Basic AWeber Training – Start by Creating Lists

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Basic AWeber Training – Start by Creating Lists



Creating Lists

Creating New Lists

Today we are going to cover “Creating Lists” in AWeber. In my last post – How to Profit with Weber Training – we talked about what AWeber (an autoresponder) is and why it is important.  We talked about the four Major Components and listed the steps you will go through.  Today we are going to look in more detail with the first steps – creating four lists and connecting them together.


There are lots of ways to use AWeber.  I’m going to show you what works for me.  Others may show you something different.

The Four Components of AWeber

Here are the sections we will cover:

  1. TODAY – Getting People Into your Lists
  2. List Management
  3. The email drip system (AWeber calls these Follow-up emails)
  4. Broadcast emails.

The Purpose of Building a List

As basic as this is, it is important to remember what we are doing here.
The end game of Internet Marketing is to sell things.  In order to do this you provide value to your niche and make offers.  It’s just that simple.

Here is where we are in the walkthrough


  1. You need a website or a blog.  It is also possible to use a tab on a Facebook Fan Page.
  2. You need what is often called an “Ethical Bribe”  This is something that you think your niche audience would see as valuable enough to trade their email address for.
  3. It would be VERY nice to have something to sell.THINGS YOU DO ONE TIME IN AWeber
  4. Create Your Main List – this is the list your will send a series of emails (drip series or follow-up series) to when people sign up for your Ethical Bribe.
  5. Create a list specific to your Ethical Bribe.
  6. Create a “Paid Customer” List 
  7. Create a “Broadcast Only” List 
  8. Create a day 0 follow up email in your main list.  It says: “The item you requested is on the way in a separate email”   Make this generic. ( Bare Minimum Follow-up emails )
  9. Create a day 0 follow up email in your product specific list.  It says: “here is the download you requested.”  ( Bare Minimum Follow-up emails )
  10. Use the automation feature to automatically sign people up for your main list when they ask for your ethical bribe and subscribe to your ethical bribe specific list. ( Creating Lists )
  11. Create a series of emails that will go out to people who respond to your ethical bribe offer.
  12. Create a Squeeze page or a Widget in your blog where you offer your ethical bribe.  (Simple Squeeze Page  and  Build a Widget)
  13. Create a Thank You Page in your website or blog where you Thank the person for asking for your material AND OFFER THEM SOMETHING ELSE, something with a price tag.
  14. Create or Find a nice button to use on your AWeber Web From.  (Create a Cool Button)
  15. Create a Web Form in AWeber.  The Web Form will be at the very least a place for the person to put their email address and a SUBMIT button.  AWeber provides you with the HTML code to insert into your Squeeze page or Widget.  When people enter their email and press submit, the information is sent to AWeber and the person is automatically added to your list. ( Create a Web FormSimple Squeeze Page and Create a Cool Button )
  16. Paste the HTML code into your Squeeze page and or widget.  ( Simple Squeeze Page )REGULARLY IN AWeber
  17. Send one time Broadcast messages to your list when something new and unusual or useful happens.
  18. Check the Statistics.  ( Basic Reports )

A Little Vocabulary

There are a few terms that I find myself using that you might not know.  That’s bad training, so here goes.

  • a List – a group of leads who are kept in a database at AWeber (you CAN and SHOULD download them)
  • Subscribe to a List – a person indicates that they WANT to get more information from you.  This may be a tacit indication (they give you their email address in exchange for something.  Today that just plain means that they are going to get  emails from you.)  They can “subscribe” by filling out a sheet on a clipboard at a show or by throwing their business card in a fishbowl that has a sign on it – “Receive my Newsletter”.
  • A Drip-sequence – this is a set of emails that leads receive when they subscribe to your list.  They are sent out on Day 0, Day 1 and so on RELATIVE to the DATE THEY Subscribed.  You set how often then “drip.”  You can set them every day, every other day, days 1, 3, 7 etc.  They are also called Follow-up emails in AWeber.
  • Broadcast emails – These emails are composed and sent to lists that you choose.  They are sent once.  Everyone receives them at the same time.  They are NOT part of the Day 0, Day 1 sequence.
  • Web Form – this is HTML that you place on your website.  At the bare minimum it contains a place for an email address and a submit button.  When a lead fills in the form, the information is sent to AWeber and the lead is added to one or more of your lists.
  • Double Opt-in – this is a system where a lead fills out a webform and presses Submit.  They receive a message that tells them that they must check their email and click on the special link to confirm that they “really” want to be on your list and receive your free offer.


