Blogging- Sail the 7 Cs-How Experts Connect with Blog Traffic

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Blog Traffic – Listen to the Experts!

Listen to Experts on Blog Traffic

Listen to Experts on Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic is a critical part of blogging.  In an earlier post, “Sail the 7 Cs of Blogging”, I gave an overview of seven different aspects of blogging.

In a series of seven posts (it started as four and kinda grew :), I am focusing on the last one – driving traffic to your blog. I’m starting at the back because I feel that this CRITICAL step is often overlooked.  (We all tend to skimp on the “last” step in order to mark a project as DONE.)

Creating blog traffic has four distinct phases –

  1. things you do before you start posting in your blog – covered in a post about Phase 1,
  2. things you do while you are writing a post (SEO and HOC) – covered in a post about On-Page Blog Traffic.
  3. things you do after you write a post and press Publish  Blog Traffic After Publish 1 and
  4. checking the results on your efforts.This post is part 5 of 7 on blog traffic and continues the coverage of the third phase.  Owners of regular websites usually think of this as Off Page SEO.  Many bloggers don’t think about it at all

Caveat – there are lots of opinions and lots of research on this topic.  I’m giving you the best that I know.  Parts of it will probably be out of date before it is even published.


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After you Press Publish – Listen to the Experts on Blog Traffic

In earlier posts, I covered what you do before you even start writing in your blog.  Then I covered On-Page SEO and copywriting.  Then we talked about OFF-Page SEO in general.  Now it is time to listen.

Blog Traffic Strategies used by Top MLM Bloggers

We’ll start with Ray Higdon.

Hale and Ray ProMarketing Summit - Blog Traffic

Hale and Ray ProMarketing Summit

1.  Ray Higdon – The Top Network Marketing Blogger

With 1,000,000 visitors a month, Ray is by far the most successful MLM Blogger.

Blog Traffic Mindset video

Rays covers some basics for his success at generating Blog Traffic:

  1.  Be Consistent
    1. Increases chance for traffic
    2. Builds repeat traffic
    3. Turns your Blog into a major Asset
  2.  Focus on Building Your List
    1. Test and Track
    2. Trade something valuable for Name and Email.  Don’t offer “a Surprise” or “My Newsletter”
    3. You MUST have a good giveaway.
  3.   Take Care of Your List
    1. Keep them wanting More
    2. Ray email Blasts every day- He is Leary of also having autoresponder sales letters going out at the same time.
    3. Get them to Need you every day

PS:   Pupup optin REALLY helped his conversion rate – raised it by 23%

Driving Blog Traffic to Your Blog

Here is a link to one of Ray’s posts:

Blogging Tips – How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

This post contains a video where you can watch over his shoulder as he goes through his daily procedure after he presses the PUBLISH button.   He also demonstrates that his techniques work (1,000,000 visits per month).  I’ll summarize here:

  1. He adds a link on
  2. He does a cut and paste of the link and adds a short description/teaser in several groups in Facebook
    (NOTE:   If Facebook shows you a CAPCHA – STOP. Wait a few hours and then you can do more.)   If you have time scatter these posts throughout the day.
  3. He makes a Twitter post using   Part of the reason he likes TweetDeck is that they automatically shorten the link to save space in the tweet.
  4. Then he goes to  A post here will be sent to several social media sites (Bookmarking sites etc.
  5. Some times he takes the post and redoes it on  (He likes to show four of the “Seven Steps to XYZ” and then refer people to his blog in order to see the rest of the steps.  If he does post on BetterNetworker, he does the same SEO steps here that he does for his regular site.
  6. He sends a teaser and a link to his email list.
    His big tip is BE CONSISTENT.

In previous posts, he made other suggestions:

  1. Post on Google +, Pinterest and Twitter
  2. – bookmarks and backlinks – see
  3. Report on (partial post)
  4. Post into Facebook groups
  5. Networked Blogs (this seems to have been replaced by manually posting into the groups.
    just puts a link without any description.
  7. Tribepro
  8. Email list
  9. Sometimes DO NOT DO THIS.  Google changed the rules.

I will note that others mention responding to comments
and Ray does this religiously.

Ann Sieg and Hale-Team Builder Award

Ann Sieg and Hale-Team Builder Award

2. Ann Sieg’s 8020 Marketing Staff and Certified Trainers

Stacia Hopkins Generates Leads

Ann’s Renegade Blog is one of the most respected in the industry.  This particular post by one of her staff (Eric Walker) features three of the team’s certified trainers – Stacia Hopkins (Top Blogger #18), Rich and Natasha Hazlett.(Top Blogger #8)

They are all following Ann’s lead.  In the team training she stresses three things about traffic

  1. You need to write often, write well and SEO your posts so that they can by found by the search engines using keywords that are important in your niche.
  2. Guest post on blogs to generate exposure.  For example here is my post on the Renegade Blog:
  3. Use paid advertising (YouTube, Google and Facebook) to generate traffic QUICKLY!

