Have You Ever Thought About What Your Time is Worth?

Have You Ever Thought About What Your Time is Worth?

What Your Time is Worth
What is Your Time Worth?

If you thinking about getting into Internet Marketing, you need to figure out what you plan to make and how you plan to do it.   It is VERY easy to get sucked into the next shiny thing and to waste a lot of time.   One thing that will help you avoid this is to put a price tag on every hour of your time.   Now you might ask “How do I do that?”   Dan Kennedy gave us a formula and one of his certified coaches spelled it out in his blog.  (Here is Andrew Cass’s on what your time is worth.)




Your Time is Worth Something, but what?

First let’s set a target for how much you would like to make via Internet
Marketing: $100,000,  $200,000, $300,000?  We need to dream big
but not so big that our subcouncious says “NO WAY!”

I’m going to use $200,000, because for most people that is serious money
and becuase it makes the math we are going to do easy! (Hey I’m writing
this, I get to cheat a little.)  This gives a good example of what your
time is worth.

Let’s start figuring out how much need need to make per hour to make this
happen.   We all know there are 365 days in most years, but we also know that
with weekends, holidays and vacations, it is a rare bird that actually works all
365 day.   Usually the average is around 250 work day.

So we take an 8 hour work day and multiple it by 250 and we get 2,000 hours.
(See how it made the math easy?)  $200,000 divided by 2,000 hours gives us
a number for what your time is worth: about $100/hour.   So when you waste
an hour you have cost yourslef about $100.


Logical as the last paragraph might have seemed, there is abundant ressearch
that shows it is flawed.  Study after study concoludes that that on the average
we get about THREE productive hours out of every EIGHT hour work day.

When we multiple 250 days by 3 we get 750 productive hours.  Divide that into
$200,000 and you get about $267 dollars per hour.


When you look at what your time is worth this way, it makes wasting
time a whole lot more serious.

If you go to a group meeting about Internet Markeing – did you get
$500 worth of value?

If you attend a webinar on Internet Marketing, did you get $267
worth of value for every hour?

This formula puts the time you spend study and not producing
in a whole new perspective.  You time is worth a lot more than
you probably thought!

Now You Have Thought About What Your Time is Worth – Don’t Waste It!







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