Editing Testimonials Posted on Facebook™ with Emojis

Editing TestimonialsEditing Testimonies isn’t quite as easy as it seems. You want to keep the power, but not violate the restrictions imposed by the FDA. In another post I talked about modifying the forbidden words and phrases. (Read Here) In another post I talked about a framework or outline for writing Testimonials (Read that one here)

However, using allowed words and writing compelling testimonials is not the only problem. If you are editing testimonials found on Facebook™, many of those testimonial posts have a number of emojis in them. For example:

These cute little dog and heart images can really increase the impact. Our problem is that a standard Text Editor can’t handle them. If we copy and paste the text into a normal Text Editor, here is what we get.

Here you can see I’m pasting the text into a fancy Text Editor and there is a message about how some text will not render correctly. You can see that all the emojis became question marks.

I’m not going into talking about ASCII and other technobabble. If you understand, I don.t need to tell you. If you don’t already understand, you don’t really need to. It’s not like your going to use that tidbit of technology often in your life.

If we look at the bottom of the page, we can see that is says “Windows 1052”. Windows 1052 is the usual setting for Text Editor used by English speakers.


Well it doesn’t matter where I am editing testimonials, I am going to want to be able to save them (with the emojis) so I can use them in several places:

  • To post in other Facebook Pages
  • To put in emails when someone asks for information that is contained in a testimonial (they have the same symptoms.)
  • To post into emails

I’m going to suggest you download Editpad Lite (The free version is fine).

Here is the link: https://www.editpadlite.com/m/index.html?wlr=1


There are two changes we are going to want to make. You only need to make these changes once.

Change #1 (optional)- get rid f the option that highlights the whole line the cursor is currently on.

Change preferences to get rid of highlighted “current line”.  When you start to edit the file, the default has the whole line you are currently editing marked with a grey background.  I personally really don’t want that.

Here is the change:

Editing Testimonials

 Click on Options –> Preferences as shown in the screen shot above.

Undo the check mark beside the “Highlight the Current Line” then click OK at the bottom of the screen.

Change #2 –The other change we are going to make is to change the “Windows 1052” into another value called UTM-8.

Editing Testimonials

Click on Options –> Configure File Types…

You will see this screen
#1 – Highlight “Text Document”
#2 – Click on ENCODING at the top.
#3 – Change the “Windows 1052” to “UTF-8 “
#4 – Click the OK Button
#5 – You might have to change the “Unspecified File Type” the same way, but I don’t think it is necessary.

Editing Testimonials

Now when we create a new file (File à New) we can copy/paste and the emoji’s stay.  They look a little different, but they will paste into Facebook and look fine.

#1 –and #2 – Emoji’s that are not question marks.

#3 – You can see the encoding is now called UTF-8 instead of Windows 1052.

#4 – Click on File –> Save and save the text file where you can find it later.

I have a testimonials folder and I save the image, renaming it to the major issue as I save it.

I save the text file with the same name (except it is a .txt file and the image is either a .PNG or a .JPG. )


Now when you create text files or copy/paste text files they will hold the emojis just fine.

BTW:  You can work up a post and paste emojis in it with no problem.

Until Next Time, Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
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