Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools for Internet Marketers – ENounce

Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools – everyone likes the sound of that – as long as they work, work well and solve a real need.  Today I’m starting a short series where I’ll introduce you to some of the best tools I’ve found in several years of searching.  I won’t be going into Camtasia ($300) […]

Need to Create a Chart – ScreenPresso is a Free and Easy Tool

Every now and then i create a chart for one of my blogs.  Over the years I have used the professional tools like Visio, but recently I have wished that I had a tool I could recommend that was less expensive and easy to use.  Well surprise – I had the tool I needed to […]

Internet Marketers: When To Avoid Bright Shiny Things

Bright Shiny Things  – Tools or Distractions? Recently I’ve written about a class of List Building tools called Joint Venture Giveaways (or  more commonly called JV Giveaways.)  One of the things that occurred to me was that I might be doing some novice Internet Marketers a disservice.  I’ve suggested that they dive into a pool […]

Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach Training – Black Friday Sale

Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach Training!   If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you have heard of Ann Sieg.  She is known as the Godmother of Attraction Marketing and is one of the most respected Internet Marketer’s.  I’ve never been to a live even where her name didn’t come […]

Talking on the Phone – Where You Sit Makes a Difference!

“Talking on the phone” and “calling your list” for many Network Marketers (like me) is like wrestling with a 500 pound Gorilla.  You do it because it has to be done, but you know in heart that you will lose each and every wresting bout.  This post may help you win more of those wresting […]

Using Remember the Milk as a Basic CRM Tool

Before you think CRM, think ToDo List.  In a earlier post I have a quick overview and review of Remember the Milk (RTM) as a ToDo list package.  It is very powerful and has grown up over time so that it now has almost every feature you might need.  I love it.  For $25 as […]

ToDo Software that Works – Remember The Milk (RTM)

Let me preface this review if Remember the Milk ToDo Software with “Wow!”   That should give you an idea of where this is going.   The basic version of Remember the Milk (RTM) is free.  The Pro version of this ToDo Software is only $25/year.  The pro version synchs with your mobile devices. Recently I was […]

Quickly Double Broadcast Email Open Rates – AWeber List Building Tip

AWeber Tip – Would you invest 32 keystrokes to double broadcast email open rates for your promotional emails? No it’s not a trick question.  🙂 Usually broadcast emails are sent for a time sensitive matter.   You want as many of your subscribers to know about a sale or an upcoming Webinar or something similar.  You […]

Saving Time – FireFox Tips and Add-ons -Default eMail, Lastpass and Rapportive

Firefox tips on Saving Time:  Firefox is the browser of choice for many people, but there are many features that the average user doesn’t know about and hence they don’t use.  In a previous post, I told you about a Firefox Tip using Pinned Tabs  Today, we will cover some very nice add-ons and one […]

Use Templates to Create an eBook in 30 Minutes or Less – Video

  You can use templates to take one of your Blog Posts and create an eBook in 30 Minutes or Less – Video A while back, I wrote a post about using one of your posts to create an eBook. Today I’ll show you how it’s done in a video and give you my sample […]

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