Facebook Page Posts Tip – A Workaround for a Common Issue

Facebook Page Posts TipA Facebook Page Posts Tip:  The Facebook™ “Page Posts” page is part of the Ads Manager.   Online advertisers use it to create posts that are attributed to a Facebook Page, but are never shown on that page.  (They don’t want to clutter up a community page with lots of advertising posts.)\

On the basic page you can scroll down a list of the posts for a particular Facebook Page.   There is some very basic data shown in that list.

You can also create a post from the page.  As noted above, marketers often choose not show the the posts on the Facebook page.  These posts are called Dark Posts.

Another major feature of the Page Post page is that you can see all of the interaction a particular post has had.  For example:


Facebook Page Posts Tip

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Facebook Page Posts Tip:  Problem

The problem is that sometimes you don’t get this pop-up screen with all of its data.  You get a small line across the page.  (See below).

Facebook Page Posts Tip:  Solution

Solution:    It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but 99% of the time when I go to the Business Settings page and then come back to the Page Posts page, the problem is resolved.

Quick Problem/Solution Overview


Another Facebook Page Posts Tip is that this page shows you the Post ID number.  Marketers creating Facebook ads often need this Post ID number since the post they are looking for doesn’t show in the list of “Existing Posts” that you see when editing Ads in the Ads Manager or the Power editor.  The Page ID is in the upper left corner of each of the listings on the Page Posts page.

There is another way to view these posts (often called Dark Posts since they don’t show on any Facebook Page).  You can Preview them in the Power Editor or in the Ads Manager for those who have the new version that merged the old Ads Manager and the Power Editor.  There is a PREVIEW option there.   However this screen contains some very nice information and it helps to be able to use it.

I hope this help you.  Oh Hale Yes!



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