Finding Leads On Facebook – and Then Working with Them

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Finding Leads On Facebook – and Then Working with Them

Finding Leads on Facebook

Finding Leads on Facebook

Finding Leads on Facebook is something that  many
marketers (network marketers and traditional marketers)
would like to do.  The key question is HOW?   Here is a step-
by-step formula for finding leads on Facebook from some
of the best in the business.




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Finding Leads On Facebook – and Then Working with Them

If you are reading this blog, you are probably interested in Finding Leads on Facebook.  I know
I certainly am.   One way to be find leads to to be found online by  people using the search engines.
However there are more proactive ways to find leads.
Here is one free method of Finding Leads on Facebook using Facebook’s Private Message (PM) system.

These are proven steps for Finding Leads on Facebook and Closing them!  I have taken these from several sources

  • Tim Sales at the Cash Control Academy – his Inviting Formula,
  • Jessica Higdon at Ray Higdon’s Mastermind Day –,
  • Tony and Michele Molinaro at a Network Marketing training day,
  • my personal experience
  • others.

You should consider prospecting and recruiting as a series of steps.  You don’t move to the next step until you have completed the previous step.


(they are not a Prospect  yet.  You may decide to never talk to them about your opportunity.)

Finding someone to talk to.   (Always look for positive people that seem to be the type of person you could be friends with.)

  • You can PM (Private Message) people you are friends with, but often you are looking for new leads.)
  • You can look up old friends and start a PM conversation (High School or College yearbooks, look at the Friends of your old friends that you have already friended
    – you will see people you had forgotten about)
  • New People 1 – look for things you have in common – Hobbies, people who have read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, attended the same schoo- hil etc.
  • New People 2- – look at the comments on groups that you find that the kind of people you want to talk to hang out on.  For example, Robert Kiosakie’s FB Page. Look for comments you can relate to.  You will even find the occasional “My MLM just went belly up, I’m looking for something new.”  (DO  NOT PM these people and pitch them your business.)
  • DO NOT go down the Friend’s list of an industry guru and blast the members.

Step 1 of the conversation – THE GREETING

  1. Open with something you have in common.
    You need something you have in common in order to talk to a person.

    • I have a boxer, you have one too, let’s connect BTW I saw your comment on XXX page, I’d really like to connect.
    • I see you live in Kalamazoo, I grew up there or I live there too.
  2. Listen and be assertive – use a “voice” that is slightly more assertive then they are.  You need to be in control of the situation, but do not overpower them or be overpowered by them.  Insist on getting to know them even if they suddenly ask you to “get to the bottom line.” CARE – Be 100% interested in the other person and their pain.  Your business is to provide them with something that will improve their lives.  You are not trying to convince them to “buy” something. You are building rapport and working on the “Know and Like” part of “Know, Like and Trust.”
  3. Always end with a Question  (Lead the conversation
    with these questions)

    • Jessica Higdon almost always starts with the question “What do you do?”  (If they come back with “I do x. What do you do?” DO NOT make your pitch here.  You are still in the GREETING stage and you don’t know what they want or what their pain is yet. You might say “I help people work from home which is really important now based on the way the economy is going.  Tell me, why did you get into what you do?”  Remember  normal people say things like “I’m a teacher” or “I work for IBM” You need to be “normal people” – don’t be weird.) Jessica also like a question  from the book “Endless Referrals.”  After she knows a little about what the person does, she asks “How will I know when a person would be a  good prospect or client for YOU?”   This question is about benefiting the person you are talking to, not YOU.
    • How long have you had your boxer?
    • You can ask leading questions like “How is the economy affecting your business?  I have some friends in your business and they have been hit really hard.  Is that happening to you?”
    • Are you marketing primarily online or offline?  For how long?
    • Follow up is critical.   If you had a conversation going and it lags, restart it.  People get busy!!
  4. YOUR BLOG – This can be a VERY powerful part of the conversation.   You want to have written posts that address many of the pains and questions  that people have. When one of them comes up you can say “Hey, I wrote a post on my blog about that a while back.  Here is the link….” You have just established yourself as an expert.
  5. The Greeting continues until they have shared something personal or painful in their lives. DO NOT  move to the next step until you are talking to the real  person instead of their “formal persona”.  You need  to hear their wants, needs and pain.

Step 2 of the conversation – THE QUALIFICATION

  1. Here you are probing to see if they are unhappy with where they are.  If they are happy, they don’t
    have a problem and your various “solutions” won’t interest them.  (This step my do itself if they answer
    a questions  with a statement that they are looking for something better.)
  2. You may decide that you just don’t want to pursue the person if their personality rubs you wrong.

Step 3 of the conversation – INVITE/CLOSE TO ACTION

  1. This is where you send them a link to your “Solution.”  
    • You should have several – products, services, network marketing
    • ALWAYS ASK IF YOU CAN SEND A LINK before your send it. NEVER send an unsolicited link.  Even if they say “Tell me what you have.” You respond with “Can you tell me more about what you are looking for and Is it okay if I send you a link?”  (This helps you decide which link to send them.)
    • Get their phone number so you can talk after they view the link info.  (A good tip for getting the phone number is to say  “Here’s my
      phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx You may want to call me with questions after you have viewed the information.  How about giving me your number so I can put it into my phone and I’ll know that it is you when you call?”)

