Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Tips on Free Traffic

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Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Tips on Free Traffic


Attraction Marketer - Promotion Phase

Attraction Marketer – Promotion Phase

Dr. Hale here, we are talking about becoming an Attraction Marketer.   There are distinct stages or steps that you go through when you decide to become an Attraction Marketer.   You can read the first posts in the series here: It is the Overview, the Formative Phase, the Building Phase and Adding a Sales Funnel posts here.   BTW there was a section in the Formative Phase post about why I have divided the process into phases.


None of this is carved in stone, but you should have something your are at least someone comfortable with before you move on to this step.

  1. Niche and Unique Selling Proposition established – By this time you should have a rough idea of your niche.   We have talked about trying to talk to everyone and how it doesn’t work.  You need to target a group that will resonate with your.  We have also talked about starting with YOU.  People don’t buy into a product or a company, they buy into you.  If you don’t expose yourself – front and center – you make it very difficult for them.
  2. Home Base Built – While I didn’t dwell on options other than a blog in the earlier post, there certainly are some other options.  However a blog is the cheapest and simplest for a solo entrepreneur to build and support.  Our home base should have a sales funnel built into it.
  3. Sales Funnel – Your blog has a sales funnel installed.

 Phase 3 – The Promotion Phase – Actively Reaching Out.

As I said in the Overview, for an emerging Attraction Marketer the basic decisions that must be made early on are very similar to those that a person who is planning to open a store must make.  Using the store analogy, so far we figured out what we are going to sell and how we want to be unique enough to attract customers.   We also also built, bought or rented a building (or at least part of one.)  We also have set up our displays, have a cash register and a merchant account to that we can take credit cards and make sales.

Now we sit back and wait for the customers to walk in the door.   NOT!

My Bkog -Message in a bottle

My Bkog -Message in a bottle

Anyone who has owned a small business or made their living consulting, cringes at the “Build a better mousetrap and they will come.” philosophy.  No, you must get out there and wave red flags, hand out coupons……..    It is the same with an online business.  If you don’t actively sell your product (that is YOU by the way), you will sit in your little corner of the world for a long time waiting for people to discover you.


NOTE:  One of the “problems” associated with the Internet and hypertext linking is that processes are not linear any more.  Material about any phase of a project is available ALL THE TIME through search engines like Google and emails and Facebook posts makes us aware of free training every day.

This is just Dr. Hale speaking, but I would suggest that once you start the process of becoming an Attraction Marketer, you actively avoid training that is not relevant to the Phase you are currently working on.  For example, you will get more out of Blogging training if you know what YOU will be blogging about.  So wait until you get there.  You will get much more out of Paid Advertising Training if you know what you are planing to sell.  As far as I’m concerned the phrase “I’ll just learn it now and somehow it will make sense later” leads to quicksand and overwhelm.  You will be actively building misconceptions that you will have to undo later.

Here is What I Believe – If You Don’t Actively Promote Your Blog NEVER Gain a Following

or I could have said:

Promote or Your Blog Dies

Obviously I feel pretty strongly about this.  Let me explain why.  I have studied SEO and Traffic for a couple of years now.  I’ve also been blogging for a couple of years (I started 3 different times 🙂 ).  Here are the trends as I see them.

  • Internet Marketers who are working hard to rank number 1 on Google, put together an offer and then spends days or weeks generating backlinks and social proof to raise the ranking for their page.
  • Blogger create a page and spend maybe an hour or two promoting the post and then go on to the next post.

There is a basic difference in philosophy.   The SEO group is trying to sell a product.

The bloggers are trying to provide solutions to their niche and sell some products along the way.   I talked about this in another post recently – the difference between a niche website and a blog’s niche

Google ranks individual pages and that means our SEO efforts must focus on one or two pages at the expense of all the other pages.  Those other pages are just there to provide support for the key landing page.   Do bloggers think this way?  Not too many IMHO.

There is also evidence that when sites are found by organic search it is almost always by a long or very long tailed key word.  Usually not even one that the author focused on when writing a post.

Let’s add one more thing into the mix.  I know for myself personally the blogs I visit most often are those where I signed up to get notification by email.  These blogs are specially interesting to me, but I still don’t “go out and visit them” regularly.  We have too many other things going on.  The ones that I see in my email and say “Oh That Sounds Interesting” get another visit.

So if SEO is not going bring us the bulk our readers  using organic search, what is the plan?

Jere os a synopsis of the plan that I’m learning – as I see it.

The Plan

  • Definitely continue to do on-page SEO – you will get some traffic and every now and then you’ll hit a home wun and generate a lot of traffic to one of your pages.
  • Identify a free offer (Ethical bribe) you can trade name and email addresses for.  You can create this, use an affiliate product or PLR.
  • Developed a related low cost product that you can offer as a One-Time-Offer when people sign up for your free offer.
  • Drive Traffic to your free offer in order to build your auto-responder list
  • Blog consistently (See Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging for more on that/)
  • Here is the kicker – email your list about each blog post you write.

Objective of this Plan

You want a loyal following who sees that you have posted something new and learns that they will benefit if they read your posts.  Then you make sales offers to this group.

How Do We Drive Traffic

There are basically two major ways to drive traffic to your blog.  There are literally hundreds of variations

Paid Traffic – The first way is to pay for advertising that promotes your free offer.  If you do this right, the One-time-Offer sales will cover the cost of the advertising.  This will steadily build your list – for free.  Right now YouTube seems to be one of the best traffic sources.  You can put an ad in front of people who are searching for what you have to ffer.   Facebook and Google are also major players and Bing is not too far behind.

Free Traffic –  You pay for this traffic with time instead of money.  Commenting on forums, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, blog comment sharing groups and other similar methods puts your name and material in front of people.  Facebook groups and a few forums seem to be the major players right now.

Your Blog is a Bottle in the Middle of the Ocean – You MUST promote to be found.

There you have a Quick Overview of the Becoming an Attraction Marketer – the Promotion Phase (3 of 3)

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

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