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RTM and CRM - A powerful toolBefore you think CRM, think ToDo List.  In a earlier post I have a quick overview and review of Remember the Milk (RTM) as a ToDo list package.  It is very powerful and has grown up over time so that it now has almost every feature you might need.  I love it.  For $25 as year it will synch everything between your smart devices and your desktop.

RTM wasn’t designed to be a CRM tool, but it handles the “Customer Relationship” tasks very well.  You have to cheat a little to get meaningful reports, but so far it has worked very well for me.

This Article has two halves.  You only need to read the other half if you need to bulk move leads from an Autoresponder (like Aweber) ,  That article is hereL

Moving Several Leads into Remember the Milk at One Time

In the previous article I covered getting a properly formatted list out of Aweber.  In many cases you may want to create a text file of prospects and enter all of them at one time.  I;m going to start there.

The Process

What I want to do is create a text file formatted so that I can insert my rows into RTM automatically.

Here is what I want is lines that look like this.

Pattern:  Name phone state http://email_address

Example: Joe smith 555 555 5555 FL

This will create a task called “Joe Smith 555 555 5555 FL and put the email address into a slot called URL.  I cut and paste the phone number into Skype to make calls.  (I do have the $60/year version that lets me have unlimited calls in the US and Canada.  I have modified my Skype setting so that it reports my cell number as the Caller ID when I call people.   I use the State info to tell me what time zone the people are in.

Copy and Paste Into Notepad (or another text editor)

NOTE:  Start here is you are not using AWeber.

BTW  You can enter prospects one at at time.  You don’t have to bulk import.

Use your mouse to highlight the first four columns (name, phone, region and the modified email address column we just created).  If you are not using AWeber, you may copy and paste this data from somewhere else.

Copy and paste into a Notepad file

Manually remove spaces in long lines.  Your email will wrap very long lines.  RTM will see that as two lines and create two tasks.  Neither one will be complete.

Again you want lines that look like this

John Jones 555-555-5555 CA

You don’t have to have the elements in this order.  I just like to have the name first.

RTM Email Address to Send “Tasks” to

Import Email Address
RTM and CRM  Find Email Address to Send To
#1 – Click on Settings
#2 – Click on Info
#3 –  Copy the “Import Email Address

You need to put this into your email system as a Contact.  I called mine “RTM Import”.

Send Tasks to Remember the Milk

  1. Start an email to your RTM Import address
  2. Enter “inbox” in the Subject Line
  3. Copy and paste the contents of your Notepad into your email
  4. Erase any extra lines including your signature block.  You are going to get one task per line, so make sure that each line is one of your leads from AWeber.
  5. Send the Email.

Final Preparation Steps In Remember the Milk.

The tasks will arrive in the Inbox, which is not where you want them to be.   However it does let you finish your prep work.   Here are my final steps.

  1. Select ALL (will put a check mark on all of them)
  2. Tag them all with a tag that describes the source (e.g. solo-9-13 for a solo ad run on 9-13)
  3. Make them all due on a particular date.
  4. Move them to the Tab where you want them.

Here are some screen shots

Send the Email:  Subject Line Inbox

Email to Inbox
RTM and CRM  Send Email to RTM

#1 – Send to the email address we got from Settings –> Info
#2 – The word in the Subject Line indicates which Tab to put the tasks in
#3 – Wrapped lines will show up as two tasks.  It is best to not have any of these!

Once The Tasks are in Remember the Milk

Select All – Tag – Due Date
RTM and CRM  Tag All

Not shown – Click on the Inbox tab at the top.

#1 – Click on ALL (this will check the boxes for all the entries)
#2 – See the checks and the lines turn yellow background
#3 – Click on the little icon beside the work “Tag” and enter a code for the source of these leads.
#4 – Enter a date – it will be added to all of the leads.  You can enter something like “Wed” and RTM knows that is Wednesday and RTM will find the date.

Move the Leads to the Proper Tab

Move the Leads
RTM and CRM  Move to Proper Tab

#1 – Click on More Actions

#2 – Choose a Tab  (Note RTM lets you add your own tabs as I have done here – Settings –> Tabs has an “Insert Tab” Option)

#3 – Note: All of these tasks now have a date of Wednesday

#4 – Note: All of these tasks have a tag of solo9-1

Before I move the leads to a different Tab, I sometimes go through and mark selected leads and check mark just those.  I can then mark them as Priority 1

RTM also has a feature where you can share tasks with other users of RTM.  I don’t use it, but it is there.

