Creating YouTube Subtitles in Vimeo

Creating good subtitles on YouTube can be tricky. The built-in speech-to-text conversion in YouTube is not the best and most of the services that provide quality conversions cost $30 or more just for that one benefit. However, creating YouTube subtitles in Vimeo is easy once you can find the various controls and once you realize […]

Pasting Messages On LinkedIn – A Quick Tip

When you are copying and pasting messages on LinkedIn, you often find that there are lots of empty lines. Here is a quick tip that will solve that issue. BACGROUND Letters on computers are made up of 1’s and 0’s. We usually use an alphabet made up of 8 1’s and 0’s and call that […]

A.I. -NOW is when fortunes are made.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (Spanish philosopher George Santayana.)  A.I. is here and it isn’t going to magically go away. Still during the change is when fortunes are made. (Are you ready?) Learn from the past or Rinse and Repeat! (And fortunes are made!) Some of you are going […]

Retired And I Bought a Franchise. How Did That Happen?

I didn’t have a quarter mil to drop onto a Franchise. How did I end up retired and I bought a franchise? And a profitable one at that! Golden Years – NOT!  You are supposed to be enjoying the golden years of retirement with a cup of tea in one hand and a smile on […]

Aweber TIP – Repeat an Email Campaign

People tend to scan their email senders and subject lines and never open a lot of them. You can increase the chances that someone will actually see an email using this method to repeat an email campaign. I’m not talking about sending it and then an hour later sending it again. I’m talking about sending […]

Protected: Overview of Our Projects

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Too Good to Be True Opportunities

“Too good to be true…” is a phrase that came up repeatedly as I was researching online opportunities. I ended up taking several hours digging a little deeper and thought I’d share my observations. You may be asking: “Why is he wasting time on this?” My answer is MINDSET. It seems to be that we […]

Two Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023

Four Image Sources That Are (Almost) Free- 2023 Hale Pringle 4/14/23 V2 Image sources have been useful to me as I write Facebook Posts, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, emails, Landing Pages, and on and on. Over the years I have watched the “good sources” change and change again. I listed my favorite image […]

Create Free Vanity URLs (Branded Links) Without a Website

Create Free Vanity URLs (Branded Links) Without a Website Dr. Hale Pringle    3/28/2023  V 1 Before I get into creating free vanity URLs, let’s look at what a Vanity URL is.  Let’s start with the fact that having a Vanity URL does not imply that you are vain.   I’ll use Lauren Horwitz’s definition here […]

Checklist for Creating Vimeo Videos For Marketing Emails – 2023

Checklist for Creating Vimeo Videos For Marketing Emails – 2023 Companion Post for “Using Vimeo Videos With Marketing Emails – 2023” Dr. Hale Pringle  2/4/2023  V. 1 This document is a version of the long and detailed description of turning a video hosted on into a marketing video (I call this a Vimeo Video).  […]