Basic AWeber Training – Add Follow-up Emails

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Basic AWeber Training – Add Follow-up Emails


Add Follow-up Emails

Add Follow-up Emails

Today we are going to add follow-up emails to the lists we created in the last post (Start by Creating Lists).  If you are arriving late ( J ), the last post also talked about automatically adding your leads to a second list and the first post in this series talked about what AWeber (an autoresponder) is and why it is important.  We talked about the four Major Components and listed the steps you will go through.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. AWeber’s tutorial videos are excellent.  They give you good information, I just didn’t get the overview that I’m trying to give you here.   I also have used their support email system.  I almost always get a very prompt and useful response.  They are real professionals.


There are lots of ways to use AWeber.  I’m going to show you what works for me.  Others may show you something different.

The Four Sides of AWeber

Here are the sections we will cover:

  1. TODAY – Getting People Into your Lists
  2. List Management
  3. The email drip system
  4. Broadcast emails.

The Purpose of Building a List

As basic as this is, it is important to remember what we are doing here.
The end game of Internet Marketing is to sell things.  In order to do this you provide value to your niche and make offers.  It’s just that simple.

Where we are in the Walk Through



  1. You need a website or a blog.  It is also possible to use a tab on a Facebook Fan Page.
  2. You need what is often called an “Ethical Bribe”  This is something that you think your niche audience would see as valuable enough to trade their email address for.
  3. It would be VERY nice to have something to sell.THINGS YOU DO ONE TIME IN AWeber
  4. Create Your Main List – this is the list your will send a series of emails (drip series or follow-up series) to when people sign up for your Ethical Bribe.  ( Creating Lists )
  5. Create a list specific to your Ethical Bribe. ( Creating Lists )
  6. Create a “Paid Customer” List  ( Creating Lists )
  7. Create a “Broadcast Only” List   (  Creating Lists )
  8. Create a day 0 follow up email in your main list.  It says: “The item you requested is on the way in a separate email”   Make this generic.
  9. Create a day 0 follow up email in your product specific list.  It says: “here is the download you requested.” 
  10. Use the automation feature to automatically sign people up for your main list when they ask for your ethical bribe and subscribe to your ethical bribe specific list. ( Creating Lists )
  11. Create a series of emails that will go out to people who respond to your ethical bribe offer.
  12. Create a Squeeze page or a Widget in your blog where you offer your ethical bribe.  (Simple Squeeze Page  and  Build a Widget)
  13. Create a Thank You Page in your website or blog where you Thank the person for asking for your material AND OFFER THEM SOMETHING ELSE, something with a price tag.
  14. Create or Find a nice button to use on your AWeber Web From.  (Create a Cool Button)
  15. Create a Web Form in AWeber.  The Web Form will be at the very least a place for the person to put their email address and a SUBMIT button.  AWeber provides you with the HTML code to insert into your Squeeze page or Widget.  When people enter their email and press submit, the information is sent to AWeber and the person is automatically added to your list. ( Create a Web FormSimple Squeeze Page and Create a Cool Button )
  16. Paste the HTML code into your Squeeze page and or widget.  ( Simple Squeeze Page )REGULARLY IN AWeber
  17. Send one time Broadcast messages to your list when something new and unusual or useful happens.
  18. Check the Statistics. ( Basic Reports )


Dr. Hale’s Multi-List System

In the last post we created four lists.  Today I’m go over how to add follow-up emails to some of these lists.  Here they are again:

  1. Your main list – this is where you place your drip emails.  Every lead you asks for one of your ethical bribes gets placed into this list.  This is where your emails provide value and where you offer people your products.   We do NOT add people directly into this list.
  2.  An Ethical Bribe List – this list has one or two emails in it.  They provide a download link for your Ethical Bribe.  You do NOT broadcast to this list.  Later you will have several of these.  All of them automatically subscribe people into your main list.  If you sent broadcast messages to your main list AND your ethical bribe list, they would get two copies of your broadcast.
  3. “Purchased Your Product” List –  You do not try to sell your main product from this list.  They have already purchased.  You may start a new drip sequence promoting an other product.   If they purchase this one, you can create new list and promote a different product.  When they purchase your last product you automatically subscribe them to your Broadcast only list
  4. Broadcast Only List – There are not drip emails in this list.  They only receive broadcast emails.  Of course if you find a new product, you can rename this list and create a drip sequence.  In that case you create a new Broadcast Only List

