Basic AWeber Training – AWeber Reports and Data

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aWeber Reports and Data

AWeber Reports and Data

Today we are going to look at AWeber reports and data.  They provide us with quite a lot of information.  We need to learn to use these in order to know how our email campaigns are doing!.

This is part of an ongoing series on AWeber.  We have covered a little more than their very basic introductory material.

  1. We started with an Overview
  2. Then covered Creating Lists including Dr. Hale’s 4 List System – how to create and manage lists so that you can have multiple Ethical Bribes and still maintain one (or two) email follow-up sequences.
  3. We Created the Bare Minimum Follow-up emails
  4. We built Simple Squeeze Page
  5. We learned how to make you own Cool Buttons  (It is really nice to have them for the Web Form.)
  6. We Created a Web Form and inserted into the Squeeze Page
  7. We Built a Widget with our Web Form and PowerPoint.

I will mention again that AWeber’s tutorial videos are excellent.  They give you good information, I just didn’t get the overview that I’m trying to give you here.   I also have used their support email system.  I almost always get a very prompt and useful response.


There are lots of ways to use AWeber.  I’m going to show you what works for me.  Others may show you something different.

The Four Sides of AWeber

Here are the sections we will cover:

  1. Getting People Into your Lists
  2. List Management
  3. TODAY – The email drip system
  4. TODAY – Broadcast emails.

The Purpose of Building a List

As basic as this is, it is important to remember what we are doing here.
The end game of Internet Marketing is to sell things.  In order to do this you provide value to your niche and make offers.  It’s just that simple.

Where we are in the Walk Through

              BEFORE AWeber – should be done already

  1. You need a website or a blog.  It is also possible to use a tab on a Facebook Fan Pag.
  2. You need what is often called an “Ethical Bribe”  This is something that you think your niche audience would see as valuable enough to trade their email address for. (See my eBook “Build an eBook in 30 Minutes or Less”)


  1. Create Your Main List – this is the list your will send a series of emails to when people sign up for your Ethical Bribe.
  2. Create a list specific to you Ethical Bribe.
  3. Create a “Paid Customer List” – we will use this one later
  4. Use the automation feature to automatically sign people up for your main list when they ask for your ethical bribe.
  5. Create a day 0 email in your main list.  It says: “The item you requested is on the way in a separate email”   Make this generic.
  6. Create a day 0 email in your product specific list.  It says: “here is the download you requested.”
  7. Create a series of emails that will go out to people who respond to your ethical bribe.
  8. Create a Squeeze page or a Widget in your blog when you offer your ethical bribe.
  9. Create a Thank You Page in your website or blog where you Thank the person for asking for your material AND OFFER THEM SOMETHING ELSE, something with a price tag.   (We also covered creating cool buttons.)
  10. Create a Web Form in AWeber.  The Web Form will be, at the very least, a place for the person to put their email address and a SUBMIT button.  AWeber provides you with the HTML code to insert into your Squeeze page or Widget.  When people enter their email and press submit, the information is sent to AWeber and the person is automatically added to your list.
  11. Paste the HTML code into your Squeeze page and or widget.


  1. Send one time Broadcast messages to your list when something new and unusual or useful happens.
  2. Check the Statistics.

AWeber Tutorial

At the top right of the AWeber screen the last menu option is Reports.  Their tutorial does as good a job of going over these reports as I can.  Here is the link.

I suggest you look through this report looking for several things

  1. Where are people unsubscribing from your list.
  2.  Which emails are not getting opened (this indicates a Subject line that doesn’t grab the reader’s attention)

Here is the main Report under the Reports Menu Option

Reports-Daily New Subscribers

The different colors in each bar show you how many subscribed, unsubscribed and didn’t confirm once they opted in.

(If you are using my Multi-List System you won’t have any unverified since we are not using double opt-ins.)

Below this chart there are numbers for each day.

More Report Info

You can click on any one of the bars and see more information about the time of Day that your emails were opened.

Look at Your Subscriber List

I recently noticed that follow-up emails were not going out to one of my lists.  When I looked at the subscribers I  where everyone was stuck on message 3.  When I looked at the subscribers, I saw this:

Message Number Set High

I realized what had happened and manually changed the subscribers back to message 1 – where they should have been.

This is the kind of thing you are looking for when you look through the reports.

Using AWeber Reports and Data on Broadcast Messages

When you click on messages –> Broadcast Messages you will see a list of messages.  There is data beside each message you wrote.

Broadcast Messages
Broadcast Messages Stats

Here you can see a couple of broadcast messages I sent to a small list.  This list is under the Top Menu Messages –> Broadcast Messages.

Segment – Who it was sent to.  If this list had segments and I didn’t send it to everyone then you would see which segment I chose here.

Type – Did I create a Text only, an HTML only or the standard which sends an HTML and a Text (some browsers and email clients and some users do not process HTML messages.  I think that this is happening less and less, but it used to be a big issue.)

Spam – AWeber processes your message through a filter and reports how likely your message is to land in your recipients SPAM folders.  The higher the number the more likely your message will never be seen.  We’ll talk about that in a minute.  AWeber says that any score below 5 is good to go.   The number is a link.  Click on it to see the errors that were flagged.

Opens – in this case 14 and 17.  Out of 125 emails that is actually not bad at all.

NOTE:  The way systems count opens involves how often an image in the email is opened.  Recipients receiving the email with images turned off will not get counted even though they read the email.  You need to take this number with a real grain of salt!

Clicks – How often did the Call to Action in your email get clicked on.

What the SPAM Number Means

AWeber uses a very popular spam filter called Spam-Assassin.   They pass your email through the filters and return a score.   There are lots of articles on common mistakes that will get your emails marked as SPAM.

Common SPAM Errors

This is very difficult to write without getting my own email sent to the SPAM folder.

Here are some common rules to avoid.

  1. The words “click” plus anything – use visit.
  2. Dollar signs
  3. Multiple Exclamation points together
  4. All Caps
  5. Word that say you get something for nothing especially the first four letters of freeze.  🙂
  6. Extra large letters or extra bold colors.

Remember that AWeber gives you a SPAM score number.  That number is a link.  If you click on it, AWeber will tell you what is wrong with your email.

This has been a VERY basic introduction AWeber Reports and Data

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

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