Are You New To Blogging? 7 Common New Blogger Mistakes

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 Are You New To Blogging?  7 Common New Blogger Mistakes


New Blogger Mistakes

7 Common New Blogger Mistakes

Network Marketers who move online often use blogging as a
vehicle to generate leads.   THEY SHOULD!   On the other
hand, there are some common mistakes that are very avoidable.

I jsut completed a series of initial coaching calls with a group of
new and relatively new bloggers.  Most of them were wrestling
with the same dragons.  Here are some of those dragons and
my suggested solutions.  BTW here is a related post.  This post
gives a checklist of things for you blog:  Blog Checklist

Here is my Top 7 List of New Blogger Mistakes


Note: My mission is to help Network Marketers who are struggling to move online. You will find information that will HELP you find leads and access to the finest mentoring system on the Internet today (Ann Sieg’s Renegade Team and Inner Circle). You will be taught how to avoid the bright shiny things, effectively use blogging, Facebook and Linkedin, If you are ready Join the Team

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 1 – Failure to Identify a “Starving Crowd”

You need to target your blog to a particular audience.  Talking to
evenyone means that you really impact no-one.  One way to
identify a target audience that works is to look for a “starving crowd.”

The description of the first of the new blogger mistakes is something
I heard from Tim Erway (Magnetic Sponsoring).  I’m sure he borrowed
it from someone else, but I’ll give  credit to the “Grandfather of
Attraction Marketing.”

If you are new, you are wondering what “starving crowd” means.
I suggest that you get and read The Irresistible Offer by Mark
Joyner (yes, I’ll make a small commission if you buy through
that link – this IS Internet Marketing  🙂  Basically it means a group
(large enough to market to) who REALLY wants something.

I’ll give you an example.  My tarket audience is “Frustrated
Internet Marketers.”  That may seem okay, but it isn’t.
What are they starving for?  What keeps them up at night?
What do they toss and turn for?   Ahhhh – see the difference.

How about this?

When I define my target market as: “Network Marketers who
have turned to the Internet because they are desparate to find
quailified leads and mentoring.”   IMHO, this is much better.
If you put this in front of Network Marketers coming online,
many of them will raise their mental hands and “THAT’S ME!!”

Sometimes it is easy to identify the pain, and sometimes not.
I’ll give you one easy example (without naming names).  I
asked one person about her target and she indicated that
it would be people more or less like her.  So I asked “So
what frustrates you?”  In an extremely bitter and passionate
voice she told me.   I sat back a little, smiled and said:
“There you have it!  That is your starving crowd.  Now go
find seven things they can do that will help’ and offer it to

To paraphrase the book mentioned above, we want to find a
group of people who are tossing and turning at night because
something is ruining their lives.   We want to turn them into
group of people who are tossing and turning at night becuase
they didn’t take you up on your offer and opt-in for
you special report or eBook or video series, etc.

If you don’t have a starving crowd, you don’t have an online
business.  It may take some serious brainstorming to avoid
this mistake – the first of the new blogger mistakes, but it is
a critical first step.

(I will note that this doesn’t have to be a life and death problem.
There are people who REALLY want to win the County Bake Off,
or Best Yard of the Month in their neighborhood.   As long as they
are passionate about it, you are in business.)

As part of this New Blogger Mistakes Number 1,  there should be an
optin  offer that is so compelling that people toss and turn if they
DON’T opt-in.   Obviously this is a tall order, but  challenges are what
we live for.  Right?

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 2 – Not Doing SEO After the Post

I have another post in the works on this topic, but it is critical and MANY bloggers overlook
it.  You MUST put out the word (with backlinks) about your new post.  There are many
things you can do.  For example Ray Higdon (who went from zero views per month to
over 1,000,000 per month is less than two years), does 19 different things after each post.

More on that soon!

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 3 – Talking from OUR point of View

The third common mistake in my list of new blogger mistakes is one that
many marketers make.