Note:  With multiple Ethical Bribes and Multiple Paid Product lists, my “Mult-List System” grows, but I couldn’t call it “Dr. Hale’s Who Knows How Many Lists System.”  🙂

Double Opt-in

Let’s face it – AWeber REALLY want to make sure that you are not a spammer.  That is why they push the double opt-in  (If you don’t know what a double opt-in is, I covered that in the earlier post   ( Creating Lists  ) )

While I understand that, I know that I’m not a spammer and I know that everyone I am emailing expects more information from me, so I’d like to avoid the extra steps and lower conversion rate you get when people have to go find an email and click on it.  With all the email flying around today it is very easy to forget what you were excited about 30 minutes ago.  As the confirmation email drifts down the page, it become more and more likely to be lost in obscurity.

There is an implication that the double opt-in insures that you get a valid email address.   I solve that by putting my download in the email.

One of the reason’s I like to send people directly to my Thank You Page is that I get their eyeballs on the page for sure. They might like what they see and buy something.  If you use the double opt-in and they never hit the confirmation link then they never see your Thank You Page Offer.

Junk-Mail-Only Email Addresses

There isn’t much you can do about the VERY common practice of having two emails – one that your lead uses daily and one that they never check unless they know that a download or confirmation that they want is going to be there.   The double opt-in option doesn’t help this in any way shape or form.

Delivering Your Ethical Bribe

I like to deliver my ethical bribes in the first emails.  There are those that recommend putting the download link in the Thank You Page.   This is okay IF you use the Double Opt-in.  In that case you put the download on a page the lead will only see after they have confirmed the link.  I don’t want them getting my product without at least giving some kind of valid email address.

If you are using the Multi-List System I have been describing, you can often use the same Thank You page for several offers.   The page will say “Your download in in your email.  Here is something else to look at….”

with Facebook

One way to usually get a decent email address is to use the “Sign-up with Facebook” option.  We’ll see where that is when we create Webforms in the next post.

I’ve read a bit about this and most marketers seem to feel that it puts your leads off (and ,strange as it may sound, there are people do not have Facebook accounts.)

NOTE:  There is a quirk you should know about if you decide to try the Facebook sign-in method.   Optional fields become required when control is turned over to Facebook. If you have a place to fill in an optional phone number, Facebook will require that it be filled in.  There doesn’t seem to be a way around this for now.

Your Thank You Page is EXTREMELY VALUABLE Space

I’ve mentioned the Thank  You Page a couple of times.  I want to make sure that you don’t ignore the true value of this page.  Your leads have just taken action.  They are in a good place.  Offer them something:  A One Tome Offer (OTO), an upsell, another product, something, anything!   🙂

Follow-up Emails For Your Lists

At this point we have several Lists, before we sign leads up for the lists we need to have some material ready for them.  There are some emails that you MUST have and some that really SHOULD have.  We’ll start with the MUST Have emails.

MUST Have Emails

AWeber requires that an email go out as soon as someone subscribes to a list.  This is called the Day 0 follow-up email.   Since we have signed the lead up for two lists (your Ethical Bribe List and your Main List), they will get two Day 0 emails.   Let’s use these to our advantage.

  1. Ethical Bribe List – Day 0 email – This one says:  Thank you for asking for my special eBook: “The-Name-Of-Your-Ethical-Bribe”   Here is your download link  CLICK HERE”  There can and should be more, but the main thing here is to deliver the product.
  2. Your Main List – Day 0 email – this one says:”  You will be receiving the product your requested in a separate email.  If you don’t see it soon, check your SPAM folder..”   Make this email generic so that you can change your Ethical Bribe and it still works.  (In my Resources page, I have over 20 different FREE products and they all point to the same main list and the Day Zero email works for any of them.)

Sample Day Zero Ethical Bribe Email

I don’t claim to be a world-class copywriter, but here is one of the emails that I am currently using.

Note:   I recommend duplicating this email for Day 2 and adding “I sent this a couple of days ago.  In case you missed it, here it is again.”


Subject:  Download you Requested “Explode Your Keywords”


Hello Friend,

You asked to see my Special Report called “Explode Your Keywords”

Here is the link you requested.  Click Here

This report shows you two things.
1) How to create a list of thousands of relevant keywords and then sift through them to find those that you might reasonably rank in Google with.
2) How to use the Google Search Engine itself to show you long tailed keywords.

