Why Should You Blog?

Why Should You Blog?

Why Should You Blog?
Reasons Why Should You

There is a function going on today in Las Vegas.  It is
hosted by a well known Internet Marketer Eric Wore.

One of the speakers was Eric Fry.  Ray Higdon commented
on his content and since I agree, I’m talking about it here.

Note that I am assuming that you want to make money as
part of why you blog.


Before I get into the four reasons, let me give a little background.

Blogging is derived from the words “Web Log.”  These started off
in the 1990’s are online diaries.  Over time blogging grew and
today there are at least three major types of blogs.

The first type of blog continues the orginal function
of being an online diary.  Some people just talk about
their day.  Others talk about technical challenges
they are facing and give other advice on how to
solve these challenges when they run into them.

Another type of blog provides commentary on a
particular niche.  This may be breaking news, it
may be currated information from other sources,
and it may be user supplied new and different

The last type, and most interesting here, are blogs
that function online brand advertised fora particular
individual or company.

A typical blog combines text, video, images, and links
to other blogs, other web pages and anything else that
is  related to its topic.

Almost all major blogs include a place for reader to
interact by commenting.  Some blogs have a very
active following.

OKAY – Why Should You Blog?

Eric posited that there were four answers to the question
Why Should You Blog?

  1. To build your reputation.
  2. T0 Generate Buyer Leads
  3. To Build your own assett.
  4. To grow your Network Marketing Organizations.

Why Should You Blog? #1:  Build Your Reputation

It is widely recognized that people buy from people
they know, like and trust.  This means that unless you
are a very large and very well established brand (think
Coca Cola), you need to brand yourself.  People need
to get to know you.  You do this with blogging by
becoming a trusted resource.  You may be a person
who reports the latest developments about a particular
topic.  You may become seen as an expert.  You may
look to become a trusted advisor.  Whatever your
method, you need to be seen and you need to
build your reputation.  This is first answer to
why should you blog?”

Why Should You Blog? #2:  Generate Buyer Leads

You will hear over and over in the Internet Marketing world
“the money is in the list.”   As you blog, you ask people to
give you their email address in return for some type of
ethical bribe.  These email addresses  become your list.
You can email these people with offers,  with useful
information and much more.  It is estimated  that you
can generate $1 per month per person on your list.

Why Should You Blog? #3:  Build Your Own Assett

A blog becomes an assett over time.  As you add more and more
valuable content, your site attracts more an more visitors and
more and more buyers opt in to your mailing list.  If you are
providing valuable information, people will find some of your
posts years after you wrote them.  This is a major reason
why you should blog.

Why Should You Blog? #4:  Grow Your Network Marketing Organization

Obviously not everyone is part of a Network Marketing company,
but many are.  Ray noted that MANY people get on-line for the
express purpose of growing their organization and get sucked
into the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and never do
anything to grow their business.

There may be more reasons, but keeping these four in mind
will help you focus on why you should blog and what you
should be doing with your blog.

THERE YOU HAVE IT -Why Should You Blog? –  4 REASONS

Hale Yes!

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