Using Screenpresso to Make and Edit Screen Captures

screenpresso Screen Capture Tool and Editor

A good Screen Capture tool is very useful and I find it to be one of my go-to tools.. It can be used to take notes, record screens like receipts, give instructions and much more. There are lots of Screen Capture tools available. The one I prefer is called Screenpresso. There is not much difference between the capture programs when it comes to grabbing a screen or part of a screen, where Screenpresso really shines is that it has a very powerful editor built in. The editor alone would have cost you $500 or $600 10 years ago. Now it is available for free or for $30 in the more advanced version.

The basic version of Screenpresso is free and works on Windows PC’s only.  I went ahead and purchased the Pro version (about $25 – one time).  The main reason is that I like the rounded corners on my screen shots.

Screenpresso connects to your PrintScreen button.  When you click on that key a cross-hair appears on your screen and you drag your mouse to mark the area you want.

Screenpresso – Screen Capture Features

A few very nice features are

  1. ScreenPresso will leave any menus open while you make your captures.  I have used other packages that clicking on the capture hot-key automatically closed any drop down menus that were open.  Since I usually wanted to show that menu and what was in it, this was a problem.  Screenpresso solved that problem.
  2. ScreenPresso automatically saves your screen captures onto your hard disk.  This is a real time-saver.  You have an editor which allows you to scroll through the screen captures, pick the one you want so you can modify it or save it elsewhere..
  3. You can capture video as well as static screens.
  4. Screenpresso can do a screen capture that shows more than what you can see on the screen. It lets you scroll and merge the everything into one image.
  5. Screenpresso can convert text in you screenshot image into editable text. Capturing screens with bullet points and then converting those bullet points into text means that your Windows search can find the words. As long as they are buried in an image, must searches will not be able to see the words. Screenpresso solves that problem.
  6. Screenpresso lets you add to your original screen capture. The next screens show you the editor.

Editing and Enhancing Screen Capture Images

Saving Time - ScreenPresso Screen Capture

ScreenPresso Edit Screen

#1 – Activate the Arrows function – click your mount and drag to create an arrow
#2 –  Create a box on the screen
#3 –  Create a Text box on the Screen
#4 –  Type Text into a bubble on the screen
#5 –  Place a numbered circle wherever you click the mouse
#6 – Highlight an area
#7 – Draw an ellipse on the screen
#8 – Blur an area on the screen
#9 – Add an image (merge two screen shots together if you wish)
#10 – Draw a magnifying glass
#11 – Draw a brace on the screen

When you place something on the screen, there are standard little boxes on the corners and sides that let you resize the item.  What is different is that the one in the upper right corner is colored differently. If you put your mouse on that small box, a secondary menu opens up and lets you modify the properties of the item you just added.   For example, you can change the color of the arrows.

Saving Time - ScreenPresso Modify text or arrows

You can see the red box in the upper right corner of the number 14.  Hovering on that box opened the arrow properties box. Inside the pop-up screen you can see the arrow color, size, shadow and other characteristics and you can change them.

One thing that is not readily apparent is how you open the screen that shows you all the screen shots you have saved.   Click the small icon in your tray and then click on the red arrow (Screenpresso’s icon) I have chosen to have it always visible, but you can always find it in the tray of apps.

The Screenpresso Screen Capture Image Gallery

Open Screenpresso’s Image Gallery
Screenpresso in the app tray

When you click on the icon (and after you capture part of your screen), this window opens.  You can scroll through all of the screenshots you have captured.  You can edit, rename or delete them.   I usually save the ones I will use in a blog post or eBook into a special folder with a name that reminds me about what I wanted to use the shot for.

Screenpresso’s Image Gallery

Saving Time - ScreenPresso Image Gallery

ScreenPresso – This shows All Your Captured Images One of the nice things is that you can double click on an image you already edited and edit it some more. THis feature is especially helpful when you realizethat you skipped a step and need to add and arrow and renumber the arrows.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) -Turning an Image into Text

Screenpresso has a built in Optical Character Recognition feature (OCR). Here is an example

After you capture a screen and double click it in the gallery of images that pops up, click the COPY IMAGE control and small menu pops up. One of the two options is EXTRACT TEXT PRESENT IN THE IMAGE. The first time you click this, Screenpresso will pause and install the OCR software that it uses. Then you will see a scroll bar that shows you that it is working. Then a screen like this pops up with the text. It isn’t always perfect, but it is quite good.

Click the option that says “Copy Selection and close” or the one that says “Copy All and Close”

Now you can paste the text. Here is the example from the screen above

1 — Activate the Arrows function — click your mount and drag to create an arrow
2 – Create a box on the screen
3 – Create a Text box on the Screen
4 — Type Text into a bubble on the screen
5 – Place a numbered circle wherever you click the mouse
6 — Highlight an area
7 — Draw an ellipse on the screen
8 — Blur an area on the screen
9 — Add an image (merge two screen shots together if you wish)
10 — Draw a magnifying glass
11 — Draw a brace on the screen

You can see that the text is pretty much exactly the same as it was earlier in this post.


Screenpresso is a very powerful screen capture program with a built in editor and OCR capabilities. It will make lots of daily jobs easier and more attractive.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

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