Take Away from A Critiquing Workshop – RECORD!

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Take Away from A Critiquing Workshop – RECORD!

Livescribe Recording Pen

Livescribe Recording Pen

I recently attended a very intense critiquing workshop
with Ray Higdon.  This was a day long workshop with
three attendees.   I walked away with a ton of
useful information, but there is one tip that I want
to share with EVERYONE who is going to attend
something like this.   TAKE A RECORDER.



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Take Away from A Critiquing Workshop – RECORD!

Over thirty five years ago I learned something that has stood
me in good stead over and over.  I am mentioning it here, because
this doesn’t seem to be common knowledge.

When you are attending an intense critiquing workshop or session – live,
online, on the phone or where ever – RECORD THE DARN

My major professor would not critique my work if I didn’t
have a functioning recorder with me (cassettes in those

His point made such sense that I use it to this day.

Critiquing Workshop – Without a Recorder

You really have two choices in a critiquing workshop.
You either listen intently and participate actively in
the critique OR you frantically take notes.

If you participate fully,  you will find that when you get home
you only remember a fraction of the topics that were covered.

If your frantically take notes, you only hear a fraction of what
is said.

Either Way You Only Got A Fraction



You can participate  fully and really understand what is going
on.   Then when you get home you can go through the recording,
slowly, and review all the various points that were covered.  You
get the best of both worlds.


You will really improve the impact of your critiquing workshop or coaching
if you give your clients a recording of the sessions.  They will love you for it!


Recommendation – Livescribe Pen/Recorder

These pen recorders do a pretty decent job of recording sessions
in a room full of people.  They also transfer any notes you do take
to your computer when you connect the pen to your laptop.  You get
audio and the written notes.

Partly I like them because I can record unobtrusively (for my own
use) in places where people might object.

I also use Audacity – an open source audio editor to break the sessions
apart, eliminate long pauses, if I am asked to share.

The point is RECORD IT- You’ll get a LOT more BANG for your BUCKS!

 Take Away from A Critiquing Workshop – RECORD!

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