Create an Account and then Login to Your Account

I believe that this is straight forward enough that I can skip it.   They have a 30 day trial for $1 and after that it is around $20/month until you lists get pretty large.

Main Screen – Look and Feel

AWeber Main Screen

Creating Lists

Creating Lists

This is a pretty standard screen.  The Blue Tabs take you to the various part of the system

We are going to click on My Lists and then the green button Create a New List.  This is where we start creating lists.

Create a List Tab – Sub-Tab 1 – Basic Info

Creating Lists and More
Create List

There are several things you need to know about this screen

  1. In the green area you can see that a new list has been created.
  2. 1- Tabs: The kind of grey buttons are actually sub-tabs within the blue tab called My Lists
    The Basic Settings tab is shown in color which means that this is the selected tab.  Some of the others are just darker.  Just knowing about these sub-tabs or menus will make creating lists easier for you.
  3. 2- Unique Name – There are three things worth noting about the Unique Name you place here.
    1. First – the name must be unique among all lists and all AWeber Customers.  AWeber will basically receive an email addressed to  It searches through all of the unique names and finds “Your-Unique-Name” – whatever you actually named it – and then it knows who owns the list (you) and which list it is.  If two customers had the same unique name for their list, AWeber would not know which customer the new lead belonged to.
    2. You can have someone send an email to and they will be added to your list.  The  only information you will have is their email, but they will be added to the list.
    3. There are several places in AWeber where all you can see is the unique name.  The more the name tells you which list it is the better.  Try for descriptive abbreviations.  As you you start creating lists every week or so, this becomes critical.
    4. There are a maximum of 15 letters in the name and they will all be lower case. No spaces or special characters are allowed. Here is an example of an invalid name.  Note that AWeber tells you that it is invalid or that it is not unique.
      Here is a valid name:
      You can see that I have used “halebk” to tell me that this is one of “Hale’s Books.”  The “AWeber” portion of the name tells me which eBook.
  4. 3- Description:   Fill this out with some care.  You will be surprised how often you will come back and not remember why you created a list.  Help yourself here during the creating lists process.
  5. 4- “From” name:  This is the name that will appear in the list of emails that your leads receive. You can use this name in several ways.  It can be almost and ad (e.g. “Own a Website Today” but I suggest that you use your full name. I personally hate getting emails from “Ed” or “Rick” or “Jim” and if I open them there is no clue as to what company or which “Ed” sent me the email.  You should be trying to brand yourself and that means you are proud of your name and want people to know who sent them the email.

Section 2 of the first sub-Tab

 Create List - Notiftication and Save

The section at the bottom gives you a place for another email.  Fill this out if you want to receive an email notification every time someone joins your list.

NOTE:  You must press the blue ADD button for the system to recognize that you entered an email address.

NOTE:   There is a SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom of the screen.  This is the Only Place in AWeber that seems to allow you to move on without saving and loses the information you entered.



Create a List Tab – Sub-Tab 2 – Company Branding

Click on the second sub-tab “Company Branding.”  You will see this screen.

aWeber - create list -3

Fill in your company name and your website.  You can fill in the Email Signature if you want, I don’t bother since I’m going to be copying an existing email to start every new email (after the first one).

There is a lot Social Media stuff on this page.   I ignore it and go to the bottom and press “SAVE SETTINGS.”

Create a List Tab – Sub-Tab 3 – Confirmed Opt-in

Click on the third sub-tab “Confirmed Opt-in”.

Click on the Confirmed Opt-In sub-tab
aWeber - create list -4
Okay – here is where I’m diving off the deep end.

AWeber REALLY wants you to have a double opt-in when someone signs up for one of your lists.  A double opt-in is where your lead does the following:

  1. Fills in their email address (and maybe more) and click your Submit button.
  2. Your lead gets sent to a page that says “Go to your email and confirm your subscription”
  3. Your lead needs to go to their email – find your confirmation message and click on the special link.
  4. Your lead gets sent to one of two pages – Your Thank You/One Time Offer page or a “You are already subscribed” page.

