Two Tips for Participants in the Top 50 MLM Blogging Competition

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Two Tips for Participants in the Top 50 MLM Blogging Competition

Repurpose MLM Blogging Efforts

Repurpose MLM Blogging Efforts


Recently I’ve been ways to repurposing Blogging efforts.  Since’ I’m in the Top 50 MLM Blogging Competition. I focused my attention on that.  (See Create Reports from Your Blog Posts and Building a Template to see some of my other thoughts.)

George Fourie founder of and the man behind the Top 50 MLM Blogging Competition mentioned that I had given him one of these ideas recently in one of his posts.  I’ll repeat that one here and include one more!


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MLM Blogging Tips for Those Competing.

Tip 1 – Capture the Comments that People Post for Your Blog – Social Proof

What a fantastic source of social proof.  Many of the comments that are made about you and your blog are perfect for posting on your blog.  Copy and past like mad to capture these and use them.  This benefit alone is worth the effort of entering and working to place in the top 50.  This is the tip that George mentioned.

Tip 2 – Use the Comments YOU MAKE on LinkedIn

I’m assuming that you are voting for some of the people you admire.  After all, it is a “top 50” competition.  Besides honoring people who deserve it, you can also ask them to vote for you.   Now the repurpose!   Take your comment over to LinkedIn and use it as a “recommendation.”  You can ask them for a recommendation AND mention that you voted for them and would appreciate a return vote.  You are 1) doing the right thing to vote for good people 2) possibly getting an additional vote for yourself and 3) possibly getting a recommendation to help give more impact to your LinkedIn Profile.   Added to the Social Proof you are collection, this is a boatload of value and you haven’t even seen the benefits of the $7,000 in prizes that George has collected or the benefits of being in the Top 50 yet.

Of course ending this without posting my link in the competition would be a little silly.  If you liked this, click on the link and post a comment.  That counts as a vote!  Thanks!!!  Leave me a comment here and tell me what you think.

That’s a wrap  – Two Tips for Participants in the Top 50 MLM Blogging Competition

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

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  1. Hale Yes! Love it thank you for delivering added benefits that contestants can profit from.

    That’s awesome!
    George Fourie recently posted..Cesar L. Rodriguez’s Video Training Blog. Lead Generation, Prospecting, & Closing Training Videos Galore! – One Look & You’ll Be Sold-My Profile

    • Thanks George.
      I enjoyed the competition and for me that’s saying something. I’m usually the “let’s go fix it” type instead of the “Let’s go crush them” type. 🙂

      Oh Hale Yes!


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