Passive Income – Now There Are Two Easy Ways

Passive Income from computerPassive Income is one of the holy grails for people working to acquire money.  New money coming in, even when you are not working, is one of the foundations of the state of Financial Freedom and Financial Freedom (Passive Income) is what drives entrepreneurs, athletes, Network Marketers, and corporate executives.  Even people who are driven to serve others realize that they can do more if they have more resources (money).


In his famous book, The Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki divided income into four quadrants.  Employees and Small Business Owners are fundamentally trading hours for dollars.  We all understand that an “Employee” works X hours at a certain rate  nd them and then receives a paycheck.  It is a little harder to see that the doctor’s office is very similar.  If the doctor is not “in,” and seeing patients, there is little to no income being generated. The rent, payments on equipment, salaries for nurses and other staff are still there, but the income is not. The doctor is again trading hours for dollars.   Consultants, gig workers and all small businesses are fundamentally operating the same way.   If the owners aren’t putting in hours, there is no income.

The other two quadrants generate passive income.  The dollars roll in even when the owner isn’t putting hours into the equation.  These two quadrants are Large Businesses (over 500 employees) and Investors.  A well run Big Business will continue generating income, even if the owner is not actively working the business on a daily basis.   By definition, the Investors use the money they already have to make more money.

This is a bit simplistic, but it does make the point that if you have to put your hours into the money generating apparatus, you do not have Passive Income.


Up until now, there have been two ways to start generating Passive Income.

  1. The Easy Way –The Luck of The Draw – You Inherited a big Business or a fortune or you were very lucky to win the lottery.
  2. The Hard Way –Hard Work – You worked your tail off to aquire a fortune.

Big Businesses require someone to work very hard to build and maintain the business during tirbulant times.  Even with great management, a change in technology or fashion can wipe out a big business.  Classic examples are 33 RPM and LP Records, automobile carbonators, and renting VCR tapes.   While for many this has seems to be the only viable route to financial freedom and passive income, there is definitely a large time and effort commitment.

It is easy to think that Investors all came out of the Big Business quadrant.  However, there are others who become investors:

  • Best Selling Authors
  • Top Athletes
  • Big Name Movie and Television actors or celebrities
  • Famous musicians
  • Top Network Marketers
  • And other top 1% of a huge number of people competing for the top spots.

Think of how many hundreds of thousands of High School football players dream of making it big in the NFL and how few actually make it.

All of these routes definitely fall into the “Hard Way” to become an Investor.  There are years of life consuming effort with a very small percentage actually achieving enough money to make a comfortable living off of investments.


Two years ago, a new path to Passive Income and Financial Freedom opened up.  A small group of highly successful Foreign Exchange (Forex) traders decided to share their expertise and help others create a substantial income, just by buying into their program and letting the experts work the Forex market and share the profits.  The result is a program where you buy in and then almost “set it and forget it.”  Everyone who joins, makes money.


It absolutely does sound that way, put as little as $300 in and a few years later take thousands a week out forever.  On the surface, it fails the smell test big time.   However, the deeper you look the more solid it looks’  Several financial experts have taken very deep looks indeed and they joined the program..


Since it doesn’t require you throw a ton of time at it and it doesn’t require that you “Invest a huge amount of cash” in it, why not give it a shot.  You only put in an amount you can afford to lose and there can only be two results:  “Oh well, I knew it sounded too good to be true” or  “Wow! Would you look at my bank account!”

Take a look for yourself:


In these turbulent times, a large percentage of families are under tremendous financial strain.  Crdit Card Debts, Student Loans, Medical Bills, Being Laid Off or worrying about being laid off, getting to old to work with insufficient money set aside to retire, wanting to leave a legacy for children.   The list goes on and on.  This program would be the solution to all these problems and more.

Take a look for yourself.  You have nothing to lose by looking.

Hales CFX Landing Pages

It is now possible to create a Free Aweber account (up to 500 Subscribers) and build a complete Funnel in the free account.

Note: CFX has a better system. It is $500 a month.

Here is a 70+ page document that describes (in great detail) the following steps Download the Document

TASK 1 – Create an Aweber account
TASK 2 – Create a list in Aweber
TASK 3 – Set up someplace to store lots of links and URLs
TASK 4 – Copy the Funnel Pages into your account
TASK 5 – Tweak the Landing Page (This includes setting up how the page looks in Facebook and has links to Google docs for a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Income Disclaimer and Contact Us.
TASK 7 – Tweak the Presentation and Testimonial Page
TASK 8 – Tweak the Getting Started Page
TASK 9 – Tweak the US Citizens Page
TASK 10 – Create a Campaign for this Funnel
TASK 11 – Create an Evergreen Campaign

Note: I have a VA team that will do the entire process for you for $50

The HOW-TO document starts with a “I Can’t Retire” funnel and builds the “I Want to Leave Something for my Children” funnel. You can start with any of these funnels. The tweaks to the first page are the same and the other four pages are identical.

Here are some Funnels you can use “as is”. There are still tweaks you will need to make. However, the first page is the most difficult and if you use one of these, much of the work has already been done.

  1. I Can’t Retire!
  2. I Want to Leave Something For My Children
  3. Invest – High Yield Investing
  4. Buried in Debt
  5. Do You Need More for Your Fur-babies (Special for Dogs All the Time FB Group Pinned)
  6. Waitstaff – Are Your Finances Hopelessly in the Weeds?
  7. New Stream of Income
  8. Finances Are Not Something to Laugh At (Special for Love to Laugh FB Group)
  9. Alternative to Print On Demand (Special for Print on Demand A to Z FB Group Pinned)
  10. Frustrated Breadwinner
  11. Can I EVER Create Passive Income stream?
  12. Worried Retirement Could Run Out

There is One Special Funnel. It is designed for partners who are passive, but want to show CFX to a few close friends of family It is at the bottom of the page

Funnel Layout

At this point all of the funnels use the same pages with the exception of the Landing Page which is tailored to specific niches

Page 1 – Landing Page – shown below

Page 2 – A Bridge Page with a video from me

Page 3 – Presentations and testimonials

Page 4 Getting Started Page

Page 5 – Page for U.S. and Canadian Citizens

Funnel 1 – I Can’t Retire


Funnel 2 – I Want to Leave Something For My Children


Funnel 3 – Invest in High Yield Program


Funnel 4 – Buried in Debt


Funnel 5 – More for my Furbabies


Funnel 6 – Waitstaff Finances in the weeds


Funnel 7 – New Stream of Income


Funnel 8 – Special for the Love to Laugh FB group


Funnel 9 – Alternative to POD – Special for a Group I own


Funnel 10 – Frustrated Breadwinner


Funnel 11 Can I EVER Create Passive Income stream?


Funnel 12 – Worried that Retirement Fund Could Run Out


Special Funnel for Passive Partners Who Want to Refer a Few People


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