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Retired And I Bought a Franchise. How Did That Happen?

I didn’t have a quarter mil to drop onto a Franchise. How did I end up retired and I bought a franchise? And a profitable one at that! Golden Years – NOT!  You are supposed to be enjoying the golden years of retirement with a cup of tea in one hand and a smile on […]

Protected: Overview of Our Projects

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Two Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023

Four Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023 Hale Pringle 4/14/23 V2 Image sources have been useful to me as I write Facebook Posts, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, emails, Landing Pages, and on and on. Over the years I have watched the “good sources” change and change again. I listed my favorite image […]

Selling With Facebook Stories – Tools and Tips

In this series of posts, we’ve been looking at Selling with Facebook Stories. I have included Recruiting in the larger category of “Selling.” The Facebook Stories we are looking at have a Call to Action (CtA) that encourage the viewer tp take an action that will put them into a funnel where they will be […]

Facebook Story Basics -Controls & Timed Text

Even just looking at Facebook Story Basics can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have been creating Stories with the EXTREMELY limited Desktop version. In this post, I am going to cover a lot of the controls that are available to you as you create Facebook Stories on your Mobile device. The screenshots here […]

Selling with Facebook Stories (and Recruiting)- Part 1

One of the projects I am part of uses Stories for almost all of it’s recruiting. While some of the younger members, use Instagram, most of us are much more comfortable on Facebook. Sidebar: One of the top recruiters in a large Network Marketing Program did all of her recruiting with Facebook Stories.   Considering […]

A Gentle Nudge From My Inner Self

In this short article, I’m going to describe a gentle nudge I received from my inner self. I’ll start with a little background. For the last several months I’ve been studying a theory about how our universe is put together. It is a version of The Law of Attraction. The theory is covered in a […]

Aweber First Lead Magnet Funnel Training

Here are a series of short videos and documents that go through creating a Funnel using Aweber. We are going to start by copying one of my Lead Magnet Funnels and make the changes needed to tailor it to become a funnel for your Lead Magnet. (There is also a document with Screenshots and descriptions […]

Backup Your Authenticator? Why Didn’t They Tell Me!

Backup Your Authenticator? Uh sure, I’ll do that ASAP. If that is you, you need to turn ASAP into “today!” or face the alternative. There you are, having to prove that you are not a scammer! You want the people you are working with to make it VERY hard on scammers. however that means that […]

Passive Income – Now There Are Two Easy Ways

Passive Income is one of the holy grails for people working to acquire money.  New money coming in, even when you are not working, is one of the foundations of the state of Financial Freedom and Financial Freedom (Passive Income) is what drives entrepreneurs, athletes, Network Marketers, and corporate executives.  Even people who are driven […]