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Network Marketing Activity TrackingAfter going through training with 5 different marketers who specialize in training Network Marketers, I came up with my own conclusions about Network Marketing Activity Tracking. Most of these are small modifications of material taught by Frazer Brookes.

There appear to be three different types of tracking that need to take place.

  1. Network Marketing Activity Tracking – Counting
  2. Tracking The People in Your Funnels
  3. Tracking When You Are Scheduled to Do Things

1. Network Marketing Activity Tracking – Counting

A common theme among the trainers I follow is that for the most part you need to track Activity not Results. We can control our activity and as we take more and more action, we will get betters. Skill Times Activity = Results. When we set result-based goals and just track results, it is very easy to become discouraged, especially when we are just starting and our skills are weak. The tracking sheet I downloaded from most of the trainers tended to be comprehensive and frankly overwhelming. (I’ve been a researcher and “numbers guy” for over 40 years and when I feel overwhelmed, I KNOW most people feel the same way.) In a recent training with Frazer, the participants suggested things to track and we quit at 19. He broke it down to those we really needed to track and ended up with six. He was using a paper planner to track these. I wanted a spreadsheet and while I could have done it my self, I went to and for $20 had what I wanted in one one day.

This sheet covers two years and is pretty easy to expand a few years from now. You can also add a column and copy/paste another column to add something else you want to track.

  • Date – There is one row for each day. There are two extra rows between the months.
  • FAM – This stands for Find a new Facebook Friend, Add them as a friend and Message them. For active prospecting this is probably the most critical activity you can do. There are a ton of scripts available. If you would like to see some message me
  • Asked Question – Building relationships is critical in a Network Marketing business. At some point you need to ask the person is they are open to looking at your product or your business. The coumn counts how many times you actually Asked the Question.
  • Used Tool – The preferred tool these days appears to be Add/Tag/Message (ATM) groups. You friend a person, then you Add the Person to the Group, Tag them in a comment under a video or post that is most suited for their needs and then you Message them to continue the process of making a sale or signing up a new partner. Your tool of choice will depend upon your company. It might be a recorded video, a house meeting, a hotel meeting, a Zoom call or something else.
  • Yes/No – You got a yes or a No when you asked the question.
  • New Customer – Count your new customers
  • New Team Member – Count your new sign ups.
  • Commission – you will take this from your company site and will only go in the Month End row.
  • Did Live – Count the number of FB, Instagram or YouTube Lives you did during the day.
  • Product Post – Did you do a post selling the product>
  • Curiosity Post – Count the number of Curiosity posts you did.
  • Happy Birthday – Count the number of Happy Birthday Messages you sent
  • Extra 1 – Replace this with what ever you want
  • Notes – Use this to explain why a day might be have bben special – good or bad.

At the end of every month there are two special rows.

  • The sum of month’s tallies for each column.
  • The Average Per Day – the Sum divided by the number of days in the month.

Here is a link to make a copy of this spreadsheet is Google Sheets – a free spreadsheet that runs in your browser. If you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google Sheets. Make Your own Copy

2. Network Marketing Activity Tracking – Tracking Prospects

Here are three ways to track People

First Sticky Notes wall.

Create the following Columns on the wall

Fam Asked Tool Follow No Yes

You create a sticky note for each person. Put their name, the date you added them as a friend and notes about them on the note. Move the note from one column to the next as they move through the process.

Second Trello

The columns are the same. Each person is a “Card.” You add ifo to the card and drag them from one column to the next as they move through the system.

Third Remember the Milk

This is a system I use. I’ve written some blog posts on it before (See Here)

We use the same system

Obviously this is a more complicated system, but it will create an email and remind me each day what is due that day.

3. Network Marketing Activity Tracking – Tracking Time

Frazer uses Google calendar and his phone’s alarm system to record when he is due to make a call, give a presentation, etc.

His quote is “Your Calendar is you Boss.” He strongly suggests that you create time block for each day where you carry our specific activities like prospecting or follow-ups.

Short, sweet and hopefully simple – these three systems let you track your activity, your prospects and manage your time.

Until Next Time. Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
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