Gearbubble and AWeber – Creating an Email List From POD Products

Gearbubble and AweberGearbubble and AWeber – Gearbubble is one of the few Print On Demand (POD) companies that has an integration with several email providers.   Using this integration you can potentially add a new subscriber to your email list every time you sell a product.

It doesn’t work quite that way though.  The email providers are required by law to make sure that each subscriber to a list knows that they are being added to an email list.   When you sign up to get a free eBook and give your email in exchange, it is assumed that you know that you are going to be part of an email list and are going to receive a series of emails.  When your buy a product from a company like Gearbubble, that isn’t true.  Most customers wouldn’t think that they are also signing up for a series of emails  (they might not even buy is they did think that).  The solution from the email providers side is to send one email asking the subscriber to confirm that they want to be on a new email list.  The percentage who say YES varies, but it is VERY rare to see the percentage even approach 50%.

Even so, 1 new free subscriber for every 50 sales seems like a deal to most serious email marketers and you can do that.  You just need to go through some steps to integrate Gearbubble and Aweber.

The PDF attached to this post goes through the steps to attach Gearbubble and Aweber.   Rather than go through them all here, you can download the PDF and print it if you want.  That makes it much easier to follow along as you do the steps.


Gearbubble and Aweber Overview

  1.  Create an account on Gearbubble – i assume you have done that or you wouldn’t be interested.
  2. Create an Account on AWeber – very easy – there is a monthly charge,  If you would like to give me a small (very small) commision each month you can sign up using this link 
  3. Create a list for one of your niches
  4. Create a Welcome email for the list (you MUST do this before you sign people up.  If you don’t AWeber will block the subscriber from ever receiving any of your emails).
  5. Open your Gearbubble account and go through a few steps to attach Gearbubble and your Aweber account.
  6. The first option under Settings when you launch a new campaign on Gearbubble is a menu option that allows you to select which email provider and which list you would like purchasers of the new product  to be subscribed to.;
  7. Back in Aweber – Create a follow-up sequence of emails that every new subscriber will receive.
  8. In Aweber – Send broadcast emails announcing specials

Click here to get the PDF

I hope this helps you grow a monster email list and grow your profits at the same time.  Oh Hale Yes!

P.S.. Here is an article that gives links to other article I have written on Gearbubble, Photoshop Elements and Aweber Click Here

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