Ann and her team are outstanding.  I can’t endorse their training strongly enough.

Mavis Nong

Mavis Nong

3.  Mavis Nong – Rated Number Two Among
Network Marketing Bloggers by

Here is her link: 3. er_embedded&v=iEttx1-yjRo

She stresses content in her post

  1.  Good Content
    Always create good content.  Content your readers really want If you are seen as an expert in your niche people will keep coming back
  2. Engage your readers  The more people you help, the more traffic you will get
  3. Write every day
  4. Do keyword research
  5. Promote your blog posts on Social media, Content syndication and SEO
  6. Networking
    •  Comment on other blogs
    •  Respond to your commenters – Google likes the interaction
  7.  Guest blog with links back to your site.

Melodie Kantner

Melodie Kantner

3.  Melodie Kantner – Rated MLM Blogger Number 4

Her main points are to reply to every commenter and invite people to webinars.

I looked for other MLM Bloggers and as you could see in the previous listings.  They usually don’t talk much about this topic.  So I wandered into the huge arena of traffic generation.  Here are some of the best that I found.

John Paul Aguir

John Paul Aguir

4.  John Paul Aguiar – People Seem to Like His SEO Tips

Simple 7 Step Plan to Promote a New Post – with 9 steps 🙂

  1. Submit to Twitter
  2. Use HootSuite and  to submit to 20 social sites
  3. bookmark to 30 sites
  4. He uses a Firefox addon called Shareholic to  post on 15 additional sites
  5.  Bookmark Demon to go crazy with bookmarking, to over 200 possible sites, so far he is very happy with it.
  6. He posts on Blog Carnivals  Xingla Pro
  7. He guest posts on   He been posts on BloggerBase
  8. He posts to 
  9. Comment On Related Blogs  – John Paul uses blog commenting a lot.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

5. The Daily SEO Blog – 21 SEO Tips

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic – 2012

  1.  – Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share
  2.  – Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers
  3.  – Make Your Blog’s Content SEO-Friendly
  4.  – Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections
  5.  – Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results
  6.  – Add Graphics, Photos and Illustrations (with link-back licensing)
  7.  – Conduct Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts
  8.  – Frequently Reference Your Own Posts and Those of Others
  9.  – Participate in Social Sharing Communities Like Reddit + StumbleUpon
  10.  – Guest Blog (and Accept the Guest Posts of Others)
  11.  – Incorporate Great Design Into Your Site
  12.  – Interact on Other Blogs’ Comments
  13.  – Participate in Q+A Sites
  14.  – Enable Subscriptions via Feed + Email (and track them!)
  15.  – Attend and Host Events
  16.  – Use Your Email Connections (and Signature) to Promote Your Blog
  17.  – Survey Your Readers
  18.  – Add Value to a Popular Conversation
  19.  – Aggregate the Best of Your Niche
  20.  – Connect Your Web Profiles and Content to Your Blog
  21.  – Uncover the Links of Your Fellow Bloggers (and Nab ’em!)

Jason Fladlien

6. Jason Fladlien – 3 Traffic Tips

Jason is one of my favorites. His philosophy is to build loyal raving fans, treat them VERY well and they will buy what you promote because they just KNOW it will be worthwhile.   Jason uses affiliates to promote his products (build his list) a lot.  We won’t cover that here.  He is also very big on using Webinars – especially Webinars where he works with this affiliates.

  1. Spy on your competitors using Google Alerts (See where they are getting links)
    1. Jason suggests that you create a special Gmail account.  I named mine – I have a second browser set to view this.
    2.  Create a Google Alert  ( for your name – in quotes (e.g. “Hale Pringle”)
    3. Create an Alert for each of your major competitors
    4. Create an Alert for keywords in your niche
    5. Create an Alert for EVERY major player in your niche
    6. Create an Alert for “Free Traffic Source” (limit to blog posts only)
    7. Create an Alert for “Guest Blog Post” OR “Guest Post by”There are several reasons for doing this.
    • You can tell where you competitors are posting information to generate traffic.
    • You can also spot situations where someone is bad mouthing a leader in your niche (one that you would like to get to know).  Comment on the blog in question and send a note to the leader that he may want to check out this situation.  When he or she gets there, they find that you have publicly defended them.  A relationship is born.
    • You can comment on interesting blog posts (with a link back to your blog).  This will get you known after a while.
    • You can find new Free Blog Traffic sources
    • You can find interesting places that might like you as a guest blogger.
    • Always comment on people who reviewed or mentioned one of your products or your site.
    • You might find a place where people are giving your products away – black hat sites.
  2. Re-purpose your long Blog Posts

