Life Changing Trainings – List of Short Videos

Here are some gems for you. I thought back over the hundreds of workshops I have taken and realized that a few of them left a real lasting impact. I’m not saying that they radically changed my life, just that I did think about things differently after I learned the lesson in the training. There are also some general Windows and Facebook Tips in the list.

List of Short Videos

I am writing this blog post so that I have a place to send viewers in case they want to see more in this series of short videos.

  1. Franklin Planner – Don’t put your spouse in with the unimportant things
  2. I CAN be a Sales person – The Sales Dogs. I swore until I was in my 40’s that I would NEVER be a sales person (knowing full well I sold myself in job interviews, when I proposed, and more.) I just had a hard time doing a presentation and asking for money. This one short but fantastic workshop changed that attitude forever.
  3. Very Hard Homework – Talk about your strengths for two minutes without hedging even once. This can be painful. It clashes with things we are taught since we were very young.
  4. Transforming Your Mindset – Bob Heilig’s core training in Love, Serve, Grow program. = the core idea
  5. Transforming Your Mindset – Bob Heilig’s core training in Love, Serve, Grow program. = Exercise to Change your Stories about circumstances.
  6. Listen at the Second Level
  7. Do Not Use Three Letter Acronyms (TLA) with beginners. Most will forget what they mean even if you just told them what the letters meant..
  8. If someone tells you other people’s secrets, they will tell yours to others.
  9. How do people read on the Internet? They DON’T!
  10. Avoid looking like you did something wrong. People remember the emotion of being angry long after they have forgotten that the anger was misplaced.
  11. If you want to change your public personality, start when you are away from your day to day environment. If you try to change tomorrow, your friends will push you back into your normal persona.
  12. There are some people you just won’t get along with.
  13. I am an Introvert, but I am a situational Extrovert.
  14. Start conversations with trivial statements.
  15. For big decisions, your head AND your gut should agree.
  16. People have two basic ways they process information – with their head (odds and percentages) and with their feelings (this feels right,this feels better).
  17. I can SEE that, I HEAR what you are saying, I FEEL that too.
  18. Positive Self-talk – Our subconscious mind does NOT hear negative
  19. Some people like to plan things out and some like to act spontaneously.words like NOT (e.g. I do NOT want to be sick, – The subconscious mind only hears Be Sick.) To be happy and fulfilled we need to let our subconscious know that we are happy.
  20. One way to handle Free Floating Anxiety (worrying about all the thing that might go wrong.)
  21. Let George Do It! – Volunteering too much
  22. It is possible to lie while telling the literal truth.
  23. Promises we make to ourselves
  24. We listen faster than people speak – Use tools that save you time.
  25. Good Leaders focus on “Getting the job done” AND “Taking care of his or her people”
  26. Features versus Benefits
  27. Windows 10 Tips
    • Pop Up Emoji Picker Screen
    • QuickTextPaste
    • ??
  28. Facebook Tips
    • Add those polite touches to your message
    • Backspace and remove a person’s Last Name when you tag someone
    • Post a meme in a Public Place (like a Page) and share into a group if you want the meme to be sharable
    • Messenger in Facebook on the desktop has an option to see all unread Message
    • Friends and Friends on Friends will see your Facebook Messages in their primary message list. All others go into a secondary inbox that many people don’t even know exists.

  • Lots More
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