Webinar Ignition Review – Host Your Own Webinars – A Pro & Con Review

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Webinar Ignition Review– Now You Can Host Your Own Webinars – With No Monthly Fees

Webinar Ignition Review - Logo and Compare with GotoWebinarThis Webinar Ignition review looks at the new kids on the block – Webinar Ignition. It may be new, but it is growing like gang busters.  I signed up for the one-time fee to try it and I must say I’m hooked.  I’ve read a number of reviews and they all seemed to just list the features and leave you with an affiliate link.  I’m going to walk you through my experience…

Let me start the review with what Webinar Ignition is.  Webinar Ignition is a Complete Webinar system.  It is a wrapper around other video streaming services.  The main service is Google Hangouts-On-Air (or another video streaming service).  Webinar Ignition adds many of the major features that you want to have when you host a Webinar (pre-registration, adding registrants to your autoresponder list, Q & A during the Webinar, monetizing, replays and more.)

You can sign up for Webinar Ignition by Clicking Here!  (Yes – this is my affiliate link).  The current price is $97 for a one site license.  This is a one-time fee – there are no monthly or recurring fees.

Here is a quick review.
Here are two eBooks that have a more complete review:

Webinar Ignition: Quick Start – this is a free eBook.  It links to a short video that walks through how you set up a Webinar in Webinar Ignition and has a link to a tow page Webinar Ignition: Checklist document.

Webinar Ignition: Complete – this eBook is $29.95.  It covers the entire system with screen shots showing you each step.  It covers a few of the issues (and solutions)  I experienced in originally setting the system up and getting integration with outside free email and SMS text providers.

Webinar Ignition REVIEW

I’m going to compare Webinar Ignition with GoToWebinar.  These observations are my personal opinions and experiences.  Take them with a grain of salt  🙂

Comparison #1 – Cost

Let’s take a quick look.  Webinar Ignition is $100 – once for Webinars that can grow to thousands of viewers.   GoToWebinar is a monthly fee.  Around $100 per month for a webinar that can grow to a maximum of 100 viewers

Cost Comparison – GoToWebinar vs. Webinar Ignition
Webinar Ignition Review - Cost Comarison with GoTOWebinar

Comparison #2 – ’till I run out.

Rather than go through each category – let’s just look at them in a table.

Comparison of GoToWebinar and Webinar Ignition

GoToWebinar Webinar Ignition Winner
Original Set Up Just start paying.  You must provide information to GotWebinar if you want registrants added to your autoresponder list(s) Must have a WordPress Blog and you will need to set up SMTP and SMS Texting GoToWeb


Emails Are Automatic  I don’t know how tailorable these emails are. Text is automatic – SMTP set up so that they will mail requires set up that can be tricky. You can rewrite the default emails in any way you see fit. GoToWeb
SMS Text Reminders Must use a third party and build your own registration pages to GoToWebinar Built in to the Webinar Ignition Registration Pages – requires setting up a third party account – free until you get huge. Web Ignit
Registration Page You can modify the text some but here is one template Multiple Templates with many options.  To me. these are much better looking than GoToWebinars. Web Ignit
Cost $100/Month for 100 viewers $500/month for 1,000 $100 onetime cost Web Ignit
Huge Win
Add Registrants to your Autoresponder list Yes Yes Tie
Size of Webinar Max is 1,000 unless to move to a VERY expensive version Max is unknown – I’ve been on one with 10,000 viewers.  No extra cost. Web Ignit
Ease of  Actually Running a Webinar GoToWebinar has features you need to get used to, but mostly presenters just find the webinar in a list can click Start. Webinar Ignition requires more steps to actually start a webinar. GoToWeb
View Speakers Can be done Automatic up to 10 Web Ignit
View Screen Yes Yes Tie
Raise Hand feature Yes No GoToWeb
Private Msgs To/From Viewers Yes ?? GoToWeb
Activate Voice for any Viewer Yes No GoToWeb
Free Offer on Webinar Page No Yes Web Ignit
Automatic Recording & Posting to the web No Yes Web Ignit
Evergreen Replay No Yes Web Ignit
Comments visible during replay – click and jump in the video to where the question was answered No Yes Web Ignit
Buy Product Button on Replay No Yes Web Ignit

Summary of These Comparisons

GoToWebinar – Wins

GoToWebinar wins in the areas of ease of use and live interaction with viewers.

GoToMeeting is better at interacting with lots of viewers during a presentation.

Webinar Ignition is easy to use once you have it set up, but still requires a little more “Click here”, “Turn this on”, “Copy and Paste this link there” to start a webinar.

Webinar Ignition – Wins

Webinar Ignition wins hands down on price.

Webinar Ignition is better when dealing with 10 or less viewers and acceptable for larger groups.

Without going to extreme pricing, GoToWebinar is limited to 1,000 viewers.  Webinar Ignition may have a limit, but it will be huge (over 10,000).

Post Production goes to Webinar Ignition – they are automatically on the web with a replay screen set up.

Marketing also goes to Webinar Ignition – they have worked hard to give marketers Buy buttons and Give-Away buttons built right into the system.

Potential Improvements – Webinar Ignition is built as a wrapper around Google Hangouts (and other streaming video systems).  There are new features being added all the time.


I’m happy with Webinar Ignition and plan to use it as my platform of choice.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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