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I am so excited you are interested in my incredible business! It’s such a HUGE opportunity for so many reasons! These products are literally changing lives!!

If you are looking for a part-time job, I’m sorry, that is not what I am offering.  If you would like work with me to sell CBD products, read on.  

I am offering to help you sell CBDs online and make money for each sale.  I also make a small commission so it is in my best interest to help you succeed.  Along the way we will find new people to work with you and you will make a commission from their sales.

We make money sharing information online about Hemp CBD products. The business is exploding as you can imagine.

Here is how you can become involved in my business.  We use social media as a tool.  We post information on my FB page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, which ever you prefer. When someone is interested we share a link that the company provides to us. It’s basically a duplication system created by the company!

In addition I have a Facebook Group called CBD Benefits 101 (   This group is designed to educate and encourage people to buy our CBD products.  Your links will be added to the group so that people you refer to the group can decide to work with you.

If the customer places an order, we get notified. we send them a “thank you email”,  the company charges their card and ships the order to them.

We follow up a couple weeks later to make sure they received it.

All the products are guaranteed for 60 days or people can return for a refund and the company does it all

We get paid for those new orders every Thursday via direct deposit in our checking accounts.

When the customers re-order,  we get paid a monthly check for those orders.

We do not host parties, we do not stock products.  It only costs us a one time $20 fee to sign up,  plus placing a product order.

In addition to my direct support, the company provides a free back office, free training videos, access to top leaders for any training, and tons of team support!  We help you be successful!

I order each month to remain active as an affiliate – minimum 1 product $49-$69, maximum – 4 product pack of your choice $149-$199, the choice is yours. The products are amazing!

So, are you open to trying this out and signing up? There really is no risk. You order a product, you use it and you get $20 off for becoming an affiliate and that $20 discount pays your affiliate sign up fee!

Here are your options:

  1. Schedule a call with me: or send me an email at
  2. View a short series of videos that give you an overview of the company I work with
  3. Jump right in. Order a product and sign up as an affiliate working with me: (Note: For most products you get a $20 discount when you sign up as an affiliate. You use that discount to pay the $20 affiliate sign up fee.)

I really look forward to working with you    Oh Hale Yes

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