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Internet Marketing Training And Success Community is a critical element.

Internet Marketing Training - Community is CriticalI had Lightbulb Moment a few days ago: (the second one is a couple of weeks – it must be there new low watt LED lights).

Some of you have heard my story and some haven’t. Hear is the short version.
When I came on-line looking for leads for an MLM, I felt I could do it with intensive self-study. That method had worked over and over again for 40 years in the IT field.  The results here were different…


After two years, thousands of Webinars, hundreds of eBooks, buying dozens for guaranteed-to-work-for-you systems and attending at least 30 workshops or conferences I climbed out of the rabbit hole and shook myself off. The hole was branching and growing faster than I could keep up with the bright shiny things. I knew a lot, but I didn’t know enough about any one system to really make it work.

Introspection time: After some serious thought, I decided I needed three things

  1.  A Mentor – someone who had been there, done that and thrown away dozens of t-shirts.
  2.  A program with a step-by-step training curriculum that would teach me all I needed to know about ONE system.
  3.  A mastermind group of people going through the same things I was that I could brainstorm with.

It took a while, but I found Ann Sieg and the Renegade Team (it morphed into the Daily Marketing Coach). What she has met all three of my criteria.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had light bulb turn on that I hadn’t even known was there.

The Mastermind Group – One of My Three “Must Haves”

Many training program ignore this critical element or give it a lick and a promise.  They don’t understand how critical this element is to the success of the people going through the training.

I expected the mastermind group to be a professional mutual assistance group. I’ll share mine and we brainstorm it and you share yours and we’ll brainstorm yours.

I’ve treated the group that way for years – with more than a touch of humor thrown in along the way.What I hadn’t thought about and hence hadn’t expected was that just like the Attraction Marketing Model teaches us, “like attracts like” and sub-groups formed. The masterminding continues, but it is no longer a strictly professional to professional mutual assistance pact. It has morphed into groups of friends who help each other. They know much my personal life and I know much of theirs. We share the personal highs. lows, doubts and Yeehaws! They understand my professional situation in the context of my personal situation. Our insights are deeper and the benefits we gain from the association is multiplied many times over. Our different strengths is another multiplier. Traveling the road with friends by your side is a lot more productive and a lot more fun that solo-entrepreneurs going through the ups and downs alone without a knowledgeable safety net. We have a fantastic mentor, but she can not be there for us 24/7. There is one of her and hundreds of us. My new spotlight flicked on and I found pestiferous friends I can share the journey with! As MasterCard would say: “Priceless!” My personal take: Oh Hale Yes!

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    Until Next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

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    P.S. If you are working to move your business online and it just isn’t working, I can help! If you are looking for top notch Internet Marketing Training, I strongly recommend you take a look at Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach program.  You will get the same three critical elements that I was looking for 1) a mentor, 2) a step-by-step training curriculum that teaches a complete method to make money online and 3) a wonderful mastermind group.  Call me and I’ll tell you more.   My team and I are currently working with best “Earn Money Quickly From Home” Program I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen them ALL!) I strongly urge you to take a look at You can also take a look around, especially the resources menu option. You will see that I am a Certified eCommerce Coach with Ann Sieg.  We are selling lots of things online – mostly using FBA through Amazon.  In addition to eCommerce I specialize in list building, am a Certified Internet Marketing Trainer with Ann Sieg and am an award winning blogger. I’ve also written three books on AWeber (AWeber: Quick Start) and over 20 others. You can email me or give me a Skype call. I’ll give you the benefit of my years of experience and many thousands of dollars in training and searching the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and especially selling physical products online.  My Cell is 321 279 9615

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