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Gearbubble Tip: Check Gearbubble Daily Sales on a Smart Phone

For Print of Demand sellers who use Gearbubble – You are usually interested in checking your Gearbubble Daily Sales fairly regularly. (The usual answer to the question “How often do you check?” is “Way too many times!” ūüôā¬† ) For one thing you want to see the number, for another you want to make sure […]

Gearbubble and AWeber – Creating an Email List From POD Products

Gearbubble and AWeber – Gearbubble is one of the few Print On Demand (POD) companies that has an integration with several email providers.¬† ¬†Using this integration you can potentially add a new subscriber to your email list every time you sell a product. It doesn’t work quite that way though.¬† The email providers are required […]

Photoshop Elements and POD – Print On Demand Products (like

Photoshop Elements‚ĄĘ¬† is the younger sibling of Photoshop‚ĄĘ.¬† While it doesn’t have all of the horsepower, it is easier to use, it is mature, there is a ton of on-line help and it does many things VERY well.¬† ¬†I find that it is especially powerful for creating MEMEs (images with words on them) and Print-on-Demand […]

Photoshop Elements and Gearbubble – Write Text Around a Heart Necklace

One of the tasks that Print-On-Demand Sellers face is putting text around the inside of a shape.¬† A common example is text inside a heart shape so that it can be uploaded and used to create a heart shaped necklace.¬† ¬†Photoshop Elements can do this and it is fairly easy, one you have the basic […]

Photoshop Elements and Print-on-Demand – Write Circular Text for A Gearbubble Necklace

One of the things that Print On Demand (POD) Sellers often want is to create a circular design with words that go around the circle.¬† These are used to create products like’s necklaces. Here is an example.     Rather than show you every step here, we have a document you can download that […]

Easy Gearbubble Necklace Upload – A Simple Way to Fit Your Design Into The Mock-up

Launching Print-on-Demand (POD) products on Gearbubble is fairly easy.¬† You take a PNG file with a transparent background and upload it on top of a mock-up on their website.¬† Fill in a few fields and you have a product you can sell.¬† No system is perfect however and sometimes taking a design an getting it […]

Facebook Page Posts Tip – A Workaround for a Common Issue

A Facebook Page Posts Tip:¬† The Facebook‚ĄĘ “Page Posts” page is part of the Ads Manager.¬† ¬†Online advertisers use it to create posts that are attributed to a Facebook Page, but are never shown on that page.¬† (They don’t want to clutter up a community page with lots of advertising posts.)\ On the basic page […]

Fonts that are Free to Use Commercially for POD Products

Introduction to Zip and Description of over 100 Fonts that are “Free to Use Commercially” Print on Demand (POD) products like t-shirt and mugs usually have sayings or quotes on them.¬† This requires that you use a font.¬† While all of our PCs come with standard fonts, these often do not deliver the punch or […]

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