Amazon FBA Tip – Create a Useable FBA Packing Slip

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Where is my FBA Packing Slip?

Creating a Useable FBA Packing SlipUsable FBA Packing Slip:  Fulfillment by Amazon is a great system, but it is not without its small annoyances and issues.  One of these arises when you are shipping items out.  When you are shipping multiples of the same product, the last step usually asks you to divide your stock into three (or more) shipments and send them to three different locations.   I find this is one of those places where paper works best and there is no obvious way to create a useable FBA packing slip.   Other people have other methods I’m sure, but what I’m going to describe is easy and it sure works for me.

The three obvious solutions are as follows:

  1. Print the text file Amazon provides you (they ask you to fix this file and upload it again if you have to use more than one box for a shipment.  The text file helps them see how many of each product you packed in each box.)
  2. Print the HTML page out of your browser.
  3. Screen captures the page(s) and print the screen captures.

The text file has WAY TOO MUCH information to be useful, the HTML page prints are many more pages than you need (and what you do need is split among several different pages and a large order results in lots of Screenshots.

Here is a simple way to create that useable FBA packing slip.

When you get to the last step of the Shipping Process you see a screen like the one below:

Work On a Shipment Screen
Useable FBA Packing Slip - Shipment Screen

Step 1 – Click on the “Review and Modify Units” button.

Step 2 -Then highlight everything down to the word Total (This screen shot doesn’t show the products being shipped, but you want to highlight all of them.)

Highlight the Shipment Information

Step 3 – Copy (Ctrl-C, Cmd-C or Right Click and pick Copy) so that the highlighted area goes into your computer’s clipboard.

Step 4 – Paste (Ctrl-V, Cmd-V or Right Click and pick Paste) into an empty Word Document (or Libre Office or Open Office or another Word Processor.)

The Word Document – A Useable FBA Packing Slip
Useable FBA Packing Slip - Paste into Word

The FBA Packing Slip

Step 5 – Delete some of the information you don’t need.

Create a Useable FBA Shipping List - Hightlight the list

#1 – Leave the Amazon Tracking name/number

#2 – Leave where you are sending the shipment to

#3 – Leave all the product information down to and including the word  “Total” (that tells you that you really did get all the products that should go in this shipment.

Step 6 – Print it out.

I use it to pack boxes, double-check the quantities in each box, write adjustments I need to go back to my computer to make, the UPS Tracking code etc.  Then you can file it as you watch the shipment move through UPS and Amazon.

There you have it – A simple way to create a useable FBA Packing Slip.


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