Blogging- Sail the 7 Cs- Connect with BlogTraffic-On-Page SEO

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Blogging- Sail the 7 Cs

Connect with Blog Traffic – On-Page SEO


Blog Traffic - On Page SEO

Blog Traffic – On Page SEO


Blog Traffic is a critical part of blogging.  In an earlier post,
Sail the 7 Cs of Blogging”, I gave an overview of seven
different aspects of blogging.   In a series of three posts
I am focusing on the last one – driving traffic to your blog.
I’m starting at the back because I feel that this CRITICAL
step is often overlooked.  (We all tend to skimp on the
“last” step in order to mark a project as DONE.)

Creating blog traffic has three distinct phases –1) things you do before you write a post – covered in a post about Phase 1, 2) things you do while you are writing a post and 3) things you do after you write a
post.   This post is part 2 of 7 on blog traffic and covers the second phase. This phase is often called On-page SEO.  Another post in the series shows what the Expert Bloggers to for Blog Traffic

Caveat – there are lots of opinions and lots of research on this topic.  I’m giving you the best that I know.  Parts of it will probably be out of date before it is even published.


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While you Write– BLOG TRAFFIC PHASE 2

In the post about the first phase, I made the point that when you
are trying to drive blog traffic, you need to look at both
the rules used by the search engines to end up on the first page
when people search for your keywords – Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) AND  how the readers react to your writing.  This is often
called Human Optimized Content (HOC).  So, to optimize for
Blog Traffic you need write for SEO AND HOC.

 Human Optimized Content (HOC)

I have covered this aspect of  Blog Traffic in another post on
Copywriting Tips.  There is too much to repeat here.  I’ll just
mention one tip.  Remember that your readers SCAN your
writing.  Use titles, subtitles, bullet points and short lines,
with lots of white space.  Copywriting on the web to create
Blog Traffic is very different from the writing we learned
in High School and College.

Content  for your POST – Pick a Keyword

Another of the 7 C’s covers content.  All I’ll mention here
is that to improve Blog traffic you should be focusing on
a keyword – preferably a multi-word  keyword (called a
Long Tailed Keyword) that is congruent with your
categories and your overall niche.

Deep Linking and its Effect on Blog Traffic

One facet of Google’s formula is not often discussed.
There is evidence that shows that Google gives extra
credit to posts that are posted on a website or blog
that has similar posts – i.e. posts using the same
or similar keywords.  This is called deep linking.  The
theory is that posts on a site that often discusses the
same topic gives readers more options and increases
their chance of finding the very thing they were
searching for.

A useful tip, in general, and especially for Blot Traffic
is to write posts that answer questions that your
Avatar (you idea customer) often ask.  Then you can
refer to these posts in later posts.  The copywriting
post is an example and in the Phase 1 post, I refereed
to a Blog Home Page Checklist post.

SEOPressor (or a similar product)

As you write, you need to follow the guidelines suggested
by SEOPressor.  For example, it requires that you have your
keywords in your Title.  It also wants your keywords in
an H1, H2, and H3  tag.  I will note that I often do not
get credit for the last few requirements.   As covered in
the Phase 1 post, you need at least one image that is relevant
to your topic.  SEOPressor requires it and HOC requires it.
More images are better.  Readers like images.  Studies that
track eye movement while people are reading web sites,
their eyes automatically go to the images.  The alt tag needs
to contain your keywords.  A caption also helps – people
read the captions.

One further note.  When you insert the images, you should
mark one as the Featured Image.   For one thing, when you
make a comment in Facebook along with a link to your
post, this image will be used and it will be larger than
an image that Facebook just chooses.

Save Draft:  Save your post as a draft and check your
SEOPressor score.  Make the corrections that it suggests
and Save Draft again.  I shoot for at least an 85%.

An Alternative to SEOPressor

An alternative for increasing your blog traffic is
Easy WP SEO – recommended by Marsha Godwin. The
link goes to her article about Easy WP SEO.

Other Resources

ALL-IN-ONE-SEO – A Description of your Post

In the Phase One post, it was suggested that you install
the All-In-One-SEO plugin.   This plugin will create several
fields on the page where you edit your post.  They will be
below  the post edit field.

Field 1 – Tittle:  This title will be part of what the Google
spiders use to calculate your page ranking.  I covered the
importance of your Title (or Headline) in the Copywriting

Field 2 – Description: This field is NOT used by Google
when calculating your page rank  It is very important for
another reason  When your post appears on a Google
Search Page, the readers will see your Title AND the
Description.  If you write your description with your
reader in mind, readers will often chose your post to
read, even if it is not the number one post.

Field 3 – Keywords: I’ll confess that I don’t really
know which key words Google uses – the one form this
field or the ones that you chose in the right side of the
post edit page.  I make them the same.


Be sure to check the proper category(s) on the
right side of the edit page and pick keywords that
readers might use to find your post.

Last by certainly not least – Have a Call To Action

Virtually every post should have a very distinct
Call to Action.  The purpose of blogging is to generate
some kind of action in your reader (money, membership,
following your writing , something!)   Tell your readers
exactly what you want them to do.

I like Ray Higdon’s suggestion.  He suggests a Persuasion
Shell.  This is common header and footer words and
images that appear in every one of your posts.  The lines
in read, the box at the top and everything after “Until
Next Time….” are my persuasion shell.  Ray uses a word
procession file and copy/pastes his shell into each post.

I use a plugin called Clone Post.  I have a draft file called
Dummy For Cloning that has only my persuasion
shell.  I clone this post for every new post that I start.  The
post automatically has everything that is common in
all of my posts.

THAT CONCLUDES Blog Traffic Phase 2 – On Page SEO and HOC

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. Hale,
    Thanks for telling us about SEO Pressor. I hadn’t heard of it before, and will look into it!
    To attracting and retaining clients,

    • You are most welcome Jos. A lot of the top bloggers (like Ray Higdon) use it. Marcia Godwin on our team recommends another plugin that basically does the same thing. I don’t remember what right off.



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  2. […] Things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic […]

  3. […] Things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic […]

  4. […] Things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic […]

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