Step 4 of the conversation – FOLLOWUP

  1.  The closing will almost always happen on the phone. Call them after they have had time to view the link.
    • When you call you can say “Hey, this is xx from Facebook.  I’m just reaching out.  I wondered if you have watched the video?  I just wanted you to know that I’m a real person.”
    • What did you like best about the video?
    • If they are in network marketing – How long have you been in network marketing?  What are your goals?  How much money do you need to reach your retirement goal?  Why haven’t you reached those goals in the past? Finish the call with “Based on what you have said, I have some  information that might be useful to you. Is this the best email to reach you with?
    • Never say “When can you look at  the information?” Say “How Soon can you watch it?”  The difference is extreme.  When is often two or three  weeks.  How soon is often tonight or tomorrow morning.  You want to call right after they have gone over the material. They are at their most  exited point then.
    • Book the next step.


Be sure your Profile is complete and does not pitch your opportunity.  You might mention it, but don’t hammer. You might put a picture of a product up now and then.  Put lots of pictures up of you having fun.  (Fund your Fun with your opportunity.) .  Think about your Avatar and what they might want to see.

Conclusion – Finding Leads on Facebook is possible, you just need to have a system and follow the system.

Finding Leads On Facebook – and Then Working with Them

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  1. Sigrid McNab says

    Thanks so much Hale for this post. I like the step by step guidance on how to locate your leads and also on how to follow up. This is very helpful- so many people get bogged down on the process.

    • Thanks Bridget. I do try 🙂
      Hale Yes!

    • Thank you Sigrid. Obviously I too and a “step-by-step” kind of person. Give me a structure and I’ll grow from there, but don’t send out with a “just be nice to people and engage them…..”

      Hale Yes!

  2. Fantastic post Hale. It’s interesting to see that your niche if I’m correct is Sruggling Network Marketers. Having watched Ray Higdon’s Problog Academy module 1 and realising how important it is to create the ideal prospect, I have to admit I wrestled for days trying to figure it out.

    Realising that 97% of network marketers fail in their first year I could see that this was a massive market to tap into, but also accepting that the term network marketers was too broad term.

    And then it came to me, 97% are failing because they are struggling, so I decided to target Struggling Network Marketers. Any tips you could share with me to this end would be most appreciated.

    Oh, by the way I love your cover on facebook. Being a christian myself it really resonated with me

    • Thanks for the kind words John. BTW I took the cover photo outside a restaurant a couple of years ago. The sky looked so angry that I had to dig out my tripod and camera and start clicking.


    • Hi John, nice to meet you.
      I love that you’ve identified something where a group
      of people have a problem & your working on offering a solution.
      -You may want to narrow down your target market a bit, because
      struggling network marketers is a huge group.
      -I always recommend that people think about who they like to work with (starting with do you like working with men or women better? What’s the age range?
      I’ll send you a PM and share my blog post with you, as it may help… otherwise you may want to come to the weinbar I’m having next week on The Simple Secrets to Unlocking Your Target Market.

      • Hi Marion,

        I’m not John, but that’s Okay. I’m particualarly targeting people who are just trying to come on lind and get into Attraction Marketing where Leads Find You. While that is large, it is my passion since it is what got me on line and in to the Renegade Inner Circle Team.

        Thanks for the comment.

        Hale Yes!

  3. Thanks Hale,

    Facebook Marketing is a great way to build your business if done right. And follow up is so important. Thanks for the great tips.


  4. Great post Hale! A lot of untrained networkers are using Facebook the wrong way, pitching right away and posting links to their business all over the place (which ruins it for a lot of us). Love your professional approach and this article is a must-read for everyone wanting to find leads on Facebook and other social media sites.

    • I couldn’t agree more Ryan. Part of the reason I put this post together was because I had seen a lot of bad practices and heard some good training, but was having trouble tying it all together.


  5. Nice post. I watched Tim Sales go through this training recently and he really is a great teacher and believes in training his downline in lead generation. The idea of being 100% interested in the other person is timeless, but if forced, people become suspicious. Always good to practice active listening all the time with everybody, not just potential business partners.

  6. Hi Hale

    Great post. I have just joined renegade team and I am going through the various steps so I am sure this and everything from DMC will be useful.


    • Welcome Linda,

      Thanks for the comment.
      One of the first little things I would suggest (and you’ll find that I suggest a lot 🙂 ) is to go to and sign up and upload an image. It is free and all of the WordPress blogs query them to find if your email has an image. That way we get to see your smiling face when you comment.

      Again, Welcome and Thanks,
      Dr. Hale

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  9. John Halsall says

    Excellent article, many thanks for sharing

  10. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s
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    I must say that you’ve done a superb job with this.
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    Excellent Blog!
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  11. Thanks Dr Hale, I needed these tips to help me be systematic on Facebook as far as networking for prospect. This will help me as i plan to revive my activities on FB…I will check your FB page from the DMC resource file soon!

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