BTW  If you are a Network Marketer looking to generate leads,  I have found and developed a way to actively reach out to targeted prospects one-to-one. My 60 page eBook with walk you through the process step-by-step. I promise you that this will be worth your time.   Click Here

I’ll talk to you soon,

Until next time you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

Dr. Hale
If you have questions do not hesitate to reach out and call me.  My cell is 321 279 9615.  My Skype is hale.pringle

406 Alcazar Ave, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, USA   <– Added By AWeber

Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options  <– Added by AWeber


Sample Day Zero Generic Main List Email

Again, I’m not claiming this is world-class, but here is my current Day 0 email from my main list.  It works for all 20 of the free eBooks I mentioned above and should be good for any others I create (like this one) as I progress.  It also works if people sign up for my emails and a download on my Facebook Fan Page or Check the Box that says they want my emails when when comment on my blog.


Subject:  The Material I Promised You is on the Way


Hello Friend.

You just requested an some material from
It should arrive in the next few minutes in a separate email.
If it does not, please check your SPAM folder.  (If you still
don’t see it, please email me.  I will take take of it.)

Over the next several days you are going to receive several
free Internet Marketing eBooks and Tips.  The eBooks I
researched and wrote (they are not PLR eBooks with my
name on them.)  The tips are things I have found and
think you might find useful.

Please look for tomorrow’s email.  I’m going to let you
know who I am and what I’m doing so that we can
start to get to know each other better.

Is this a Great Day?  Oh Hale Yes!

Dr. Hale
Feel free to call me if you have any questions (321) 279 9615
Skype: hale.pringle
PS: Keep an eye out on my future emails for some of
the best material I have ever read that I want to pass on
to you.

406 Alcazar Ave, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, USA   <– Added By AWeber

Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options  <– Added by AWeber


“Should Have” Follow-up Emails


At this point I am just making suggestions.

This is the beginning of the sequence I use.

  1. Day 1 – comes from the Main List.  I use a “Who is Dr. Hale?” email.  This is some of my story.  I start with “I don’t know about you, but I HATE getting emails from someone I don’t know.”
  2. Day 2 – from the Ethical Bribe email list – This is a slightly modified version of the Day 0 email.  It contains a “In case you missed your download – here it is again.”    This is the last email sent from this list.  I also don’t send emails TO this list (e.g. Broadcast Emails).  I could see broadcasting something that was uniquely of interest to leads who downloaded a certain ethical bribe – say the one on Copywriting – if I had something new that would only interest that group.
  3. Day 3 – Start to give value
  4. From here on out, you give value and make offers.

Some people (like Diane Hochman) don’t go past the Day 0 emails.  They do everything with broadcast – one-off emails.  That is why I call these “Should Have” emails.  On the other hand if you don’t send something you have missed the point of having a list.

The content of your follow-up sequence is a whole topic unto itself, so I won’t go any further here.

How To Add Follow-up Emails in AWeber


Login in to your AWeber account and click on the Message Tab and then the Follow-up menu.

Open the Follow-up Message Menu
Create a New List

You will see the following screen.

NOTE:   Look where the red arrow is pointing in the next Screen Shot.   Make sure that you are working on the right list!!

Create a New HTML Message Create-a-new-followup-message



Once your Click the button you will see this screen.

AWeber eMail Editor.
First Create an eMail Screen

As I mentioned in the section on creating Lists there are some images near the top of the screen that are actually tabs or sub-menus.  They don’t look like it, but they are.

The next line is the SUBJECT line for your email.  The Subject line is arguably the most important line in your email.  If it doesn’t catch your niche audiences attend, they won’t open you email.

The editor defaults to showing you their templates and includes some text that is kind of a tutorial.

The editor works.  It has a strange look and feel, but it does work.


The row of icons beside the one in purple represent things that you can drag into your email.  I usually use the “Paragraph” and “Image”.

NOTE:  As near as I can tell, if you want to add an image into the text of you email, you need to drag a new text paragraph box down into the body.  Then drag the Image Icon into your next text area.  You can center the image or place it on the left (the text wraps along the right) or on the left (the text wraps along the right.)



The templates mostly seem to be for newsletters and fancy emails.  I like to have an image header.  I think it makes my emails stand out, but anything more than that just gets too buzy.  On the other hand, just blank raw text seems pretty dry.

