Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Three Distinct Stages

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Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Three Distinct Stages

Steps to Becoming an Attraction Marketer

Steps to Becoming an Attraction Marketer

Dr. Hale here.   There are distinct stages or steps that you go through when you decide to become an Attraction Marketer.   This post starts a short series where I will look at each of these stages.

I’ve been an avid student of Attraction Marketing for several years now.  Looking back at my downloads, it looks like I first read Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard in last 2010 and Ann Sieg’s Free eBook the Attraction Marketer‘s Manifesto and The Renegade Network Marketer in late 2011.   Since shortly after I read the Renegade book I began in a personalized coaching program learning the theory and practice of Attraction Marketing.  At this point I am an Attraction Marketer.

The Three Stages

As we coach newcomers and watch them progress, there appear to be three different stages. To me, with 40 years of education background and business and computer systems analysis, these stages seem crystal clear.  I find that for others – not so much.

I tend to work on “projects” and I visualize these as projects.   To be sure, these are projects with fuzzy start and end points, AND you may find yourself looping back to an earlier stage.   Having said that, you should take them one at a time and you should try to reach at least a minimal sense of closure on each stage before you move on to the next.

Becoming an Attraction Marketer: Brick and Mortar Analogy

I am going to use an analogy as we walk through this project to help give the concepts form and substance.   The analogy I’m going to use is a brick and mortal store.   We have decided to open a store.   Okay, let’s go!


If you were going to “open a store”, it is pretty obvious that there are some VERY basic decisions that need to be made at the very beginning of the project.   You know, little decisions like “What kind of store?” and “What are we going to sell?” and “What is going to make our store stand out?”

For an emerging Attraction Marketer the decisions are very similar, but maybe a little more slippery.  At least it is for most of us.

I wrote about the beginning stages of becoming an Attraction Marketer before in the Seven C’s to Better Blogging.  It was C #1.  You have to find your CORE.  This is your niche and your Unique Selling Proposition. And something to sell for $$$.   Please note this last sentence.  A marketer who is not trying to make money is not a marketer, an evangelist or a rabid support perhaps, but not a marketer.

The first thing you will be selling is YOU.  It is often called YOU INC.    We’ll talk about this more in the next post.


There are TWO major dangers when putting together your plan.  1) Going off halfcocked.  You will really resent the wasted time.  2) Never going off.   People hit analysis paralysis.  Understand that your plan will NEVER feel like it is “done.”   It almost can’t be done, but it can be “done enough.”  

When it is, then you move to Stage 2.


The team I work with recommends that you create a blog as your store front.   This is YOUR Property.  All of the sites where are can set up a free account (you know Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)  own your store.   They can (and do) lock the doors at any time they want.  The stories abound.  For example one major Internet Marketer had reached 5,000 friends on his Facebook page.  As new requests came in, they would respond with a private message that said they couldn’t accept any more friends on the profile page and redirect them to a fan page.  Facebook decided they were spamming and the 5,000 friend account was deleted.  Obviously nobody wants that.

Just like a brick and mortar store would have to match the kinds of products being sold and the size of the project, your blog will have to match the image you have decided to create.  Just as an example a small mom and pop general store sells a wide variety of products.  So does Wal-Mart.   There are a few differences in scale and appearance.  J

You also need to stock your store.  In this case it means blog posts and special pages.  More about that later too.  I will say that it surprised me when I saw that the “About Hale” page was one of the most visited pages on my whole blog.   Hmmmm – Attraction Marketing at work?


The temptation here is to say “marketing,” but the honest truth is that the major players in the Attraction Marketing industry became major players through advertising.   Some of it is paid and some of it is free.   It is all intense.   Again, we’ll go into more depth as we complete this series.


There you have it  –   You need a plan, you need a base and you need to tell people that you are open for business.   At its base, Attraction Marketing is not that different from brick and mortar stores.

Those are the three stages of becoming an Attraction Marketer

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. I’m at stage 3 now and it’s one of the most challenging stage so far to date!!
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Earn It, Learn it: Teach Your Child the Value of Money, Work and Time Well SpentMy Profile

    • I’m Curious.
      Does the Three Phase concept work for you. One of my MAJOR mentors just told me that she can’t see it.
      It seems pretty clear to me. So far I’ve had several people say they were is stage 3 or working on stage 1

      I’ld love to know.
      Dr. Hale

  2. Finding that balance between running off half-cocked and analysis paralysis is tricky isn’t it. My father often talks about the point of diminishing returns, where more effort doesn’t yield better results.

    I just reached stage 3 on a project too. Challenging indeed.

    Need. More. Followers. lol

    Cheers Dr. Hale,


    • Eugene,

      I’ve been doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge (every day for 31 – comment on two others when you post and you get 2 comments in return – at least)
      I’ve also been doing the same in several of Ray Higdon’s groups – again leaving comments
      I set up HootSuite to send one message to G+, my LinkedIn, My Fan Page and my Profile and also twitter

      My traffic has gone from 25 per day to close to 200 per day in 10 days. It’s work, but it works

      Dr. Hale

  3. I guess your marketing plan could apply to novels too. You’ve given me food for thought.

    • Francene,

      Thinking good! Hard sometimes, but good. I’ve got a small suggestion. If you go to and give them your email and a photo, your smiling face will appear when you comment on WordPress blogs. It’s all about Branding Yourself.

      Thanks for the comment
      Dr. Hale

  4. Hale,
    This all makes sense. Definitely something to consider if and when the time comes for me to move away from “just” blogging and seek alternative revenue.

    Be well,
    Kina Diaz DeLeon recently posted..Introducing: Monthly Manic Mondays with MarisaMy Profile


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