Unless you start having trouble with people being signed up by others, this is just too many steps for me.

Scroll down and find the Required Opt-in on Web Form and turn it OFF
aWeber - create list -5


Turn the button indicated off.  You will see the black message that asks you to confirm that you don’t want double opt-in.  Say YES.

BTW – This also bypasses a lot of pain for those of you who are new to AWeber.


You Have Your Main List.

Dr. Hale’s Multi-List System

I’m suggesting that you start with four basic lists.

  1. Your Main List – this contains a series of emails providing value AND offering one or more products.
  2. An Ethical Bribe List – this list has one or two emails in it.  They provide a download link for your Ethical Bribe.  You do NOT broadcast to this list.  Later you will have several of these.  All of them automatically subscribe people into your main list.
  3. “Purchased Your Product” List –  You do not try to sell your main product from this list.  They have already purchased.  You may start a new drip sequence promoting another product.   If they purchase this one, you can create new list and promote a different product.  When they purchase your last product you automatically subscribe them to your Broadcast only list.
  4. Broadcast Only List

RINSE AND REPEAT for your “Ethical Bribe List”.

RINSE AND REPEAT for your “Paid Customer List”.

RINSE AND REPEAT for your “Broadcast Only List”.


Let’s do one more thing before we stop Creating Lists.  We are going to use automation to do three things.  We’ll only actually do one today.

  1. When someone signs up for our Ethical Bribe – automatically insert them in our main list.
  2. When someone buys our product automatically take them out of our main list. (later)
  3. When someone buys our last product automatically take them out of our “I Purchased Your Product” list and subscribe them into the Broadcast Only list. (later)

Let me explain.

The first automation is used so that we can end up with several ethical bribes.  Each of these will send an email that says “Here is the eBook (or audio or video) you Requested”  That is almost the only thing that these Ethical Bribe lists are used for.  We don’t send drip emails to them and we don’t broadcast to them.   The Drip Sequence and the Broadcast emails all happen in our main list.

The second automation is used to stop asking people to buy our product when they have purchased our product.  How simple is that?

Eventually leads end up in our Broadcast only list.  They continue to receive any new offers that we send out as broadcast emails, they just don’t receive any more drip sequence emails.  If they never bought anything, they will stay in the main list.

Click on My List and then Automation.

Automation Screen


There are four easy steps to create an automation

  1. Now we need to find our MAIN LIST in the little drop down in the upper left.   Mine (for this example) is “hale-renegade”
  2. Click the dropdown below the word Action and choose “Subscribe to list YOUR-MAIN-LIST” when lead subscribes to”
  3. Choose your Ethical Bribe list name in the other dropdown.  Here I used “halebk-rsrc-tab”  (This is an eBook on how to do these steps and more to Create a Resource Tab on your Blog.)

Later, when you are ready, you can use the same four steps and Remove People From Your Main List when they subscribe to you “I Bought Your Product” list.  The  ACTION will say to UNSUBSCRIBE the lead when they subscribe to   YOUR-PAID-LIST.


You may be asking yourself.  “Why do I need to create a multiple system system?  I’m just getting started.”   I’m trying to make it easy to move to the next level where you have several places that people can opt-in.   In a later post ( 11 Places to Get Lead Emails ) I’m going to show you how easy it is to collect names from Facebook or from you blog.   Each of these places deserves its own “thank you get asking for my product” email.    Using Dr. Hale’s Multi-List System, it is very easy to 1) Add a List 2) link it to you main List and 3) create 1 or 2 emails that are unique to the situation and delivers the download link.   These sources seamlessly integrate into the existing system with virtually no modifications needed to your main list.

That is enough for today.  We have created an account and learned a little about AWeber.

We have four lists and they are connected.  Of course there is nobody in our lists yet, but we are on our way!

 Today we Covered Creating Lists – Next we will put some emails in these lists.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

Hale Pringle

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  1. Thanks for creating such a thorough but easily followed step-by-step tutorial. Learned a few new things myself like…" You can have someone send an email to Your-Unique-List@AWeber and they will be added to your list."  Will be referring others to your site.

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