You can turn these into PDF Guides, eBooks, Reports, etc.  You need a cover (, redo PLR covers you already have if the license says it is okay,  or sites like for free covers.)   See my post on Creating Quick Free Reports for more on doing this.   BE SURE TO PUT CALL TO ACTIONS AND LINKS IN THEM!  You should try to have a couple of pages of “Other Products/Resources” that you can append to the end of every eBook/Report that he creates.

Jason aims for sweet spot of things that can be read in 4 minutes.  No history, no options, just step-by-step “Do it this way and it works for me.”   If the document is longer people “can’t get to it today” (which means they never will) and you totally missed you chance to get your Call to Action in front of them.

Here are some uses for these Reports:

  • They can be bonuses for other offers.
  • They can go on a Resources Page in your Blog as free downloads
  • They can be part of a bundle.
  • They can be offered up in other blog posts when you are talking about the point that the eBook was focused on.
  • Jason has one on the Warrior Forum that has added 7,000 people to his list in two years – all from a single post.  In particular he talks about the War Room.
  • You can send them to free eBook distribution sites.
  • Free “Unannounced Bonuses” on your Thank You Page.

3.      Post on the Warrior Forum.

  • Find a very high traffic, passionate thread.  Give them a post that is equivalent to a paid product.  Give them screenshots, graphics to the point that it looks like a paid product (1,500 to 3,000 words).  Then in the signature block casually ask them to Sign Up for your email list (and get more stuff like this) or Come See some other cool stuff you have on your blog or If You liked this, you might consider hiring me to do some of this – give me a call, we’ll talk.  Very casual sell after you deliver MASSIVE VALUE.
  • Find an old thread with 10,000 views and update it and start it again.

One of Jason’s sites is

Kim Roach

Kim Roach

7. Kim Roach

Here is a quote that totally defines what this post is about:  “Content is just the entry fee – now it’s time to play the real game… Marketing and promotion!”

Here is one of Kim’s quotes, but it could have been Ann Sieg just as well. “I didn’t really learn until I had a mentor.”

21 Steps to 1,000 visitors a day.

  1. Step 1: Create Insanely Useful Content!
  2. Step 2: Syndicate Your Content Around the Web…
  3. Step 3. Submit to Twitter.
  4. Step 4. Post to Facebook.
  5. Step 5. Submit to Any Related Blog Carnivals.

For Example:

You can submit your latest blog posts to related blog carnivals at

Or, you can automate the entire submission process using a cool tool
called Xingla Pro

  1. Step 6. Post to
  2. Step 7. Post to
  3. Step 8. Post to
  4. Step 9. Post to Niche Social Sites
  5. Step 10: Post your content to the Top Tutorial Sites online
  6. Step 11. Guest post AT LEAST two times per week.
  7. Step 12: Build Your Blogging Network
  8. Step 13: Forum Marketing (Old School is Kool!)
  9. Step 14: 2 Solo Ads Per Month
  10. Step 15: 2 Ad Swaps Per Month
  11. Step 16: Newsletter Syndication
  12. Step 17: Webinar Swaps
  13. Step 18: Rocket Deals  (The goal is to get your ad on the OTHER person’s thank-you page.)
  14. Step 19. Find 2 new banner advertising spots per month.
  15. Step 20. Send AT LEAST 1 Thank-You note per day
  16. Step 21. Have FUN!

Other tips From Kim Roach.

Re-purpose your  Masterful Blog Posts

Just like Jason Fladlein, Kim takes long posts and converts them into eBooks – she re-purposes them.   She gives them away on the Warrior Forum (in return for name and email address.  She talks about how you can write on about anything that people would see as useful. For example, you can create a Squeeze Page Template and give it away. You don’t have to write ground breaking stuff.  If you save people time or make them feel more confident they will trade  their name and email address for your material.  Here is my post on the technique  Q & D Reports

Podcast Episode 093: Traffic Generation Strategies to Accelerate Your Blog Growth – With Kim Roach

(This is from a website that does regular podcasts “Learning with Leslie”    This is a transcript of an interview)

Kim says: “The Blog as a Home Base for Building a Community”

Build a Solid Foundation and Focusing on Them

Learning from Mentors and Experts – they taught her “The money is in the list.”

