Retired And I Bought a Franchise. How Did That Happen?

I didn’t have a quarter mil to drop onto a Franchise. How did I end up retired and I bought a franchise? And a profitable one at that!

Golden Years – NOT! 

You are supposed to be enjoying the golden years of retirement with a cup of tea in one hand and a smile on your face!

 I’m reaching out to share some exciting news that could put an extra spring in your step and quite a few more dollars in your pocket.

Are you ready for a brand new way to stretch your dollars?  

Well, hold on to your recliner because I’ve got something special to share with you!  (I just turned 78 a few days ago, so I do know a thing or two about where you are!)

An Affordable Franchise

Introducing TranzactCard, a special Visa®️ bank card.  This card is the ultimate secret weapon for retirees who want to stretch their limited income without sacrificing the joy of life.  And you don’t have to buy cheap C$$#P like the Japanese electronics used to be (remember transistor radios were THE thing?)

We’ve all been there, right? Those moments when our fixed income feels like it’s playing hide-and-seek with skyrocketing 🚀costs and our ever-growing list of (medical Ugh!) expenses. But fear not, my retired friend, because TranzactCard is here to save the day!  (The Millenials and Gen Z won’t recognize Mighty Mouse’s tagline.)

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the catch? Is this another one of those ‘too good to be true’ schemes?” Well, let me assure you, this isn’t Howdy Doody Time and there are no magic beans involved here. 

TranzactCard is a legitimate and innovative program designed to help people just like you who deserve to live life to the fullest without breaking the bank.

Instead of breaking the bank, how about we work with the bank and they give us part of their profits?  Cool right?  It’s kind of like they want us to rob them!  (No!  We don’t have to talk to them or learn how to be a banker.)  (Just curious.  During COVID did it feel funny to you to have to “put on a mask in order to go into the bank”?  It felt weird to me!)

The Two Levels of TranzactCard

There are two levels here and I’ll be candid, TranzactCart is in pre-launch and they are working through some glitches.  I’m willing to be patient which is why I’m retired and I bought a franchise.

Hey, it’s not like we need to be patient for 40 years, they should be ready for their mid-November launch.  We get some real benefits from joining early and it is not like we haven’t learned to wait while the technology folks get their acts together.  (I swear, some of my “smart phones” were dumber than rotary phones.)

Level 1 – Customers!

Let’s talk first about being a TranzactCard Customer.  

If technology seems beyond you, this might be for you.  All it involves is swiping the TranzactCard bank card when you pay for things.  (You do have to sign up for the program and that’s where the glitches are right now.)

When you swipe your card (or use the card to pay for things online) you don’t get airline miles or 1 to 5% rebates. You get something like the old Green Stamp coupons.  TranzactCard calls them Z-Bucks.  You get one Z-Buck for every dollar you spend when you use the TranzactCard Visa®️ bank card.  (If they had coupon books, they would fill up fast.)

BTW If you sign up now, you get two Z-Bucks for every dollar spent using the TranzactCard.  You also don’t pay a yearly $25 renewal fee.

Okay!  The next question is: “What can I do with my Z-Bucks?” 

It’s simple, really. By partnering with local banks, TranzactCard has been able to negotiate exclusive discounts and special offers.  Many of these deals are tailored specifically to meet the needs of retirees.  TranzactCard has worked hard to get these deals on things you already buy.  Exactly the same products!

In November the Z-Club will open with millions of items.  This is where you “Spend” your Z-Bucks.  On average, you will buy the name-brand items you already buy using 50% cash and 50% Z-Bucks.   

But wait, there’s more! TranzactCard isn’t just about saving money; it’s about embracing the joy of retirement and having a blast while doing it. Picture this: discounted tickets for Vacation Tours.  Cruises’ where you pay 100% with Z-Bucks, and even exclusive access to retirement-friendly adventures like skydiving (if you’re feeling extra adventurous!). With TranzactCard, you’ll feel like a kid again, but with the wisdom and experience that only retirement can bring.

Every time the card is used the customer gets Z-Bucks. Whatever they buy using the TranzactCard, they get the same number of Z-Bucks in their virtual coupon book (err, make that their account.)  (Early adopters who sign up soon get TWO Z-Bucks for every dollar spent.)  

Customers purchase cards from digital branch offices at Level 2.

Level 2 – Hey, I’m Retired and I Bought a Franchise.

As I mentioned above, there are two levels to this program.  You may be retired, but I suggest you buy a franchise. When potential customers want to buy a TranzactCard Visa®️ Bank Card they have to buy it from one of the franchises.  Almost anyone can qualify for the Visa®️ card and the banks handle that part of the program.

That’s right, you become something like an arm of the bank.  They do the heavy lifting involved with issuing and managing Visa®️ bank cards.  

You help them find customers who pay $25 and get a Visa®️ Bank card.  

Now I’m passionate about Passive and Residual income.   If all you got was part of the $25 signup fee, I wouldn’t be talking about this program.

We get a small percentage of every transaction fee when the Tranzact Visa®️ bank care is used.  We can also find other people who want to own a Franchise and we get a percentage of what their customers spend.   It adds up and it is residual.

 A Digital Branch Office costs $495 (financing options will be available soon), By November these offices will be qualified as Franchises.  That’s right, you can own a Franchise called a Digital Branch Office (DBO) for $495.   People buy access to the card from YOU.  

Our Team is On Fire. It’s Made Up Mostly of folks who are close to being Retired and They Bought a Franchise.

Let me hasten to add, that if you take advantage of the offer below, you will belong to a team that provides training on how to find new customers at no additional cost to you!   It is done online, but this team is not made up of mid-30s wise guys who think we have lost our senses.

Exciting Right?  Kind of like back where we were the hippie generation!  I invite you to click on the link below to learn more about TranzactCard and how it can revolutionize your retirement experience. Discover the secret to unlocking your buying power and unleashing the fun that retirement truly deserves!

Click Here For More Information

Remember, life is too short to worry about pinching pennies. With TranzactCard, you can embrace the freedom of retirement while enjoying the perks and savings that come with it. So, why wait? Pretend that your finger is faster than a speeding bullet, click the link above and embark on a new adventure of financial freedom and endless enjoyment! Soon you will be thinking: “I’m retired and I bought a franchise! How did that happen?”

Wishing you laughter, joy, and a retirement filled with unforgettable moments!

Until the Next Time We Look at Passive or Residual Income, Have a Great Day!

Oh Hale Yes!

Dr. Hale Pringle   I love Owning a Franchise

Dr. Hale Pringle
Entrepreneur and
Network Marketer.
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