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Recommendations and Testimonials for Dr. Hale

Ann Sieg - Testimonial for Dr Hale Pringle


Ann Sieg is known as the Godmother of Attraction Marketing. She wrote The Renegade Network Marketer which
has sold over 400,000 copies and has influenced the lives of thousands of people. She is the CEO of 8020 Marketing Inc.
and has made several million dollar product launches and is an 8 figure earner. Her Daily Marketing Coach Mentorship
Program is IMHO the best step-by-step “learn to put YOUR business online” program available
in the Internet Marketing Industry today – bar none.


Ray Higdon- Testimonial Ray Higdon is is the top money earner for his MLM and is an Award Winning Blogger.
In 2011 Ray was voted the Number 1 MLM Blogger and
his blog consistently has over 1,000,000 views per month.  In 2012 his course
“The Pro Blog Academy” was launched in co-operation with Magnetic Sponsoring.
This was an over $800,000 launch.

Ori Bengal Testimony

 Ori Bengal is also an award winning blogger.  He is a top level blogging consultant and authored
one of the top WordPress Training packages available today.

Curt-Johnson Testimony

Curt Johnson has authored “Thing Again and Grow Richer” nad is a top level Network Marketer.  He created
dolines that number in the tens of thousands.  One of his specialties is teaching telephone work.  His skill
at teasing out Niche and USP ideas from newcomers is amazing.


Eric Walker- Testimony

 Eric Walker Social Media and Blogging Expert.  He writing a newsletter on Blogging
has done numerous training Webinars and manages TheRenegadeBlog.com- 8020 Marketing 

 Natasha-Hazler Testimony Natasha is an award winning blogger and has been featured in Magnetic Sponsoring’s What’s Working Now
several times.  She co-authored The Lead Whisperer’s Guide to Attraction Marketing and the
Course called “Branded: 100% Authentic Home Study Course”.  She works closely with Ann Sieg.

Rich Hazlett- Testimony

Rich has won Industry Awards and has been featured in Magnetic Sponsoring’s What’s Working Now
several times and taught numerous PPC Webinars.  He co-authored The Lead Whisperer’s Guide to Attraction Marketing and the
Course called“The Fast Forward Guide To Social Media PPC”.  He works closely with Ann Sieg.

Marsha Godwin- Testimony

Marsha is a skilled training.  She is an award winning blogger and the author of the course
“Blogging Simplified Live”

Stacia Hopkins- Testimony

Stacia has been featured in What’s Working Now and won several awards for her video work
and her blogging.   She has authored the course “The Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing”


Eryn McCormick Testimonlial for Dr. Hale Pringle

Eryn is one of the most active members in the Daily Marketing Coach Mastermind Group
She is also an award winning blogger.

Angela Brooke Testimonial for Dr. Hale Pringle

Angela is an accomplished Internet Marketer and Network Marketer with a large following.  She
teaches Social Media for Business.


Ruth Naverson testimonial for Dr. Hale Pringle

Ruth is an award winning blogger and an award winning Senior Health Care Advisor and Coach


Lisa Clinton- Testimony

Agnes Knowles- Testimony

Nathan Blackr- Testimony

Rich Martin- Testimony


  Anita Levesque- Testimony

 Anita Levesque

Bryn Taylorr- Testimony

Carol- Lamoreaux Testimony

Crystal Presencer- Testimony

Fran Pitrer- Testimony

Jaoie Sheppard- Testimony

  Jory Fisher- Testimony

Leslie Lamb- Testimony

 Leslie Lamb

Lori Emmons- Testimony

 Lori Emmons

Melissa-Argintina-Toror- Testimony

Dr. Jeff Kapp- Testimony

Laurie Rogers- Testimony

Lorraine Moodie- Testimony

  Sigrid McNab- Testimony Sigrid McNab

  Patsy Harris- Testimony

Cher Barlett- Testimony

  Grace Tang- Testimony


Stella Scott- Testimony

 Stella Scott

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Note:  Several of the people listed here are identified as winners of the Top 50 MLM Bloggers competition for 2012.  Hale Pringle’s blog was rated as #11 in this competition

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