We Are Going To Create Our Own Template

The following steps will create a template that is unique to you.  It will have a header image, a Hello “firstname”, and a signature block.  You can use this template to start each of your emails – follow-up and broadcast and they will all have the same look and feel – Branding.

Start with an AWeber Template

Scroll through the templates until you find one that has a header that you think you can work with.  Click on it.  We will delete everything that we don’t want in a minute.

Select a Template and Click on It
pick a template


I scrolled down and chose the template Fresh Ideas, just as an example  You can see that the template filled the left edit area to show how that template would look.

There is an APPLY button below the templates.  Click on that and the panel containing the templates will close.  You can click on the blue TEMPLATES button if you want to reopen it.

NOTE: I suggest you use a template with an image at the top and NO image at the bottom.  You can tweak that to look nice without being overboard.

NOTE:  Templates with Images at the bottom.   The bottom images are often part of the background and can’t be deleted (easily).   If you plan to get rid of the bottom image, I’d choose a different template to start with.


Click on an element and then delete

I clicked on the text and the two black boxes appears.  They let me change how the text flows in the box and (top menu) or delete the whole box (right menu).   In this case I want to find the red X and delete the FRESH IDEAS image completely.

Drag An Icon Down into the Blue Area at the Top of the eMail.

Drag an Icon Down

As you are dragging the image icon or the paragraph icon, you will see the box with the asterisks around it appear.  You can drop the Image or paragraph icon into that box.  It look like what you see above while you are dragging it (Left click the mouse, hold the button down and move it until you are where you want it and then let the mouse button up.)

Image Area Ready For an Image
drop into place

 Now we double click the “Click to Edit” area and a menu appears on the right.

Upload or Select an Image
Put the Image in the Box

You can upload a new image here  (It will be stored on AWeber’s server which makes it available to browsers looking at your WordPress Blog.)   You can also choose from one of the files you already uploaded.  Once you have an image you can decide how you want it to relate to text:

  • Image is Centered – no text to the left or the right.
  • Image is on the Right Margin – text will be to the left of it.
  • Image is on the Left Margin – text will be on the right of it.

I’m going to select from an image I already uploaded.

Selecting my WordPress Header image
Sekect my logo

I want this centered.

Header Logo In My EmalExample with my logo

Now I have a pleasing header image.  I deleted all of the other items from the Template (clicked on them, found the black area with a red X and clicked on the X.)

Email Template with Nothing But Header Image
Deleted everything

Now we need to drag a Paragraph into our email

Adding a Paragraph
Empty Email With Logo and Footer

The section that says “Hello Firstname, is a paragraph.  When I put it in place, it always has strange words in in in addition to the “Hello Firstname.  I erase all of those words.

I also dragged another Image down , placed it on the left and dragged a paragraph beside it.  I inserted the “Dr. Hale” image into the image area and added the phone number and Skype address in the text area.  Now I’m ready to save this as a Template.  It will make a nice beginning for any follow-up emails I create.


Now we can save the email as a template.

Save my Email Template

Save Your Template

Click on TEMPLATES and MY TEMPLATES.  See the “Name Your Template” box?   Fill that in.  Click on the green “Save As Template” button right by the name you just entered, not the one at the bottom of the screen.   After you press the button,  you will have another of the Grey Box images on the right with your title at the top.

Deleting Templates

You save new templates here and you select a template you want to use here.   You can not delete unwanted templates here.

See the Template Manager Link
See the Template Manager Link

The Template Manager Link is where you delete any of Your Templates that you no longer want.  This is out where you see the “New HTML Message” button.

Template Manager
Template Manager - Delete Button

Here you see your templates and each of them has a Delete button.

 NOTE:  You can use the Template System to move one (or more) emails from one list to another.  Just save the email you want as a template.  Go to the other list and select it.  Then you can delete the “temporary template” if you aren’t going to need it again.

Fill in the Text for Your “Here is Your Product” Email

There was a sample above.  Just type in the text box.  There is a wrench icon just like in WordPress for creating links.  (Note: Pretty-Link links will usually show up as invalid.  Don’t worry about it, just check very carefully).  We are going to test the email soon.

Be sure to fill in the Subject Line.

Subject line at the Top of the Screen
Make Sure you have a Subject Line


We are almost done with this email.  We have done a lot of work now let’s test it.

Test Your Email

Test Your eMail

Click on the “TEST” button.

Fill in email address, a first name and Press the Send Test
Test Your Email 2

Once you have pressed the “Send Test” button it will change to say: “Sent”.   Go look at your email and check over what arrive.


