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Simple Squeeze Page Tracking - AWeber TipSqueeze Page Tracking – this is the phrase I use to describe figuring out where subscribers came from before they arrive on your Squeeze Page.   Internet Marketers typically drive traffic to a squeeze page.  From there Leads opt-in for a free offer.   The Leads basically trade their email address (and perhaps additional information) for something the Marketer is offering.  Knowing which ads work and which work well is critical to being an efficient Internet Marketer

AWeber And Squeeze Page Tracking – Where Did Leads Come From

Typically AWeber will save the URL a Lead signed up with, but no information about where a Lead came from.  The only obvious Simple Squeeze  Page Tracking to determine which ad or affiliate sent a Lead to a page was to have a different page for each source.  This is VERY unsatisfactory from my point of view.  At times I may have 2 Facebook ads, three JV Giveaways, two solo ads and a couple of Funnel Click ads all going simultaneously. If I am running split tests, the number of ads can double or triple.  Having  identical pages (except for  their URLs) for each of these sources  is just a massive waste. It is a Simple Squeeze Page Tracking system, but keeping track of hundreds of virtually identical pages can be an administrative nightmare.   As a result many savvy marketers just don’t bother to really track.  They count clicks and quit.

There are sophisticated ways to track where traffic comes from.  Here is one article I wrote about such a system:  AWeber Traffic Tracking.   In this article I described a way to pass a parameter to WordPress and then pass the value into a field called “Adtracking” in AWeber.

In general we want to know:

  • How many IMPRESSIONS a source had (how many people saw it).
  • How many CLICKS these impressions generated. AND
  • How many CONVERSIONS resulted from these CLICKS.

If we can’t tell where Leads came from then you can’t relate the CLICKS to the IMPRESSIONS.  You also can’t relate the CONVERSIONS to the CLICKS.

In the long run the CONVERSIONS are the most important statistic here. If you have one source where almost everyone clicks on your ad and no-one converts, you have a bad source.  If you have another source where only 10% of the viewers click on the ad, but 100% of them opt-into your list, you have a much better source.  Depending on the cost per click, this may not be a great source, but it certainly better than the former source.

Summary Of A Complete Way To Do Squeeze Page Tracking.


While I went into these steps in more detail in the article I mentioned above, here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Install the plugin URL Params on your WordPress blog.
  2. (Unnecessary – as of Version 4.1 of WordPress, the native editor works as well as any editor when editing AWeber Sign Up Form code.  BTW – “as well as any” does NOT mean GOOD.) Install the CKEditor plugin on your WordPress blog (as of version 3.9.1 WordPress mangles AWeber code as soon as you even open a page using WordPress’s default editor – which is TinyMCE editor.  The same thing happens if you use TinyMCE Advanced – the version we often use).
  3. (Unnecessary as of version 4.1 of WordPress) Activate the CKEditor and deactivate TinyMCE Advanced.
  4. (Unnecessary as of version 4.1 of WordPress) Go into the CKEditor’s settings – Advanced and turn off all but the top check back in the “Output Formatting section.  (See   for more details.)  This makes the HTML code harder to read, but it stops the editor from removing all of the functionality from the AWeber HTML code you paste into your page.
  5. Use the TEXT mode to edit your Squeeze page
  6. Use CTRL-F to search for the word “Adtracking.”

It will say Adtracking=”xxxx” where xxxx is the name/description your have the page when you created it.  Replace the “xxxx” with “None” (Note: all the quotes are needed.)

  1. When you call your squeeze page add “/?adtracking=zzzz” where  zzzz is a code word to describe the ad or affiliate that is calling the squeeze page.  For example  would call the squeeze page called “dsd-offer” on my side and pass the parameter adtracking with the value of “blog”   Anyone who signed up when the page is called this way would  have the value “blog” in the adtracking variable.
  2. In the AWeber tab where I manage my subscribers, I can search for “adtracking is blog” and see exactly how many conversions came from my source “blog”.  I can also go to the AWeber Reports and look at the values of the adtracking variable.

NOTE:  The instructions for URL Params  have a double quote around the default words “adtracking” and “None”.  You need to put a single quote around the whole value and a double quote around the words adtracking and None to make this work in WordPress. You don’t have to use “adtracking” as the parameter”

Simpler Squeeze Page Tracking


There is a simpler way.  It is not as elegant and when you receive emails telling you someone signed up, you won’t be able to tell which source referred them from the subject line.  You have to open to each email to see where they came from.  The method is however much simpler.

Just add /?zzzz where zzzz is a code to the end of your call to the Squeeze Page.  For example     When you look at the information for a Subscriber in AWeber you will be able to see the page they opted-in from.  That URL includes the ?zzzz value.

Example AWeber Subscriber Data for a JV Giveaway Called 4th of July

Simple Squeeze Page Tracking - Example

Now you have a simple way to use one Squeeze Page and still track where each subscriber came from.

Here is how your track the information.

IMPRESSIONS – You will need to get this from the Ad System you are paying to use.

CLICKS – Pretty Link Will Tell You.

Create a Pretty Link and place /?xxxxx after the URL you are targeting   In this case I used “?adtracking=prokoso”


Later when you look in Pretty Link you will be able to see how many times this link was clicked.


#2 will be the number of times this link has been clicked.


Searching your AWeber Subscriber list will tell you how many Subscribers came from this link.


Go to Manage Subscribers for this list:

#1 – Chose “ADD URL” as the variable we want searched

#2 – Choose “Contains” as the method of searching we want.

#3 – Put the code you used here.  in this case adtracking=prokoso

#4 – You will see the count

#5 – You can download this list as a CVS file and look at it in Excel or Google Sheets if yo want.

There you have it – Simple Tracking of Where Subscribers Came From using AWeber and free tools.

Until Next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

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