What is Your Secret – It Might Make You Millions!

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What is Your Secret – It Might Make You Millions!


Your Secret

Your Secret

Attraction Marketing Fans:  Ya ever had one of those days when something popped into your head.and DEMANDED to be written RIGHT NOW!  It’s happened twice this week and that is just feakin’ scary.  The first one was about resolutions that work   Today it’s about Your Secret.


I am assuming you are interested in Attraction Marketing.

If not, you can ask for a refund at the door.  🙂  You might as well leave now.


What Kind of Secret?

Your Secret – the Little Ones – NOT

Now nobody cares about who you kissed behind the gym in the third grade or that you split your pant at the ball game and were able to sneak out with no-one the wiser.  Those are little secrets.

Your Secret – the HUGE ONES – NOT

The child you gave up for adoption when you were 16 and things at that level could work, but in general I’m not talking about them either.

Your Secret  – The Middle Sized One – For Goldy Locks it would be Just Right!

By now you’re thinkin’ “What does he mean by a Middle Sized Secret?” 

It’s the one that your close friends know, but you never mention at a party.  The one that makes you weird.

You know the one “You are addicted to Romance Novels and read one a day.”   “You are one of those ‘animal lovers.'”  “You can’t write until you have taken a walk.”   “Tarot cards really resonate with you.”  I mean there is nothing wrong with having a glass eye or having one leg that is an inch shorter than the other, it’s just that you’ve been taught to leave that subject in the closet as long as possible.  (BTW I’ve run into ALL of these in the last 48 hours!)

Make the Sign!  We are going to write Your Secret

I’ve got a homework assignment for you.  Get a piece of cardboard and a string.  Make yourself a sign you can hang around your neck.

Now visualize yourself at a large holiday party.  You don’t know half the people in the room! 

Now write on the card  “I am weird because ________.”   If it would make you uncomfortable to wear the sign you have a winner.

Go ahead and do it.  I’ll wait.   Da da da duh Da da daaah  Da da da da dot da dadadada (repeat).

OKAY – do you have it?

By now you have either left or you really want to know about your secret.

What Makes This Cardboard potentially worth a Million Dollars?

Let me answer that by telling a little story. 

I was on a coaching call today and we were talking to a very nice woman who worked in a veterinarian’s office.  We asked her what made her special and unique.  Then we asked her what her friends would say about her.  In both instances she gave us a list with several things on it.   We we asked if she loved animals and they loved her.  We got a VERY enthusiastic OF COURSE!   This was her mid-sized secret.  It’s something that she knew in her  heart of hearts was absolutely true.  It is also something that he had been taught not to lead with.   I hear a whispering voice saying “People will think you are weird!”

Why is This Important?

It is pretty simple really.  Here ’tis: There are thousands of people out there with the exact same mid-sized secret.   Usually there aren’t too many people willing to step up and say “I’m one of ‘those'”.

In Attraction Marketing terms – this is a starving crowd, just looking for a leader.  A go-to person who can address them from the “I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m proud of the T-shirt” position.  This is a blog focus just begging to happen.

Not Everyone has One Of These Secrets

That cardboard with your secret on it might have been blank.  That’s okay, you’ll have to find your niche and USP in a different way.

But if you have something on that card, take a good look.  It might be your ticket to millions!

What’s Your Secret?  I can tell you I’m a Jack of All Trades and it Makes life ‘interesting’


↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓


Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


Hale Pringle – Hale Yes!

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Email: HaleYes@HalePringle.com


P.S. If you are working to move your business online and it all seems overwhelming, I can help!  Take a look at http://HalePringle.com, or sign up for the free coaching call. You can email me or give me a Skype call. I’ll give you the benefit of my years of experience and many thousands of dollars in training and searching the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. I can help you with Lead Generation, the feeling of overwhelm, blogging, and even career change. Add that to the finest mentoring on the Internet (Ann Sieg’s Team and Inner Circle) and you have a Winner!

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  1. A very thought provoking blog, I agree entirely, it took me a long time develop a niche for myself, everyone has told me for years that i am excellent at managing my time but I was under the impression that what I did was really very simple and it is, however it appears to be rocket science to a lot of people
    Mike Gardner recently posted..Five ways to increase your productivity and go home on timeMy Profile

    • Mike,

      One of the keys to a special niche for you is something that just “feels natural”. Sounds like time management works for you on many levels. Thanks for the comment.

      Until Next Time Have a Great Day!
      Dr. Hale

  2. Love this Hale!
    The secret has to be something that feels a little challenging to reveal without causing anyone hurt. What’s your medium sized secret?
    Mine could be I have to read business magazines and books to relax before going to bed.
    Cheers, Caylie
    Caylie Price recently posted..6 Ways To Solve Your Website TraumasMy Profile

    • Thanks, Caylie,

      People who know me call me a Chihuahua, but you have to know http://SalesDOgs.com to understand that one (It means that I am a compulsive learner. I really want to know what makes IT tick, whatever IT is.)

      I often have to read escape fiction before I sleep. Anything to do with business (or going to bed while still mulling over the problems I was addressing) leaves my brain ticking and ticking and ticking. It is kind of like some of the old cars, where you could turn the key off, but they just kept chugging.

      Until Next Time Have a Great Day!
      Dr. Hale

      • The reading business books for me is relaxation from working on my business plus day job. It’s also that I can pick up a new idea, think about it for a while then sleep on it.

        • Reading relaxes me to (as I said yesterday – as long as it IS NOT related to my current project.)

          I’m SLOWLY moving to reading on my IPad, but still like my paper books. My sons (26 and 23) are almost completely converted to digital.

          The world is changing.

          Thanks for commenting.
          Dr. Hale

  3. USP and Niche are the two biggest hurdles an online marketer must overcome. I love the picture you painted of hanging a cardboard sign on your neck with the statement, “I am weird because….”. Answer that question and you’ll have taken a huge step in the direction of attracting an audience and making money online. Your article is spot on.

    • Thanks Ruth,

      I was wondering when I wrote it if others would like the “word picture.” It was pretty edgy to me 🙂

      Until Next Time Have a Great Day!
      Dr. Hale

  4. arch mcnab says

    I liked your sign idea for teasing that ‘secret’ out of the reader. And you’re right. There are thousands of other people out there with a secret that is just like ours so they are our natural audience. Well done!

    • Thank you Arch,

      I know the thought of wearing the “I am weird because …..” sign in a room of people I don’t know was outside my comfort zone. Which is right where we need to be sometimes.

      Thanks again for the comment
      Dr. Hale


  1. […] RESEARCH Here is a link to a Free Niche eBook that gives you 25 different ways to spark your imagination about Niches.  It also contains some questions that will help you identify if the niche is viable or not.  I also wrote a blog post recently on “Finding Your Weird“. […]

  2. […] Dr. Hale here.   I’d like to share today a booklet that I read in the 70′s.  It had a profound influence on my thinking and education and what I should study.  The topic was cultivating your idiosyncrasy.  Another way of saying this is to “play to your strengths” or “raise you peaks.”  I wrote another post recently about finding “your secret.”  This was another way of finding and emphasizing your idiosyncrasy […]

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