Dr. Hale Pringle

Taking Life to the Next Level with Residual Income

Exciting Times in Network Marketing.

Recently I found two sources of residual income that make my heart sing.  (That is a funny sentence for me, I’m usually very immune to emotional responses.)

Recently I was introduced to a passive income program where you help fund professionals as they work the FOREX market.    It is an awesome way to diversify your income and create passive income.  It requires very little time on our part and after a few years everyone can take thousands of dollars per month out of the program.  Take a look over the the sidebar or click here.

What I am sharing here is true Financial Freedom!

Passive Income Take No Time and a One Time Buy-in for as Little as $300

Looking at the program, it ticks off all the requirements I want to see.

✔  It is EASY
✔ It is lucrative
✔ It doesn’t require hours and hours of my time
✔ It doesn’t require a large investment
✔ It is fulfilling to me when I share the program
✔ It is synergistic with the things I am already doing
✔ It is legal and ethical


I’ll be posting about my journey and sharing tips and tools.


 Who Am I?

I’m Dr. Hale Pringle.  I have 40 years of experience in the IT world and eleven years studying and working in marketing.  I’m a Certified Internet Marketing Coach and have been the Head Coach for a program that teaches Fulfillment by Amazon – (Ecom Masters – FBA Edition) and at a Print-on-Demand training program. I’ve been through dozens of courses – many of them on Internet Marketing and Facebook Advertising and I apply these skills every day with my own products and with companies who need help getting acquiring new patients or clients.

Robyn and Hale


Robyn and I started where a LOT of people are today.

We were sick and tired of being sick and tired. I followed the normal pattern of “get a good education, get a good job, work hard, and work hard and you’ll get the gold watch and get to retire comfortably one day.”

I got my “good education” – a doctorate in education and research and I certainly worked hard.

I wrote my first computer program in 1967 on a computer with tubes.  I’ve been an educator, researcher, senior manager, private consultant, company owner, and software developer ever since then.  In 2009, I decided to make a change and started studying Internet Marketing.

The reason I made that change was that when my wife and I looked at where we wanted to be and where we were, the disparity was huge. We decided that enough was enough and everything changed. We are not where we want to be yet, but we have grown, we have changed and we are moving toward a lifestyle we only dreamed about before. I am using my 40 years of experience with education and computer systems to help my clients build online incomes. By joining us, you automatically get to take advantage of over 10,000 hours and over $50,000 dollars researching and learning how to make money online and selling physical products.


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