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Organize Notes - EvernoteThis post is about a Evernote – a free system to organize notes.   One of the problems with the Information Age is that we are bombarded with information.  Information that we need to retrieve in many different ways.  We need to make sense out of the data and organize notes.   The post is part of a Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools series.  In previous posts I talked about time-saving by setting up the Firefox browser to save you  time and saving time with LastPass, a password management system that will automatically fill in user names and passwords.  We also talked about Rapportive – an add-on to GMail that also works in your browser.  Today’s time-saving tip is about how to save information so that you can find it when you need it.

This is a continuation of a short series where I’ll introduce you to some of the best tools I’ve found in several years of searching.  We are not looking at the expensive tools here but instead will focus on tools that are VERY useful and cost less than $100 – one time.  BTW – the tools must be POWER tools to make the list…

Evernote – Much More Than Organizing Notes

By using tags, keywords and notebooks, the Evernote software helps you store and find information.  Just as an example.  If you purchase something and have a receipt, where do you store it?  Be date, by the store where you made the purchase, by the account your bought the item with, by the name of the item, by the person in the family that you bought the item for?  You might be required to produce the  information based on any of these categories.  Storing the information in a simple folder will only let you find it easily using one of the criterion.   Evernote uses tags, keywords, and lightning fast searches to retrieve the information regardless of why you need it.  You organize notes in a way that uses the same hyper-text search capability that we use when the use Google to search the internet.

Evernote synchronizes between your desktop and your smart devices.  It also stores audio, video, web clips, scans and much more.

In this three-minute  video I’ll tell you more about how to organize notes with Evernote.

Organize Notes with Evernote

Every one needs a place to store the almost random bits of information we receive every day.  Evernote is worth a hard look!

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