The BEST Search Engine is Our Mind’s Search Engine

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The BEST Search Engine is Our Mind’s Search Engine

Mind's Search Engine

Afformations – The Mind’s Search Engine


What is the BEST Search Engine?  Google? Yahoo? Bing? One of the specialized engines?   Nah – the BEST engine is the most generalized engine and the best computer in existence – your mind.   Our computer Search Engines find things that are.  Our Mind’s Search Engine can find things that don’t exists – yet!







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A Useful Analogy – The Mind is a Search Engine

If you want to develop your online or offline business to
the fullest extent, you need to treat your mind right.
Remember your mind is still the world’s greatest computer.
It has more storage capacity and more ability to make
connections between wildly different data sources than
any Super Computer on the planet. Let’s learn to USE IT
and DEVELOP IT.  There is a lot of training around on
problem solving, but not that much on developing and using
our Mind’s Search Engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the Mind

We actually can do Search Engine Optimization on our mind,
if we just think about it. Part of this is setting up a
commitment to work on our mind EVERY DAY. Just like muscles
will atrophy if you don’t use them, new connections in the mind
rapidly deteriorate if you don’t exercise them EVERY DAY. You
will build new pathways and new habits if you do and you will
stay the same if you don’t (Remember Einstein and his famous
and amusing thought that insanity is doing the SAME THING and


I’ll go with Ann Sieg’s here

1. Visualize your Dream Life – every day. Ray Higdon
has a Dream Book, others talk about Dream Boards, and others
yet tack pictures on the refrigerator. The main point is that
after you have the tools to visualize your dream, you have to
pick it up and USE IT – every day. (How often do you walk by
the refrigerator and never even glance at whatever is there.
For me it is virtually 100% of the time.)

2. Work on Revenue Producing Activities – every day. This is
NOT studying “how to”, this is actually doing something productive.
Make the call, put people’s name into your autoresponder list,
set an appointment. This is marketing and sales, not preparing
for marketing and sales.

3. Mastermind – every day. (I know I joined a Ann Sieg’s Renegade
Team for exactly that reason.) You HAVE to find a group you can
brainstorm and kick things around with. You need mentors
and peers. They kick down walls for you that you can’t even
see from your vantage point.

4. Commit to Personal Growth and Development – EVERY DAY.
In the past, the suggestion was to read part of a book or listen to a tape.
Today we can add “watch an Webinar” Whatever fits your learning
style and time schedule. Make it happen.

5. Lead by example – every day. I think too often we think
of our online marketing as “recruiting” or “selling.” You can develop
your personal brand to the fullest extent when you develop the
“Become a recruiting leader” or “Become a selling leader” mentality.
It makes a difference in what you do and what you study and how you
present things. (Again, I read that two hours a day of study on a topic
for five years equals world-class expert. After a year or so you are
well beyond most people. This makes you a local expert.)

Afformations not Affirmations and the Mind’s Search Engine

Ann and many others talk about EVERY NIGHT listing a small
number of critical tasks that need to be done tomorrow.  Jason
Fladlien breaks his into MUST DO and Things I’d Like To Do.
The number usually varies from three to five. If you list them
the night before, the mind works on them over night.

Noah St John in his books “The Great Little Book of Afformations“
carries this one step further and I REALLY think you should
consider this.

He says that we have been taught for years to make “positive
affirmations” regularly. Tell your mind that you are selling a
lot and your mind will believe it. Tell your mind that you are a
millionaire and your mind will believe it. Noah points out that while
this works for many people, there are those of us who have a very
persistent voice that says “You’re Kidding!” every time we say one of
these “say the future as if it were real now” statements.

Noah’s solution – Use the Mind’s Search Engine and let the mind
do it’s thing. Don’t make statements – ASK QUESTIONS.

Every night instead of saying “This is true” ASK “Why is this
becoming true so fast?” “Why am I selling so much more?”
“Why am I finding so many business partners?”

Take your critical tasks for tomorrow and the night before ask
yourself “How am I going to do (fill in the blank) extraordinarily well?”

Let your Mind’s Search Engine cogitate and over time
solutions will pop out of the woodwork like magic.  Your
Mind’s Search Engine will literally find things that don’t
exist – yet.

By the way, you have to avoid the negative search like
poison. NEVER, NEVER ask your mind to find the answer to
“Why am I such a loser?” “Why can’t I close a sale?”
You know what? If you ask for answers to questions like this,
the mind WILL find the answers! Don’t make it find answers to
questions like that!

In marketing we hear the phrase “Call to Action” all the time.
Use this same concept on your mind. Hey mind “Find a solution for _________”

Here we’ll let Noah St. John tell it. It does it better than I do anyway.


Exercise your Mind’s Search Engine with Afformations and you will
make massive progress.

Aoofrmations – Using the Mind’s Search Engine to Change Your Life


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