One more thing, RTM will send you an email every day telling you what is due for the day.  If you use Gmail, they even have an add-on that uses the Right Panel of Gmail to show you your tasks for the day.

RTM will also synch with Google Calendars.

We are Finished with the Preparation – Now it is Time To Work

Remember the Milk as CRM in Action


What I Do With RTM
RTM and CRM  CRM in action

Before I start making calls I usually Click on one particular tab at the top.  In the screen capture it is set to “All Tasks”.  You can do this, but it helps me to choose one Tab and get my head into those calls.  Once I finish one Tab, I more to another.  At the end I click on All Tasks to make sure I didn’t miss something.

#1 – I copy and paste the phone number into Skype and make the call.  The state (.e.g. TX in the sample) tells me the time zone.)  I look at RTM’s Notes before I make the call.  Being able to talk to prospects about something that was mentioned in the last conversation gives you a massive credibility boost.

#2 – I tagged Adam Smith a “Quit” – I have stopped working this lead – no success. This lets me track and count success, bad leads, or anything else I want to know.  Create a set of tags for each thing you want to track (e.g. sentemail, webinar, 4msg&quit, badphone, success, checklater)

#3 –  I can set the next contact date, either by clicking the Postpone button or by editing the Due Date at the right.

#4 – I can see notes I made from earlier calls

#5 – I add a new note (or edit the earlier) note.  Each note is automatically dated

#6 – I change the Due Date to show when the next call should be made.

#7 – I add Tags when appropriate.

Why Tags? – For Reporting and Tracking

There are two reasons I am adding tags:

One is to keep track of when calls are due and who I have called and what the results were.

The other reason is to track the quality of various lead sources.  In order to track, I need to be able to isolate and count.

I pick a person and click on the tag for a particular source.   RTM will show me everyone with that Tag.  I can see all entries – their tags, their name, their phone number etc..  This lets me count successes and bad leads to rate the source.  This is critical for working leads from different sources.  Note that you really need to tag leads as you go along with “your” system of tags.   If you don’t, you’ll need to go down and look at the notes for each person and tag them when you are ready to report.

You can also highlight all the rows and copy and paste them into Word or Notepad to show each person and the results for that person.

Note:  For Leads I very rarely mark them as “completed”.  I just put a due date of six months or a year to check back with them.  I do mark those who have said “go away” and those from foreign countries as completed since I will never call them.

Note;  I purchased an upgrade to Skype.  It lets me make calls anywhere in the US and Canada for free.  I went into the settings and changed the phone number that appears to the person I’m calling.  Their caller ID shows my cell phone number.   Using Skype this way allows me to use a headset and is easier for me that using a cell phone to make lots of calls.

I can also use Skype’s “Recent Calls” list to count how many calls I’ve made today.

Sending Emails:

I add “Mailto:” in from of the email address in the URL field.  When I double click the email address my email opens and I can send the email;  Again I use the notes and tags to mark what email I sent;

Note:  You may have to tell windows what you default email client is,  Windows defaults to Outlook which I don;t use.  Google for “Setting the default email client is Windows” for current instructions.  I set mine to Google Chrome and Gmail pops up when I click on an email address.

Finishing with a Lead

Set the date for when you want to contact the person again.  Use the notes to tell your self what you need to do on that date.


  • We looked at the columns we need in a text file
  •  We then emailed the list to RTM to create a bunch of tasks at one time.
  • The next step was to process the new leads and put them in the proper tab.
  • I then went over how I make calls and process them.
  • I also talked about sending emails.
  • At the end we talked about reporting.

There are lots of other things I can do with RTM.  This just scratches the surface, but it is a pretty good scratch  🙂

Remember the Milk  was not designed to be a CRM tool, but it does pretty well.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

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  1. I pick an individual and snap on the tag for a specific source. RTM will give me everybody with that Tag. I can see all passages – their labels, their name, their telephone number and so on.. This lets me tally triumphs and awful prompts rate the source. This is basic for working leads from various sources. Note that you truly need to label leads as you oblige “your” arrangement of labels. In the event that you don’t, you’ll have to go down and take a gander at the notes for every individual and label them when you are prepared to report.

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