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Two Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023

Four Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023 Hale Pringle 4/14/23 V2 Image sources have been useful to me as I write Facebook Posts, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, emails, Landing Pages, and on and on. Over the years I have watched the “good sources” change and change again. I listed my favorite image […]

Create a Free Responsive Squeeze Page Using WordPress and AWeber

WordPress and AWeber Sign up Forms usually just don’t play nice with each other.  As a result a lot of people  have made lots of money designing plugins, frameworks, themes and other solutions.  Many  of these systems have a ton of features and “you get what you pay for.”   However there are times when you […]

Basic WordPress SEO – An Introduction to Page Optimization

Basic WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to have gotten lost in all the super technical geek-speak descriptions on the Internet today.  I’m going to start with a simple description, a simple method to get started and a simple way to watch your results.  Hopefully you won’t even have to fasten your seat belts for […]

Using the Athlete WordPress Theme – For Parents With Athletic Children

 In this post I am going to assume that you are a parent of an Athletic Child (or two) and you want to set up a website to showcase there experiences.   WordPress blog provide the most flexible and powerful way to do this, so I’m going to show you the basics.   There are literally hundreds […]

Action Steps for Getting Started With Facebook Retargeting

Action Steps for Getting Started With Facebook Retargeting New to retargeting?  The previous post covered the Basic Concepts of Facebook Retargeting. Facebook calls collecting of information about visitors and customers to your Websites creating “Custom Audiences.” You can Promote Posts to these audiences and that is generally called “Retargeting.”  Now that we have some of […]

Getting Started With Facebook Retargeting (Custom Audiences)

  Getting Started With Facebook Retargeting/Custom Audiences New to retargeting? Let’s ease into it and take a look at just the basic concepts. Retargeting is widely recognized at one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to advertise.  It is also something that many marketers are now doing since it is tough to get your […]

Amazon Marketing Tip: Bloggers! Trade A Discount Code For An Email Address

 Attention Bloggers:  You can trade A Discount Code for an Email Address! Creating a Pop-Up to trade a discount code for an Email Address shouldn’t be that hard! So I thought “I’d like to trade an email address for a discount coupon – how difficult can it be?”  (I know better than to tempt the […]

AWeber Tip: Creating A Single Opt-in List Is Now a Two Step Process

Until recently creating a Single Opt-in List in AWeber was something you could do when the list was created.  The new screens are simple, but if you want to create a single opt-in list, you have to go back and add that option after the list has been created.  It is now two steps. Let’s […]

Amazon Seller Tip – Crafting Links to YOUR Product Display Pages

Crafting links to send customers to your product Display  Pages  (Super URLs) Okay, I’m going to assume that you are selling on Amazon (Fulfillment By Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled).  If you are, there are times when you want to send customers a link that will take them to your product display pages so they can […]

Modify the 2014 WordPress Theme-Add a No Header Landing Page

Did you know you could modify the 2014 WordPress Theme? Twenty Fourteen is the current default WordPress theme.  When you install WordPress this is the free theme that comes with it. Twenty Fourteen – a Nice Free Theme I usually use professional themes, but I have to admit that the Twenty Fourteen theme is nice.  […]