AWeber Tips in Your eMails – 10 Next Level Tips

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AWeber Tips - Take Your email to the next level

AWeber Tips – Take Your Email to the Next Level

Today we are going to look at AWeber tips for your emails.  It is not hard to add features to your follow-up and broadcast emails that make them more useful and more professional.  Here are 10 AWeber Tips that will take your email to the Next Level.

The is part of an ongoing series on AWeber.  We have covered a little more than their very basic introductory material.

  1. We started with an Overview
  2. Then covered Creating Lists including Dr. Hale’s 4 List System – how to create and manage lists so that you can have multiple Ethical Bribes and still maintain one (or two) email follow-up sequences.
  3. We Created the Bare Minimum Follow-up emails
  4. We built Simple Squeeze Page
  5. We learned how to make you own Cool Buttons  (It is really nice to have them for the Web Form.)
  6. We Created a Web Form and inserted into the Squeeze Page
  7. We Built a Widget with our Web Form and PowerPoint.
  8. We covered Basic Reports.

I will mention again that AWeber’s tutorial videos are excellent.  They give you good information, I just didn’t get the overview that I’m trying to give you here.   I also have used their support email system.  I almost always get a very prompt and useful response.


There are lots of ways to use AWeber.  I’m going to show you what works for me.  Others may show you something different.

Suggestions – AWeber Tips for Your Emails

Most of us know that you can “personalize” emails so that they say “Hello John,” instead of just “Hello.”

While I’m talking about this personalization, here is your first tip.   Don’t put the comma after the Hello. This looks funny “Hello, John”   Place is after the first name tag.  Even if that is missing and AWeber puts a blank there “Hello ,” doesn’t look that awkward.  Most people like to replace the blank with the word “Friend”.

What isn’t as apparent is that there are a number of other things you can (and should) include in your emails.)

AWeber Tips 1: You Can Put Your Logo Into Your Email.

Every email you send is an opportunity to put your Logo or Web Site Header in front of people on your list.  You want people to recognize you and recognize – immediately – emails that they receive from you.  They start looking forward to getting your valuable information.  I personally cannot understand all the emails I get from a strange email address and say “Look at this it is great!    Jimmy”

Here are the Steps

I started with a template that had a nice box at the top.  I deleted all the text and images and was left with this.

Empty Header

Started with a Template that had a blog box.

I highlighted the top text box in the blue area by clicking on it and then drug the Image Icon down into the box.

Dragging the Image Icon

Highlight the top box and drag the image icon into it

Once it is in place you have have options on the right to upload an image or take one from your library.   You also have options to center or re-size the image.

Image Icon in Place

Image Icon Ready to Fill

NOTE:  Your image MUST be hosted on the web.  People can’t see images on your hard drive.

The first time, I uploaded a small version of my website header.  Now I can just choose it from my library.

NOTE:  Actually I almost always start by copying an existing email or an email I made into a template so I very rarely have to fiddle with the image header.

Choose an Image

Browse Library

The Result

header result


AWeber Tips #2 You Can Put Social Sharing Buttons in Your Emails.

Every time you offer something of value to your list, there is a chance that some of them will think “Wow! I’d like to share that!”   Make it easy for them to do.

In the drag-and-drop editor, you can drag the Sharing icon into your email and pick the networks you want to make available.  Here is an AWeber Article that shows you how:


Drag the Share Icon down into Your email

Drag the Icon

Drag the Share Icon

Fill in the URL you want people to share and choose which Networks to allow people to share with.

Fill in the URL

Follow-up Email

NOTE:  Broadcast messages have an option to link to an archived copy of the email.  This is not available for Follow-up emails.

AWeber Tips #3 You can put Follow Me on FB and Twitter

You can do the same thing with Follow Me Buttons for Facebook and Twitter  Again here is an AWeber Article


Drag the Follow Me Icon into your email.

Drag the Icon

Drag the Follow Me Icon

If they are not already filled in, Add the accounts where you want people to follow you.

Follow Me Filled In





AWeber Tips #4 Include a Link to a Web Version for your eMail

You’ve probably noticed at the top of some of the emails you receive have a link that says something like “View as a Web Page.” That link allows you to view the email in your browser as a Web page.  As we all know, mobile devices are becoming more and more dominant and many people prefer to view emails that have images in them in their browser.

How-to: Use the Personalization button in the drag-and-drop editor and select “Archived Web Version” or insert {!archive_url} as the link for the “View online here” text.  You can see my link in some of the image above.  (Right after the Hello Firstname, )

AWeber Tips #5  Send New Blog Posts Automatically To Your Email List

The Blog Broadcast option will send your blog posts automatically.  You CAN do this, however most top bloggers seem to take the time to write a teaser broadcast message and include a link to the blog post on your website.   Usually the purpose of an email is to drive readers to an offer on your blog.

How-to   If you really want to post your blog as an email here is the AWeber Tutorial

AWeber Tips #6 Do not Depend on Text in Images.

A majority of email clients keep images off by default.  This is especially true on mobile devices.  While it makes great sense to use a screen shot image of fancy text and bullet points on a web page, it is very damaging in an email.   Many people won’t see the image, so if your offer or your special deal is in the image, they will miss it.

AWeber Tips #7 Fill In Alt Tags for Your Images

You can solve part of the problems by filling in the ALT tags for each of your images.  You should be compulsive about this anyway.  Some people on your list are blind and the “readers” that turn text into spoken word have to have to ALT text in order to know what to say.

AWeber Tips #8 Be Careful of Background images

You always need contrast between your text color and the background.  If you use special colors and depend on the color of your background image to make them visible, you will often fail.  You can fail because images are turned off, or because email clients like Outlook 2007 don’t always show background images (never in tables).

AWeber Tips #9 LOOK at the text version of Your Emails

At the bottom of the Text Editor, there is a check box for automatically creating the text version of your email.  Some readers can only view the text version.  If your links aren’t there, you just missed an opportunity.

AWeber Tips #10 Always TEST your emails

AWeber has a Save and Test option – USE IT!!!

I’m sure there are more, but these AWeber Tips will make your emails stand out from the fairly drab run-of-the-mill emails I receive every day

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

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