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Creating YouTube Subtitles in Vimeo

Creating good subtitles on YouTube can be tricky. The built-in speech-to-text conversion in YouTube is not the best and most of the services that provide quality conversions cost $30 or more just for that one benefit. However, creating YouTube subtitles in Vimeo is easy once you can find the various controls and once you realize […]

Pasting Messages On LinkedIn – A Quick Tip

When you are copying and pasting messages on LinkedIn, you often find that there are lots of empty lines. Here is a quick tip that will solve that issue. BACGROUND Letters on computers are made up of 1’s and 0’s. We usually use an alphabet made up of 8 1’s and 0’s and call that […]

A.I. -NOW is when fortunes are made.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (Spanish philosopher George Santayana.)  A.I. is here and it isn’t going to magically go away. Still during the change is when fortunes are made. (Are you ready?) Learn from the past or Rinse and Repeat! (And fortunes are made!) Some of you are going […]

Too Good to Be True Opportunities

“Too good to be true…” is a phrase that came up repeatedly as I was researching online opportunities. I ended up taking several hours digging a little deeper and thought I’d share my observations. You may be asking: “Why is he wasting time on this?” My answer is MINDSET. It seems to be that we […]

Backup Your Authenticator? Why Didn’t They Tell Me!

Backup Your Authenticator? Uh sure, I’ll do that ASAP. If that is you, you need to turn ASAP into “today!” or face the alternative. There you are, having to prove that you are not a scammer! You want the people you are working with to make it VERY hard on scammers. however that means that […]

Using Screenpresso to Make and Edit a Screen Captures

A good Screen Capture tool is very useful and I find Screenpresso to be one of my go-to tools. It can be used to take notes, record screens like receipts, give instructions, and much more. There are lots of Screen Capture tools available. After looking at a lot of them (Snagit, being one of the […]

Life Changing Trainings – List of Short Videos

Here are some gems for you. I thought back over the hundreds of workshops I have taken and realized that a few of them left a real lasting impact. I’m not saying that they radically changed my life, just that I did think about things differently after I learned the lesson in the training. There […]

Using a Phone App to Track Your DMOs

Being successful at many project, including Network Marketing, requires that you be consistent. One way to do that is to set up a Daily Method of Operation (DMO) where you identify tasks that you perform every day. Here is one way to track your DMOs using a free App on your Smartphone. The app I […]

Track Prospects with TRELLO (Network Marketing & DMO)

If you are a Network Marketer, one of the tasks you need to master is prospecting for team members and customers.     There are a number of people who teach how to do this.  What they often gloss over is how to organize and track the people you are prospecting. Here I am going to show […]

An Easy Way to Tabulate Open Ended Survey Questions

Making Sense of  Open Ended Survey Questions This post is going to go over a very easy, manual way to tabulate open ended survey questions.  I wouldn’t suggest you do this for 10,000 surveys,  but the system works very well for a few hundred survey responses and is easy to do.