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I have written a number of blog posts that stand a parts of a series.  Since you wouldn’t know that and since they go back over many months, I thought I’d pull the important ones together so that they would be easy to find.   Note that some of these are in the process of being turned into eBooks.  The Resources Page has eBooks that were created from these kinds of posts.


List Building – The Fortune IS in the List!

JV Giveaways are a great way to inexpensively build your list:  Blog Post

Here is an eBook on the topic:  JV Giveaways: Quick Start  AWeber is a Critical Part of List Building.  Here is the Quick Start eBook:   AWeber: Quick Start

Another eBook covers lots of AWeber Features that most people haven’t heard about:  AWeber Magic

I have Lost of Blog Posts on AWeber.  Here are a few

Double Your Broadcast eMail Open Rate with 32 keystrokes:  Double Your Open Rate

You may have more information in your Autoresponder list than you know:  AWeber Information  

You can have several offers and still have just one main Follow Up Sequence list:  AWeber Multi-List System

Discover AWeber Templates:   AWeber Templates

Lots of Places to Collect eMail Addresses:   11 Places to Collect Subscribers

Looking for Leads Online? – Attraction Marketing and Blogging are key elements.  These articles will help


Start Here for Attraction Marketing – The Three Phases of Becoming an Attraction Marketer

Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Overview
Phase 1 – The Formative Phase
Phase 2 – The Building Phase
Phase 3 – The Promotion Phase

I have an eBook on the subject.  You can download it here:   Attraction Marketing:  The Three Phases Explained

Start Here for a Blogging Overview – The Seven C’s to Better Blogging – Important Facets of Blogging

Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging – Overview
C#1 – Find Your Core (Your Niche and USP)
C#2 – Consistency
C#3 – Congruency
C#4 – Content is King
C#5 – Call to Action
C#6 – Check and Adjust – look at your Traffic and Adjust – Using JetPack Stats
– Check and Adjust – Using Google Analytics
– Check and Adjust – Using Google Analytics – Bounce Rate
C#7 – Connect with Your Traffic – Overview and what your do BEFORE you start to write posts
Connect with Your Traffic – On-Page SEO
Connect with Your Traffic – After you Press Publish
How the Pros Connect with Traffic
Connecting with Traffic – General Notes
Connecting with Traffic – the Journey Begins
Connecting with Traffic – What I am doing

Start Here for a Blogging Tip -Re-Purpose Your Blog Posts

You can increase the value of your posts 1000%
You Can Create a Free Report in less than 30 Minutes

Start Here for aWeber Training


Creating Lists


This included Dr. Hale’s 4 List System – handle multiple Ethical Bribes with ease.  Part of the secret is aWeber automation.

Add Required Follow-up emails

Create a Squeeze Page

Create a Cool Button

Create Web Forms     –

How to Add a Sidebar Opt-in to your WordPress Blog  –

Start Here for Keyword Research

Keywords for Your Blog

Lots of Keywords

Filter out many

Analyze Competition

Using Google Search to Research Keywords


Start Here for Tools – Internet Marketing Tools

Free Tools For Internet Marketers
Tools Internet Marketers Pay For
Firefox Free Addons for Internet Marketers

Start Here for “How to Comment” – Effective Commenting on Blogs

How to Effectively Comment on Blogs
How to Find Good Blogs to Comment On
The Ethics of Bloggers Commenting on Blogs

Start Here for the Best Training – You Need a Mentor and A Coach to Succeed at Internet Marketing

I work with Ann Sieg and believe the Daily Marketing Coach Mentorship program is the best training available on the Internet.
She is the mentor and I will be your coach!

Daily Marketing Coach

OVERWHELMED? – Start Here – These Articles Will Help

Overwhelmed? – Three Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? –  How Would You Know? (Different people react VERY differently)
Overwhelmed? – Three Different Types of Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – Internet Marketers and The Overwhelm Formula
Overwhelmed? – Why Internet Marketers are Often Overwhelmed
Overwhelmed? – 10 Tips for Conquering Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – Ignoring IT Wisdom leads to Internet Marketing Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Dr. Hale’s Foolproof Method
Overwhelmed? – Blogging and Internet Marketing Overwhelm – How to they Connect?
Overwhelmed? – Dr. Hale’s Take on Resolutions that Work
Overwhelmed? – A Mantra to Help Crush Internet Marketing Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – Don’t Break the Chain – A Technique of Reducing Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – A Tip to Handle Large Project Overwhelm
Overwhelmed? – Dr. Hale’s Answer for  Frustrated Network Marketers Looking for Leads
Overwhelmed? – Just Do It!

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale






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