Pro Marketing Summit – Day 2 – Current Facebook Strategies

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Pro Marketing Summit – Day 2 – Current

Facebook Strategies

Current Facebook Strategies

Current Facebook Strategies


Michelle Pescosolido – arguably the best Facebook trainer in the business gave an hour and a half of marketing gold on the second day of the Pro Marketing Summit.
Michelle gave solid value to the crowd who were definitely hanging on every word.




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Facebook Strategies

Ray Higdon never fails to introduce Michelle as the
“best there is” in the arena of Facebook advertising.
She has risen in the course of a few short years to the
point where she knows and teaches the current
Facebook strategies.

She always points out that Facebook is changing, virtually
every day.  These changes mean that the Facebook strategies
that were working last week, may not work today.

The example she gave this weekend used an case
using a MLM company name.  One of her clients was
successfully using an ad like this: “Struggling in ACN?”.
Facebook DOES NOT LIKE you using MLM names
in your ads.  Since the client was being allowed to
to do this, she thought maybe Facebook has softened
their policy.  When she tried it, her account was shut
down.   Her point to everyone – DON’T DO IT.

Be especially careful if Facebook has sent you a warning


There is a temporary workaround, but it may not
last long and at some point it will definitely get your
account shut down.  She doesn’t recommend this
Facebook Strategy, but wanted us to know how things
are working today.  When Facebook tightens their
guidelines (again) this will be very similar to the Google
Slap from a few years ago.

In the mean time, this workaround is useful for
a variety of things that are difficult to get
approved using regular ads.  If you avoid MLM
names, it can get you very nice results.

A Current Facebook Strategy.

You can create a status update on your fan
page.  Right now, you can put virtually anything
in that post, but be warned – that won’t last long.

When you go to the Ad Manager, you can select
an ad that promotes your Fan Page.  You can
further select to focus on one status update.  The
text in your status update become the text in
you ad.   There is a small button that lets you
select an image that you would like to show with
the ad.  If you don’t choose an image, Facebook
will use a standard image.

It is a good tactic to word your post so that when
it shows as an ad you have text followed by “…”
which encourages the reader to click on the ad.
This will take them you your fan page where your
status update can have as much information as you
want to encourage the viewer to take the next step.

Note that when this type of ad appears in Facebook,
the image will be bigger than the image associated
with normal ads.  This is to your advantage, since it
makes you ad stand out.

Michelle recommends that you create a different
status post for each ad.  Target as tightly as you

On advantage of this Facebook strategy is that these
ads have usually been approved in less than five
minutes.  The main criterion seems to be that
the gist of your ad matches the gist of the rest of the
status update and the gist of where ever you send
the people who click on the Call To Action.  The
whole stream must be congruent.

BTW – Facebook does NOT like images that seem to
be videos (have the little arrow in the middle of
the screen).  They don’t approve things that aren’t
what they seem to be.

Another of Michelle’s Facebook Strategies

When you have enough likes on your Fan Page, there
is a button at the bottom of the Fan Page.  The button
is labeled PROMOTE.  This creates a status update
that will show in the newsfeed of all the people who
like your page.   It costs money, but it gets you much
more distribution than normal status updates.  Normal
status updates are luck if they reach 20% of your fans.

The Last of Michelle’s Facebook Strategies

In the last part of her talk on Facebook Strategies, Michelle
covered how her husband uses Facebook and the phone.  He
looks for Facebook groups that are local to their community.
He watches the comments and looks for people who have
their phone number in their profile.   He will call them and
say “Hi.  I see you are a member of the (for example. Cisco
Breakfast Group)… So am I.  He works to build a relationship.

He also will use the Facebook Search function.  He can search
for something like “Financial Planner.”   Facebook looks for
anyone who has those words anywhere in their profile.  Facebook
will suggest a few than then give you a “show all results” option.

You can chose that option and look at the profiles of people
until you find someone you resonate with.  At that point you
can use the Facebook Personal Message function to contact
the person and build a relationship.  I covered this Facebook
Strategy in more detail in a post that covered Jessica Higdon’s
webinar on Prospecting Using Facebook.

There was more nuggets of Gold in day 2 of
Ray Higdon and Magnetic Sponsoring’s Pro
Marketing Summit, but that is enough for today.

Facebook Strategies by Michelle Pescosolido

Hale and Michelle - Pro Marketing Summit

Hale and Michelle – Pro Marketing Summit












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