You Own a Company – You Are Not a Distributor for Network Marketing Company XYZ

You Own a Company – You Are Not a Distributor for Network Marketing Company XYZ


You Own A Company

You Own A Company

You Own A Company – the New Mindset.   Network Marketing is your best bet for building a long term, residual income.   At the same time, some of the things you are taught by these companies are just plain wrong.





Mindset – You Own A Company

When you join most network marketing companies they teach you that your business is being a distributor for the company.   You are taught to say “I partnered with company XYZ.”    They do this to help you focus and prior to the Internet revolution, this made great sense.  Today – not so much.  Today you need to be thinking and saying “I own a company.”

There is a mindset that virtually every successful Internet Marketer has made.  Notice that I did not say Network Marketer.  Many of the successful Network Marketers built their sales organization in previous decades by focusing on just one company and truely see themselves as “a distributor for XYZ.”   Today, with the Internet, that mindset doesnt’ work.  You really need to be thinking “I own a company and I do what is best for my company.”

The New Mindset

Today we hear “Multiple stream of Income,” “Diversify,”  “Don’t get all of your traffic, leads, or income from one source.”  “Don’t feed your leads to some other company.  You own a company and those leads belong to you.”  If you step back and look at the industry as a whole it is easy to see why this is.   I’m just going to be blunt and say it “Many of the apparently rock solid Network Marketing company of today will be gone tomorrow.”   Ask around and listen to the stories of the top money earners in our industry.  Almost to the last person, they have horror stories of losing everything.  The company went away.  The key person died in a plane crash.  The laws changed.  The pay plan was found to be flawed.  Top distirubutors were removed from a company, just so that the company could stop paying the larger checks.  The list goes on and on.


You are running your own company and your Network Marketing company should be see as one of your streams of income.  That statement runs counter to the training you will hear in virtually every company’s training system, but the top money earners will tell you (and do tell you) over and over that this is the ONLY way to fly!  You do what is best for you and your family because you own a company and you must keep you eyes on the big picture.

Remember You Own A Company – With Multiple Stream of Income


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