Network Marketing Activity Tracking

After going through training with 5 different marketers who specialize in training Network Marketers, I came up with my own conclusions about Network Marketing Activity Tracking. Most of these are small modifications of material taught by Frazer Brookes. There appear to be three different types of tracking that need to take place. Network Marketing Activity […]

Using Remember the Milk as a Basic CRM Tool

AWeber Hacks and Tips – Over 30 Awesome Features

21-AWesome-AWeber-Features-and-Tips I recently updated me eBook on AWeber Hacks and Aweber tips. I confess that I didn’t go through every one of the older ones checking that the screens haven’t changed, but I did update most of it and removed some (like adding a Google+ link to your emails).  You can download the eBook here:  21 […]

Gearbubble and AWeber – Creating an Email List From POD Products

Gearbubble and AWeber – Gearbubble is one of the few Print On Demand (POD) companies that has an integration with several email providers.   Using this integration you can potentially add a new subscriber to your email list every time you sell a product. It doesn’t work quite that way though.  The email providers are required […]

AWeber Tip: Creating A Single Opt-in List Is Now a Two Step Process

Until recently creating a Single Opt-in List in AWeber was something you could do when the list was created.  The new screens are simple, but if you want to create a single opt-in list, you have to go back and add that option after the list has been created.  It is now two steps. Let’s […]

Talking on the Phone – Where You Sit Makes a Difference!

“Talking on the phone” and “calling your list” for many Network Marketers (like me) is like wrestling with a 500 pound Gorilla.  You do it because it has to be done, but you know in heart that you will lose each and every wresting bout.  This post may help you win more of those wresting […]

Using Remember the Milk as a Basic CRM Tool – Bulk Loading From Aweber

Before you think CRM, think ToDo List.  In a earlier post I have a quick overview and review of Remember the Milk (RTM) as a ToDo list package.  It is very powerful and has grown up over time so that it now has almost every feature you might need.  I love it.  For $25 as […]

Newsletter Ideas for AWeber Users Who Use Broadcast Emails

  I’ll bet you are saying “I don’t need any Newsletter Ideas, I don’t write a Newsletter.”   If you even read that sentence you must be using AWeber and sending out Broadcast Emails. Well, here are some neat Newsletter Ideas for you.  You already have an online archive of your broadcast emails, so maybe you […]

Bloggers: Crafting Effective Marketing Emails – 7 Common Errors

Today we are going to start to look at errors that marketers often make when crafting an Effective Marketing Email.  In my last post I talked about 12 critical elements that should be present when you are crafting effective marketing emails.  This was my list of elements that every email should contain.  I suspect that […]

Bloggers: The 12 Critical Elements of Effective Marketing Emails

Today we are going to look at the anatomy of Effective Marketing Emails.  There are elements that every email should contain and strangely enough many Internet Marketers do not seem to know what they are.  I suspect that some will disagree with me and that is okay.  This is my list and it is based […]

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