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Gearbubble Tip: Check Gearbubble Daily Sales on a Smart Phone

For Print of Demand sellers who use Gearbubble – You are usually interested in checking your Gearbubble Daily Sales fairly regularly. (The usual answer to the question “How often do you check?” is “Way too many times!” ūüôā¬† ) For one thing you want to see the number, for another you want to make sure […]

Gearbubble and AWeber – Creating an Email List From POD Products

Gearbubble and AWeber – Gearbubble is one of the few Print On Demand (POD) companies that has an integration with several email providers.¬† ¬†Using this integration you can potentially add a new subscriber to your email list every time you sell a product. It doesn’t work quite that way though.¬† The email providers are required […]

Photoshop Elements and POD – Print On Demand Products (like

Photoshop Elements‚ĄĘ¬† is the younger sibling of Photoshop‚ĄĘ.¬† While it doesn’t have all of the horsepower, it is easier to use, it is mature, there is a ton of on-line help and it does many things VERY well.¬† ¬†I find that it is especially powerful for creating MEMEs (images with words on them) and Print-on-Demand […]

Photoshop Elements and Gearbubble – Write Text Around a Heart Necklace

One of the tasks that Print-On-Demand Sellers face is putting text around the inside of a shape.¬† A common example is text inside a heart shape so that it can be uploaded and used to create a heart shaped necklace.¬† ¬†Photoshop Elements can do this and it is fairly easy, one you have the basic […]

Photoshop Elements and Print-on-Demand – Write Circular Text for A Gearbubble Necklace

One of the things that Print On Demand (POD) Sellers often want is to create a circular design with words that go around the circle.¬† These are used to create products like’s necklaces. Here is an example.     Rather than show you every step here, we have a document you can download that […]

Easy Gearbubble Necklace Upload – A Simple Way to Fit Your Design Into The Mock-up

Launching Print-on-Demand (POD) products on Gearbubble is fairly easy.¬† You take a PNG file with a transparent background and upload it on top of a mock-up on their website.¬† Fill in a few fields and you have a product you can sell.¬† No system is perfect however and sometimes taking a design an getting it […]

Facebook Page Posts Tip – A Workaround for a Common Issue

A Facebook Page Posts Tip:¬† The Facebook‚ĄĘ “Page Posts” page is part of the Ads Manager.¬† ¬†Online advertisers use it to create posts that are attributed to a Facebook Page, but are never shown on that page.¬† (They don’t want to clutter up a community page with lots of advertising posts.)\ On the basic page […]

Free to Use Fonts You Can Use Commercially for POD Products

Introduction to Zip and Description of 68 “Free to Use Fonts”¬† Print on Demand (POD) products like t-shirt and mugs usually have sayings or quotes on them.¬† This requires that you use a font.¬† While all of our PCs come with standard fonts, these often do not deliver the punch or enhance the statement we […]

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