Productivity Tip: – Don’t Be Too Easy on Yourself

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Productivity Tip: – Don’t Be Too Easy on Yourself


Too Easy On Yourself

Don’t Be Too Easy On Yourself


Don’t be too easy on yourself.  Now there is a scary thought.  One of the most difficult tasks for many Home Based Business owners is be productive – cash earning productive.  The problem with not having a boss is that you have to be your own boss. Be a TOUGH BOSS!

The Tip of the Day is “Don’t Be Too Easy On Yourself!

You need to set your minute by minute objectives is such a way that if you don’t perform, you are pissed  at yourself.  (Excuses the graphic language, it just didn’t
work for me with mild expletives.)





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Don’t Be Too Easy On Yourself

Confession time.   I’ve been to a LOT of workshops over
the last year or so.  One message I heard over and over
was “use a timer!, “Set a 30 minute deadline and when
the timer rings you are done.”

I’ll be quite frank.  I resisted this.  No, that’s not true, I
resisted vehemently.  I have programmed computers
for 40 some years and that kind of philosophy DOES NOT
WORK when you are programming a computer.  If the
function you are working on doesn’t work at the end of
your 30 minutes, you absolutely cannot just say “Oh Well,
That’s Good Enough.”  That was part of my reluctance.

Another part involved stress.  A clicking clock increases
stress and I’m all about reducing stress.

The fact that I was struggling against this suggestion
told me that part of me thought there was value there.
I usually have no problem tossing out ideas that I really
don’t think are worthwhile.

I’ve listened to Ann Sieg (a lot) and to Ray Highdon
and they both are telling me the same thing.  Eric Walker
(part of Ann’s 8020 team) stresses the same thing.  Soooo
there must be something there.

Let me add one more pieces to my puzzle.  Ray Higdon
hammers one pont over and over.  “Look at your results!”
It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much
you think you know.  Look at your results.  If they
aren’t where you want them to be – change.

So things have changed for me and I’m looking at micro-
deadlines.  It still hurts to even say it, but I believe
this is the only way to stop being too easy on myself.

So now I’m suggesting that you set micro deadlines.  Well,
I think I’ve been too easy on myself.  And that hurts!

What changed?

I read an ebook by Jason Fladlein called “Double Your
Productivity For Life”  I’m going to give you an
affiliate link here.  I recommend the book.  (The only
way I can point you to it is with an someone’s affiliate
link, so it might as well be mine.)  Double Your Productivity

Jason started with an example that really got under my
skin.  He had a client who was struggling every day to
write emails to his list.  It took well over an hour every
day to generate the emails.  Jason told him that his
client that he would cut that time to a fraction without
sacrificing quality.

It seemed that the step that took the longest was creating
the headline.  Jason’s prescription  was to take 60 seconds
and then go with whatever you had – EVEN IF YOU HAD
NOTHING.  My ears perked up and I darned near yelled
at my monitor – “What about the “How does that qualify
as no reduction in quality?”   Jason went on to recommend that
the client set a timer for 10 minutes and send the email
at the end of that time regardless of what it looked like.

Okay – at this point, I’m thinking that Jason is an idiot
and anyone who listens to him is a double idiot.  (Color
me a triple idiot at this point.)

I did read on and suddenly it made sense.  If you send
out one email with a rotten subject line, you are going to
be really pissed.  Not at Jason, but at yourself.  You will
make darn sure that it doesn’t happen again..  For example
you might bookmark a site like this; Email Subjects Lines

The more you work this way, the easier it become AND
the more productive you are.


There are lots more in the 100 page book but there is
one more productive tip that I took home.  Jason doesn’t
like To Do Lists.  Every night before he stops working
he uses a sheet of paper and writes his MUST DO LIST
for the next day.  He also has “Things I’d Like to Get
Done” in a second list, but these aren’t worked on until
the MUST DO LIST is crossed off.  The items are time
bounded and he works hard to have “something
worthwhile” done by the end of the time period.

MUST DO’s Plus “Ticking
Yourself Off” if You Miss
a Deadline = Production

Without a doubt these two techniques will raise your stress level.
One the other hand, if your productivity level doubles or triples,
THe extra money will make the pain go away.

Bonus Tip – Jason divides his day into two parts.  The academic
education part and the experience education part.  The
experience education part is all action.  All money-making

So, as I said in the title, “Don’t be too easy on yourself” and make it
to the top!

Is this great?  Oh Hale YEs!




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