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Recruiting Frustrated Network Marketers Gives You Two Yesses When You Start

Frustrated Network Marketers are an excellent target market when you consider recruiting on line. In a recent post I talked about the three Yesses you always need before you can effectively help someone. Here they are again: The person must say: “Yes I have the problem” The person must say: “Yes I need help” The […]

Three Yesses You Have To Get In Order To Help Someone

There are three questions a person MUST say YES to before you can help them. It almost doesn’t matter what field you are in, in one form or another these three questions must be answered YES before a person will accept your help. Obviously there are situations where you can use force to impose your […]

Network Marketing Nuggets

These are some Network Marketing Nuggets that strike me as special as I study the craft. As I read, watch or listen, every now an then something stands out. When I feel myself saying: “Hey that’s cool” I tend to write them down so that I can share them. Here are a couple. Network Marketing […]

Editing Testimonials Posted on Facebook™ with Emojis

Editing Testimonies isn’t quite as easy as it seems. You want to keep the power, but not violate the restrictions imposed by the FDA. In another post I talked about modifying the forbidden words and phrases. (Read Here) In another post I talked about a framework or outline for writing Testimonials (Read that one here) […]

Russell Brunson’s Framework And Our Product Testimonials

Creating Compliant Testimonials About CBD Products

No Healing. Curing or Treating Here is what we know. If you are sharing information about CBD, you need to be very careful not to claim that it “Cures” , “Prevents”, “Treats”, or “Heals.” Restricted Symptoms You also cannot reference disease names (e.g. anxiety, cancer, depression) or use symptoms like “pain.” You Can Be Held […]

Starting Network Marketing Again!

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