Starting Network Marketing Again!

This is the first of a series of posts I plan to do talking about my “New School” journey into the world of Network Marketing.

Many years ago, I was with the grand-daddy of MLMs.  I worked hard, loved the people, learned a lot, got hooked on the concept of “residual income,”but the hang up was recruiting.  Talking to the “right” people, was easy.  Finding those people way hard – very hard.  After several years, (and watching the people around me being as stagnant as I was), I decided  “enough.”

After that I worked at some other ways to generate residual income.  They didn’t work out either.

About 10 years ago, I tired again with a different company.  I became a certified weight loss coach, was certified to show doctors how to supplement their income, certified to sell web sites and a lot more.  I loved the people and the training.  I didn’t love the same “Old School” recruiting methods.  Things like the “three foot rule”, prowl the malls, talk to your waitress, recruit up, sponsor the shoe sales man to get his or her list, attend the house meetings (even if you don’t have anyone to “support the team”), etc.  The hang up was still finding people who were looking for an opportunity.  When I finally stopped I promised myself “Never again.”

Looking back, I can see there was WAY TOO MUCH focus on me and my needs.

A couple of months ago I saw something that changed my mind.  I saw a way to REALLY help people (and get paid for doing it).    The more I researched  CBDs, the more I saw that for some people they are almost a miracle.  Lives are being totally turned around.  That resonates with me.

So, I taking the training and skills that I have accumulated and starting a new adventure.  I’m also taking Russell Brunson’s advice from Expert Secrets and blogging about my new adventure.

If you want to see for yourself, check the sidebar.

Have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!



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