We always look at the world from our own point of view.  It is hard wired into
the species.   This makes it very easy to start a blog with a header that says
“Here I Am and Here is What I Do.”   The most polite response a new visitor
can give you is “So What?”   We hear WIIFM  (What’s In It For Me) all the time
and we still make that mistake.

You want to hit them over the head with “Are You This Person?”  “Do You Have
This Problem?”   “I CAN HELP”   or “We can Work Together”  Look at
or  When you look at the header area, you don’t have
any question about whether or not they are talking to YOU PERSONALLY.

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 4 – Talking Marketing Talk

The fouth common mistake in my list of new blogger mistakes is another that
is very easy to make.

The best example of this was given in a webinar I attended about a year ago.
I’d give credit, but I honestly don’t remember who said it.   The presenter said
“Marketers talk about Anti-aging.   Women talk about Looking Younger.”

Another example (which did NOT come from any of the people I talked to) would
be to say “I want to help budding entrepreneurs.”   First that statement started with “I”
and not “You”, but more to the point here, the average new person online
would probably look at that and say “That’s not me, I’m just trying to get my
business going online.”  We have to use their words from their point of vew.

Now some of this may be my personal bias (every author talks from their
personal bias.)  The two statements in the previous paragraph are saying
exactlt the same thing.  It is just that one is in the formal jargon that we have
been taught to use as “professionals.”

You REALLY want people to raise their mental hands and say “THAT’S ME!”
The more you speak their language, the better your chances.

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 5 – Missing the Power of an Image

You really need to have a smiling, friendly head-shot near the top of your blog.
You are trying to brand YOU.  Visitors need to be able to see your eyes and your
smile.   Look around, there are lots of poses (over the shoulder, thumbs up, cocked
head) that you can use, but whatever you do, you need to look like you are approachable.

Beyond that in many cases you should use an image that says “I am one of the group
I am talking about.”  If you are targeting baseball players, find an image that is
obviously YOU and obviously BASEBALL.   Let them know that you are an expert with
the image.

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 6 – Be Congruent

The images, the tag line, the menu options, the offer, the colors and everything about
your site should talk to the same theme.   Don’t offer baseball cards on a Sewing
site.  (Laugh if you want, I’ve seen it done!)

New Blogger Mistakes – Number 7 – Persuasion Shell

This item in my blogger mistakes list is a more advanced topic, and it came from Ray
Higdon’s Pro Blogger Academy.  Not everyone does this, but it makes LOT of sense to

He tells you to have a line above EVERY post that tells readers to SHARE, RETWEET,
or PLUS ONE the post.

Then he has a line at the bottom that tells them to COMMENT if they found value.  He
is telling them what he want them to do.  If you look you will see that I have a persuasion
shell around this post.

Last and probably more important, he has a P.S. where is makes an offer.   The main
purpose of the blog post is to get people to THIS offer and to the Irresistible Offer in the

These lines before and after each post are the persuasion shell.

New Blogger Mistakes – Bonus 1

I’m going to throw this one in as a bonus.  It is more a personal opinion
than a certified “mistake.”

People arrive at a blog in several ways.   If they are searching using Google,
Bing or Yahoo, they probably arrive at a Post.   Who you are and what you
do should be obvious.   In other cases people have found a link to your
blog (perhaps through your email signature, or you put your blog link
in an article or in a comment you made some someone else’s blog).  In this
case you can control where they land.  I suggest that you look under
the WordPress option Appearances –> Reading and make the change
to have your blog land on a home page rather than your blog page.

This lets you control the message they receive when they land.  You
can tell them who you are and what your blog is about.  If they land
on your Blog page, new visitors will get a different message depending
upon the content of your latest post.  I suggest that you want to craft
and control that initial impresson as often as you can.  A Home page
lets you do that.


There you have them.  My Seven New Blogger Mistakes


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? ? If this post gave you some ideas (pro or can) – Please comment below. ? ?

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