRELLO
Track Prospects with TRELLO

ONE MAJOR NOTE as you Track Prospects with TRELLO

When you are doing the 333 you need to do one thing in a specific order. You can Add Prospects to any of the boards at any time, EXCEPT the Day
1, Day 2 and Day 3 boards. It you add new prospects to one of these Lists before you have moved the existing prospects on to the next step, you will easily get confused about which prospects where just placed in the List and which were placed in the list yesterday. Here is how you avoid this issue.

  1. You should start with the DAY 3 people and Expose all of them to the business.  Once that list is empty, work on the Day 2  people and comment on three posts and move them to the empty DAY 3 list.
  2. Then Do the Day 1 people and comment of three of their posts and move them to the empty Day 2 list.
  3. Finally you comment on new prospects posts and move them to the Empty Day 1 list.

    Remember, If you start by moving new prospects into the DAY 1 List you will end up with some people who need to be moved to DAY 2 and some people who are new to the Day 1 list and should not be moved until tomorrow.  In order to avoid this confusion, start with the DAY 3 prospects.

That’s it.  You have a complete system to tract your leadsd through the prospecting process.

Until Next Time. Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
When you decide you need more information, check out the sidebar links —->>

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