  1. Strategy #1: Generating Traffic with (Warrior) Forum Marketing – still gives her MOST of her sales in late 2012. Many call it “old school”, but it works for her.   This is her funnel
    1. The post in Warrior Forum sends them to the squeeze page
    2. Then after they enter their name and email they go directly to a video sales letter
    3.  Then they go to a really nice free report.


Strategy #1a For Facebook and Twitter she likes to ask them to a webinar.  That puts them on her list.  If there is no webinar, she sends them to a blog post.   Mostly she likes to send people to a squeeze page and “get them on the list.”

  1. Strategy #2: Create Epic Content and Promote that Content

My 10 Step Strategy

She has a ten-step process It is described here

  1.  Step 1: Submit your article to Twitter and Facebook.
  2.  Step 2: Share Your Content on Popular Blogging Community Sites.   You MUST provide value first, don’t go in blasting your posts.  Sites like:,,,,,, (Community News Section), and
  3. Step 3: Submit your article to blogs with a ‘Community News’ Section   Here is a link to a list of several of these
  4. Step 4: Submit Your Post to (this is a tribe type site.  You retweet mine and I’ll   retweet yours.)
  5. Step 5: Automate your social media posting via
    She uses to schedules tweets throughout the day.
  6. Step 6: Contact related (start a curated online magazine) or (start an online newspaper). You have to be the best of the best to get included.
  7. Step 7: Kickstart your promotion with a Facebook ad, StumbleUpon ad, or an affordable solo ad.
  8. Step 8: Submit your blog post to popular Link Roundups  One of her favorites is http://

Google for “Link Roundup” plus keywords for your niche.  For example:

      • Google for “Weekly Link Roundup” + marketing
      • “Daily Link Roundup” + moms
      • “Monday Link Roundup” + parenting
      • “Friday Link Roundup” + blogging
      • Or just “Link Roundup” + keywordYou can also search in Twitter and on Google Plus

Once you find one you send a link to GREAT content  to the owner of the list.  If you have good stuff there is a good chance that they will include you.

  1. Step 9: Email Your Blogging Alliance.  This is a group of bloggers who help each other.  You’ll want to continuously look for ways to GIVE value to other’s FIRST. Retweet their content. Share on Facebook. Comment on their blog. They will notice you.
  2. Step 10: Retargeting via


Another link to her tips is    This gets you a PDF with 24 of her traffic strategies.

Or try this one 600 Places to Share your Content

 Kim Original Strategy to get started went like this:

  1.  Write exceptionally good quality in Blog Posts – long posts
  2.  Convert to PDF with an eBook Cover – call it a reports, a guide, etc.  Re-purpose post
  3.  Create a Squeeze page giving this away in return for Name and Email address
  4.  Copy Squeeze page pretty much verbatim to Warrior Forum – Special Offers Forum.  The button there takes them to the real Squeeze Page.
  5. Once she had 500 plus names she started ad swapping with others who had similar sized lists.  Here are swap sites: .   Warrior Forum Joint Venture Forum was one place to find people to swap with.  Others are: (has a rating system)

  1. Then she started working with affiliates to promote her products.
  2. Later she graduated to Webinars to promote products.
  3. One very sweet deal is when she can have her product on the Thank You Page for someone else and have their product on her Thank You Page.
  4. When you have a success – write a Case Study and give that away (or sell it).
  5. She found having a JV Broker really helped her once she got started.
  6. Another technique she (and Jason) use regularly is to take their PDF and submit it to Free Ebook Sites (Lots of Backlinks to their Squeeze Pages)  Here are some of those sites:

Blog Traffic






8. John Thornhill

The problem wiht Traffic Loopholes

John is a well respected author and blogger.  In his article he talks about the three steps he takes to get blog traffic.  He does NOT use paid advertising and pays only passing attention to SEO.

Here are his steps for Blog Traffic.

  1. Consistency – Posting to your blog regularly
  2. Comment on other peoples blogs (with links back to your blog) -VALUABLE comments only
  3. Be active in forums

Simple and to the point.


THAT CONCLUDES Blog Traffic Phase 3 – Promoting your post.

In post number 5 of this series, I’ll cover a few neat tips and tricks that showed up during this research

In post number 6, I’ll summarize the steps I plan to start using and explain why.

In post number 7. I’ll share the results I obtain using these techniques.


Until next time, you have a Great Day


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    Source: Blade Runner on Freebase, licensed under CC-BY
    Other content from Wikipedia, licensed under CC BY-SA





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