There is a back button that lets you return to the editor and fix anything you don’t like.


Save This Email as a Template Too

All of my “Here is the product you asked for” emails are very similar.  The headline, the name of the product and the short description change, but the rest is the same.  Why not save a complete copy as a template?

Use the same procedure you used a few minutes ago.

Press the NEXT BUTTON at the Bottom of the Screen

We are in Section 2  or I Call it Sub-menu 2
Second sub-tab Save The Message

Note that the second grey icon at the top is highlighted.  Also note the red arrow on the left.  The first email is going to go out on Day 0.  You can’t change that.  In future emails, there will be a number – 999 – here.  You need to change that to indicate how many days after the previous  email this one should be sent.


You have finished you first email.  You will go back to a screen you  have seen before, except now it has an email in it.

Email List With 1 Email
You have a message

Let’s look at this briefly.

  • Left Arrow – shows that this email will go out on Day 0.
  • The middle is the name of the email.  If you click on this link, you can edit the email.  If you hover your mouse over the name you can see the entire name.
  • The SPAM column gives you a rating.  The higher the number, the more likely your email will go into the SPAM list when it arrives at your leads inbox.
  • There are a couple of buttons – you can Test the email or copy it and of course you can delete it.


Note that the SPAM rating number is actually a link.  You can click on it and see what caused the email to rate higher than zero on the spam rating.  (AWeber says that anything under a 5 should be okay, but I sure like to know.)

Spam Page
Spam Anaylyzer Page

Copy Your Email

While we are here,  Click on the COPY button.

Edit the copy to say “A couple of days ago I sent you this product.  In case you missed it, here it is again.”

Save the Email.

On the Second Screen set the days to “2”.

Setting the “Day to Go Out” to 2

Set  the copy to go out on day 2

Save and Exit.

You Email List Now has Two Emails in it.
Two Messagses

Add A Day Zero Email to Your Main List

Here are the steps to finish your MUST HAVE emails.

  • Go Back to the Messages Menu and Choose Follow-up
  • Change the drop-down on the left so that you are editing your main list..  You list should have no emails in it.
  • Click the Add a Follow-Up Email Button.
  • Click Templates –> My Templates
  • Choose the template you created with just the header and signature area.
  • Click Apply
  • Edit the email.

This email you are going to create is the generic “The Product you Requested is Coming”.  There is a sample earlier in this text.

  • Test it
  • Save it and Click Next
  • Save and Exit.

Where we are

  • We have two lists active.
  • We have a Day Zero email saying “Here is Your Product”
  • We have another Day Zero email saying “Your Product is coming in another email”
  • We have a Day 2 email that says: “In case you missed the product you requested, here it is again.”
  • We have a Template for all our future drip/follow-up and broadcast emails
  • We have a Template of any future “Here is the product you requested” emails.
  • We know how to use a template to get the same look and feel for all of our future emails.

I suggest that you create a Day 1 email that says “If you are like me you HATE getting emails from someone you don’t know so here is a brief overview of who I am……”

We have covered a Lot of Ground for a post called “Add Follow-up Emails”, but you should have a good handle on one of the most complex areas of AWeber.

I will be adding a Video later, but for now you have this in a form that you can follow along step-by-step.

I hope you enjoyed the Add Follow-up Emails to AWeber post.


Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


Hale Pringle – Hale Yes!

Skype hale.pringle



P.S. If you are working to move your business online and it all seems overwhelming, I can help!  Take a look at, or sign up for the free coaching call. You can email me or give me a Skype call. I’ll give you the benefit of my years of experience and many thousands of dollars in training and searching the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. I can help you with Lead Generation, the feeling of overwhelm, blogging, and even career change. Add that to the finest mentoring on the Internet (Ann Sieg’s Team and Inner Circle) and you have a Winner!

About Hale Pringle

Dr. Hale is an Internet Entrepreneur and Network
Marketing expert. His greatest pleasure is
helping people and he does just that, drawing
upon the immense resources that he has gathered
over the years in his unquenchable thirst for

Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
his wife, two dogs and a cat. His four children
are grown and are scattered around the state.

An eternal optimist you will hear him say
regularly: “Is this a Great Day?” The answer is
always, “Hale Yes!”

If you need help with your online marketing or a
network marketing opportunity Dr. Hale is the go
to man. “Hale Yes!”


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    -Bryan Floro
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